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my pants. please share !
edit: double post
Anyone have a stable rockbox build for the clip+ that they could share? : )
One day I will get a chance to listen to Dvorak 9. One day.
Opera at the Aspendos international opera and ballet festival during my vacation in Turkey. Opera is not my favourite genre of choice, but to be able to see my first opera in an authentic Roman theatre was awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by dynafrom Very nice setups Here's my current setup at school: Go Hawks Go indeed! : )
What's an iTouch? : )
I don't really care, I'm just a troll. snarf snarf
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik And I am very much looking forward to all the Apple haters turning out in this thread. It is always amusing to watch people throw themselves hysterically on the floor over something they don't have to buy. While you're at it, go ahead and have a tantrum over Dell's new tablet and the new Honda Insight. I'm sure there's something "wrong" or "unfair" or "overpriced" about those, too. It is hugely unfair that you...
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