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Do you think the sibilance issue could diminish with further burn-in time?   A little added umph in the bass would be helpful I think for me.   I've been slowly increasing the bass presence on my 112's.  I am glad that the mids/highs remain clear even if I do that. From the sounds of it though, it appears that these two earphones aren't necessarily an upgrade from one another.  Do you agree or do you see the GR07's improving after further use?
Does anyone here have experience with the Phonak Audeo 112's?  How would you compare them to the GR07's?  I've been looking to buy another pair of earphones, but I don't know if these are an upgrade or a sidegrade.  Opinions, please! 
I've been gone from this community for quite a while, but it is nice to see that phonak's are still getting attention!  My 112's are still my main earphones and have been since 2009 when they first came out (though they are my 3rd pair because of the plastic casing that would break on the earlier versions.. but their customer service would always replace them when that happened, no questions asked).  I was disappointed to hear that they are planning to phase out their...
EAC is indeed frustrating the first time you use it, but after you make the presets for whatever file formats you want it's pretty simple (takes about 3-4 clicks and it's off and ripping).  I suppose the time it takes to rip a CD is lengthy, but there are ways to shorten it (skipping the test, and just go straight to copying the tracks).   That being said, I also use dbpoweramp when I am ripping a large batch of music and quality (secure mode) is not an issue, like...
If the OP is using this JUST for his headphone system, is there any reason for him to dish out that much money for a Mac or any Windows equivalent laptop??  Seems like a waste if you've already got a decent desktop (I am assuming you have a decent one.).  I'd probably go with a netbook with a fairly large HDD to store all your music and use Foobar2000 to play it all.  I guess a SSD would be nice if you wish to get an even quieter performance.  AFAIK, Foobar is not...
Another place you can look at is the Long & Mcquade, or any sort of music instrument store that has a pro audio/recording department.  They usually have a lot of monitors for you to take a look/listen, and I am sure if you find a model of a brand that they carry that they don't have in stock, they can order one for the store.
You can get the Audioengine's from Fulcrum Audio (here).   If you live in the Toronto area, you can get M-Audio monitors from Canada Computer.  They used to be talked about (the AV-40's I believe), but I am not sure how well regarded their monitors are these days.
Nice, even $10 to Canada! 
  What is a juice drink??    lol seemed redundant to me.
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