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i am sure that is true but why not try a correction filter to give a true "flat response"?
i am sure it must have been said before? but anyone who overlooks the "project ember" wants their lumps feeling, imho.
no it was a motherboard bios update.some of the fixes listed on later bios versions, than the version i had, addressed usb far it is working ok. but then it could for months at a time before.what i have noticed though is everything seems faster on my pc, including start-up which is now just 45 seconds. 
considering one of these to replace my hiface2 and stagedac. just worried about the dreaded uk customs.
nice dac and nice room 
done a bios update so will be interesting to see if the issue disappears
what did you buy?
well after many months without an issue, the problem is now back.tried the latest luckit driver and it would not work at all. reinstalled the driver i had been using (for months with no issue) and that would not work at all either.downloaded the latest driver from m2tech which got my hiface2 working again, but the fault where it is not recognised on start-up is i right in assuming that should i replace the hiface2 with the Waveio board, i may still have the same...
sorry just realised the 32 refers to the sabre chip!
i assume from the model number that this has the new 32bit usb module? its not mentioned on the spec sheet. cheers
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