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took the plunge on a used ifi micro (dsd) so the marantz is on the back burner for me , at least for now.
that does look a naff connector. most likely they will change on a future revision.
still interested but i wont be online until saturday evening. cheers
after one of these in excellent condition . i am uk based.
could you please confirm the idsd is usb2 or usb3 ? many thanks
hi have sent you pm. regards simon
ok thanks guys. if i get one i will make sure its not old stock.
can you guys confirm that the hum is only evident when using the unit's headphone amp? i am considering one of these to feed my Ember.
sorry if this has been asked before. will the idsd pro have the xbass and 3d features of the micro idsd?
that is another fine looking bit of kit. this could be an expensive year!!! 
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