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chord do have another dac out now too. the quteHD-EX.   dxd capability.   i am hoping to trial one at home before year end.  but i doubt it will sound better with redbook material than my stagedac.   i played the same game some time back with the m2tech young (vs my Meier) on redbook i could not separate them and so returned the young.   this time i will be able to compare some 192/24 files, so maybe i will notice a difference this time around?
i understand one of the main gripes with the qutehd is the usb implementation. as the newer model the "qutehd-ex" has an improved usb input, would this mean a decent usb-spdif adapter would now not be required?
i used to get this problem all the time. i recently bought a new monitor with built in usb hub. since i have been using this hub, i have had no problems at all.
having trialled and bought  the Project Ember i would not mind being called a "Garage1217 fanboy", myself. (fantastic quality/value product) But the behaviour techboy has shown is plain ODD. trouble is it is only him that cannot see it. i kept quiet until he accused Ian of talking BS. just dont accept that.
 i cant argue with that!
 you are way out of line with that comment.and i wonder if you are familiar with the phrase.... "the pot calling the kettle black".you have been given advice and just chose to ignore it. IMO
 i have considered the ifi gear, but have decided to go for one of these will hopefully delay my urge to buy a new dac.i fancy the yulong da8 but am trying to resist until after xmas.
Andrew_WOT i notice you are selling your ifi gear. does this mean you rate it behind the hiface2? just curious
that was either a incredibly quick sale or did you change your mind? 
AiDee as a stagedac owner i have a question. if you had to choose one of your four dacs to keep and sell the rest, which would you keep?
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