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based in uk. must be in A1 condition.
with the support on diyah , warranty not needed imo.  
enjoy your purchase. looks a great dap. i doubt you will need any portable amp with that.
if it were me i would look out for a used ifi micro idsd. has ipurifier built in and worth its weight in gold. powerful amp too.
i have micro and mojo , but only use them as desktop dacs. used in this way , i cannot separate them sonically. as for portability, i dont need it, but if i did there is no way the micro is going in my pocket! mojo ,hands down on that one. i only have an x1 for portable use so cannot comment on the x7.
interested in this, as i am not convinced by dsd and really like my v200 amp.does this mean it wont be released in the violectric range?
i am hoping to set  up a free home trial with the teac and chord 2qute dacs, just as soon as i can find dealers who can let me have both at same time. just curious to know if any of you teac owners have compared to 2qute?   as a side note, the headphone amp is not important to me, only the dac. cheers
got same problem with the files bundled with my mojo. the free downloads from nativedsd. have emailed Chord, so hopefully get a response during the week.
i am finding the mojo cannot handle jriver files upscaled to dsd256 dop.it stutters as soon as you do anything else on the pc, at the same time. ie open a browser. if i play same files output in dop or native to my ifi micro, no problem whatsoever. with either, my cpu usage stays below 25%. is there a known device/aiso driver issue with mojo?
New Posts  All Forums: