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Very much interested in this!  Thanks!
  These sound like the perfect changes to an already amazing earphone!
  What changes did Dale make to yours?
Happy Valentine's Day!
I've never heard the ASG-1.2, but the bass on my AS-2 prototype is anything but muddy and overpowering - and I really don't like noticeably boosted bass. If you're comfortable with the amount of bass produced by the GR07 you should be happy with the AS-2. The adjustable bass port should help here as well.
  I don't think I can say anything more about the soundstage/imaging than I have already.     Yes, I think the drums all sound powerful (but not overbearing) and very clean - in fact, I think the GR07 is ever so slightly softer in the drum impact, which is high praise indeed.   I also don't want anyone to think that I'm saying these are worlds better than the GR07 - I think the Vsonic is still very much a top-tier IEM, and I've been very happy with the sound they produce...
I'm auditioning the universal demo of the AS-2s - I don't believe there will be different custom AS-2 versions, but Dale can comment on that.   I feel they sound very natural and don't color the music much - if you're asking whether they're analytical IEMs I don't think I'd say yes, they're more on the balanced side, with great detail, but thicker notes than you'd associate with something like an Etymotic.
Yes, I do mean the rest of the spectrum - at my comfortable listening volume bass was too overbearing on those, and even greater in quantity on the UM3X. I feel like the AS-2 has a balance very similar to the GR07s.   Still can't say for sure about the layering aspect, but I do think that choosing any one instrument to listen to (or even one out of three guitars playing simultaneously) is quite easy, so I suppose I could call that layering.   I am also curious about how...
I do think that cymbals sound very natural on these - have the proper weight, a bit more than the GR07 in comparison I feel. Every bit of percussion sounds very defined and powerful - it's a bit hard to describe, but I put it down to the great sub-bass and separation. It is not however a pure basshead IEM - the SM3 and UM3X had too much bass for me, these feel just right. Unfortunately I no longer have the triple-drivers to do a direct comparison.   In terms of...
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