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Haven't written any reviews but have benefitted immensely from the knowledge in this place, and would be happy to write a review if I'm chosen. Thanks for the giveaway!
Would love to try out this new amp for my portable setup! Looks great!
Hmm, I'm not trying to get something very bass-heavy.  Others on the forum have described them as relatively neutral with a bass that's slightly boosted, is that not the way you hear them at all? Does anyone have experience with the MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix2 AF62 bluetooth headphones?  These have been recommended to me as matching my sound signature preferences well.  I don't need bluetooth headphones but it would be nice I suppose and they work wired anyway.  Thoughts...
Thanks for all the replies.  Any thoughts on the Pro 80s?
Could you just give me a quick overview of how they differ? From what I've read they're both considered pretty neutral phones with a large soundstage for a closed back headphone. Is that not correct?
I see. Would you say its sound signature is different also, or is it basically a straight upgrade?
What would you say the HP150 improves on over the HM5?
Hi everyone,   I've been a Head-Fi member for quite a while, and all my travels so far have been in the land of IEMs. Now that I'm happy with my setup and think I have a good idea of the sound signature I like, I'd like to try to get a good pair of headphones, but as I'll still be mainly using IEMs for most of my listening I'd like to keep the budget fairly low, let's say no more than $150 or so.   I listen to a lot of heavy metal and classic rock, along with some hard...
Very much interested in this!  Thanks!
  These sound like the perfect changes to an already amazing earphone!
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