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Hooked up my CCA with Schiit Modi 2 Uber, LARGE improvement for my application.    I'm using it to drive whole home audio currently, 12-channel amp with 6 zones throughout the house. Previously with the standard 3.5mm output, I suffered from lack of detail without High Dynamic Range turned on, and early clipping/distortion with HDR turned on. With the optical output to the Schiit DAC, it's great. More detailed, accurate reproduction with ability for full adjustment at...
Currently using CCA with 3.5mm to RCA output.    I'm considering purchasing the Google hardwired ethernet adapter, just because it's literally located right next to my 24-port gigabit switch and quite a distance away from my Wifi Router.    What is recommended for Optical DAC? I'm looking at something as cheap as the Fiio D3, and up to the Schiit Modi 2 Uber or AudioEngine D1? Thoughts...
Reviving an old thread, but figured it was better than creating a new one on a similar subject.    Has anyone used the PFE's for an extended amount of time WITHOUT filters? I've been doing this for quite some time, and I just moved into a new house and found my old PFE case while unpacking. After putting the grey filters in (which I used to prefer over the black)... I found myself disappointed and actually think I prefer with no filters.    Was looking to hear...
I have some extra comply T130 large tips available. $6 shipped per pair CONUS... Tons of references on: Car Audio at CarAudio.com and ebay nG
I see people mention the problems with the cables, I dunno if I just don't use them the same way but I've had mine for nearly a year and have no problems what so ever... They seem to be thin, but I'm just wondering how much or how hard people are using them to literally go threw the cable. Like I said, I guess I'm just gentler or have different habits, but my cables are sturdy and show no signs of wear at all. nG
All LAME v0... nG
iM 716's were my first set of IEM's a while back. I enjoyed them until I upgraded. nG
I just want to state that I've been with these since the beginning, and I love them to this day. Amazing IEM's for the price, accurate, and they make me ENJOY my music even more. Best audio puchase I've made I believe, car, home, head-fi...
Santogold - Starstruck
nDeeed. Now I just need to quit being lazy and do it! lol... nG
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