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welcome kerry 
great work love the look of this theme..
don't go there i have 5 cameras and looking at a 6th....
Just got my hands on the x5 and wondered if anyone had used it withe the ibasso d10?
thank you medmitry
has the ibasso site gone down as i can't get the 1.50 firmware?
last night after a couple of frustrating hours of trying to tag everything  for my sd card and having no joy i decided to format the sd card with disk utility(mac), unfortunately instead of hitting format sd card i hit the dx50 by mistake and now i can't get the player to show up on my mac...  doh any ideas?
received my silver poison ism cable a couple of days ago and straight off i could see the look of the cable was fantastic and the build quality was second to none. the mini viablue jack is a thing of beauty compared to the standard cable jack and the connectors are beautifully done, when i plugged it all together and connected it to my rig the sound was fantastic the soundstage was so large and the slightly mushy bass on my asg2 seemed to tighten up a bit.   i really...
Congrats on recieving your cable, there are a lot of us still waiting :-)
  jus bought this....
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