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received my silver poison ism cable a couple of days ago and straight off i could see the look of the cable was fantastic and the build quality was second to none. the mini viablue jack is a thing of beauty compared to the standard cable jack and the connectors are beautifully done, when i plugged it all together and connected it to my rig the sound was fantastic the soundstage was so large and the slightly mushy bass on my asg2 seemed to tighten up a bit.   i really...
Congrats on recieving your cable, there are a lot of us still waiting :-)
  jus bought this....
no new reviews of late 
i'm in
someone mentioned that they'd be back on feb 10th
hows that new amp and dx combo sounding?
a most strange occurrence today as i added a few albums onto the dx50, added nirvana -played nick cave added knap sack -played nick cave again.. this player is driving me bloody crazy
can't wait to see and hear my silver poison.....
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