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    It is not a "pre" input. It can certainly became a pre input if you bypass the volume control, but you need some electronic skills ... open the amp, unsolder the volume pot and direct wire the right points.       Kingwa, the designer at audio-gd told me that he will release in a few months a small amp to go with the NFB-6. (same size same price range) Did you try some class T amps ? ( TA2020 , ...)
The N3 does not seem to have a "pre" input ... So you would have 2 volume controls.   May be you can bypass the volume control of the N3 (that needs advanced skills) ?      
Hi all,   It seems than I am one of the very firsts to get the NFB-6 unit ! It just arrived yesterday. I am more a "floor standing speaker" listener than a "head fi"-er , I ordered the NFB-6 to be used as a PRE AMP. I discovered AudioGD products when I was looking for a good DAC. I ordered the REF7 and later the NFB1-WM.   I was hoping that the NFB-6 would be on the same level as the Promitheus TVC Passive PRE AMP I used and will add a remote to control the...
Hi all, Hi Dsnuts,   On monday a friend of mine was happy to show me his new Brainwavz B2. I looked then for some reviews and finally find this thread.   7.11$ ??! I ordered 4 pieces and some cables the same day as the shipping costs to France are expensive. I was planning to offer one pair to my girlfriend, onother one to my niece, and the third one to my 175$ B2 friend . After 1 hour of tests, I changed my mind, I will keep those for me  (just kidding, I...
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