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  Johannes Kalitzke, Vier Toteninsein     .
  Pierre Boulez, Pli Selon Pli       Olga Neuwirth, Construction in Space       Wolfgang Mitterer,  coloured noise       Esa-Pekka Salonen,  Helix for Orchestra     samples at Amazon are incorrect for at least coloured noise . . ..           lol, Gergiev with his toothpick baton . ...     .
  Clemens Gadenstätter, Comic Sense
releasing on Dec. 27     .
Otherwise, allow me to recommend the following . ..       .
This orchestral piece seems pretty metal to me. Maybe because it includes 3 electric guitars . . . I don't know . . .     Disintegration of European Union       .
  Gérard Grisey, Les Espaces Acoustiques     .
   recorded live at Trinity Cathedral in Portland, OR     .
  Marino Formenti, piano     .
  Gérard Pesson, Rescousse     .
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