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Interesting.  Thanks for the explanation.  The change must've occurred prior to iTunes 11, though.  I use XLD for my WAV/FLAC > ALAC conversions and I have some 24/192 ALACs going back to at least Sept 2011.  My iPods never liked them but they've always played fine in iTunes.  A quick peek shows 24/96 ALACs as far back as 2009.
  What do you mean by high-density ALAC?  ALAC @ 24/192 or is it something more esoteric?
  I do this very thing with my V2/V8 stack.  They are interconnected via XLR and I run the RCA outs to my ADAM A5X monitors.  The ADAMs are powered and have convenient power buttons on the front of the speaker.  When I want to use headphones I simply turn off the speakers and turn on the V200.  Works very well and it doesn't take very long to get used the process.
USB Converters:   Audiophilleo2 (1) Halide Bridge (1) KingRex UC384 32/384 Async USB Converter with AES/EBU (1) Music Fidelity VLink 192 (1) Yulong A18 Asynchronous 24bit 192khz USB Digital Interface (1)     Budget/Entry level (Below $1000):   Ack DAC 1.0 (1) Audio-GD DAC19DF (1) Audio-GD NFB 1.32 (1) Audio-GD NFB 11.32 (1) Audio-GD NFB-2.32 (2) Audiolab M-DAC (4) Audioquest Dragonfly(3) Behringer UCA-202 (1) Cambridge DACmagic...
  I sure did 
    That's awesome, thanks! 
I'd like to commission an avatar. Hope I'm not too late.  Actually surprised I haven't seen this one:   It's a little large so I thought I'd only post a link to it.  lmk if someone's up to making it 
  Just to clarify as I don't think this question was answered very clearly and may still be causing some confusion.  The 'USB option' is the 'optional DAC'.  Hope this helps.
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  Yes, the first time   The HD600 were my first pair of real(TM) headphones and the aural revelation was intense to say the least.
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