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Thank you both for your replies, I talked to the european dealer and he told me its no problem since they have different output stages.
Anybody know if I can use both the rca and xlr outputs at the same time without harming my equipment? 
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My headphone setup
Quote: Originally Posted by atothex I find the Xbox adds a touch of class to an otherwise garish decor. Just kidding! I love the whole room. Thanks, I used to be heavy into gaming, with a PS3, Wii, XBox and a decent gamer PC. Decided to sell everyting as none off it where used anymore but for some reason I could not let the xbox go. Quote: Originally Posted by logwed Indeed, it is very warm-looking. What amp are you...
My system
Thanks for the kind thoughts, anyway after sitting and waiting for about 4 hours to get my x-ray and almost a hour for the doc to look at it (got to love the efficiency of the norwegian health care system, well it’s free at least) I got the message I feared, it’s broken just above my right wrist. The 45min drive to the hospital were not pleasant, and luckily I had a friend that lives close to the hospital that where heading home to his parents for the weekend so he took...
I'm sorry to say I probably won't be able to attend the meet. I just got back from the doctor and my arm is either broken or badly sprained. I'm going to get an x-ray tomorrow and will know a little more then.
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