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thanks everyone. spinali- how is isolation with ES7? does it suit portable needs?
thanks guys, you really helped me build up some self confidence about the headphones. i think i'll buy it + a creative EP630 when i need a lot of isolation. Lefty - i wish i could buy the ESW9s, but it's way out of my budget.
Hi fellow head-fi'ers, not so long ago i bought myself a pair of IEMs - the Etymotic ER-6i. i couldn't get a comfort seal, i messed with the things for over 2 weeks and it wasn't even near comfortable. i tried everything, and now i know i'm not a IEM person. so i though i might want to look for some stylish closed back supra aurals or behind the neck or something for portable use. i'm very concerned about my looks and i wonder if i'll get looks or something if i'll walk...
How much does a Darth Beyer cost?
Well depends on your needs.. I say a decent DAP first, like an iAudio 7.
Thanks you very much for the heads up Jo Vo, I will insure my phones when I buy 'em. But the wuestion is, how? Can i choose insured shipping?
I might want to buy the Yuin PK3.. couple of questions: 1. I understood that the cable is J cord, but I've heard that they have changed it to Y cord. Is it true? I really dislike J cords.. 2. I listen to Hip Hop & Rap music(bassy) and I wanted to know if the pk3's bass would satisfy me. 3. Do they worth 59$? Including shipping.. 4. The last question: Do Head-Direct send world wide? I live in Israel.
Thanks for the great help guys, I really appreciate it
Quote: Originally Posted by Aimless1 I think the kind of music you'll be listening to will influence your decision. I listen to classic rock alot and because of that I ordered the PK3 over the PK2 because of reported better bass response. For my purposes I won't be using the Yuins amped, so the PK 3 made more sense for me. I'll be using these buds strictly for walking the dogs & running where I need to be able to hear what is going on around me. If...
Which is better? Yuin PK 2 or 3? (I don't want to use an amp) And what are the prices?
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