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The problem is definitely with the cable now that I feel around with them. They are super tight where they are most likely kinked. Is there any way to straighten them out again? Thanks for the link MrKazador, very helpful.
The right side keeps cutting in-out on my Grado SR60's and if I jiggle the wire it comes back in. Clearly there is something amiss going on. I'm not quite sure how to disassemble the headphones. I'm confident enough in my abilities with a soldering iron as this will probably be a very easy fix. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? How do I take 'em apart?
I have found that the best exercise is the one I like doing. Since I like it I do it more often and work harder at it. The by-product has been getting into better shape. In my case it is swimming. I swim 3-5 time per week, 2,000-3,500 yards per. Swimming isn't a fat-burner like running or cycling, but it's tough to find a better all-in-one workout. My heart & lungs have gotten quite strong since I started swimming and that is one of my primary goals. So find...
Their tech support sucks IMO. Got a problem with your browser? format the hard drive. Word not working? format the hard drive. Balls itch? format the hard drive.
So the world doesn't end 12/31/2005? good to know. I'll let you know how New Years goes down here in about 5 hours.
I saw it on the plane on my way to Tokyo (oddly enough). I agree, it was an excellent film. Kinda set a weird tone for me because I was on business.
Quote: Originally Posted by jerb if you dont live with them Id say buy the cheapest dell you can. its not nearly as cost effective but when something happens they have tech support (thats not you) to call and if something breaks they can send it back rather than having you come down and fix it if you live with them then build it, but be warned that if you build it you'll be expected to fix it This is a really good point. I stopped building...
A chair for the person who has everything but taste.
go to www.gotapex.com and find the current special on a Dell. They'll usually run down whatever rebates and/or discount codes currently available. $800 for a laptop is very doable. You should be able to get something that meets your requirements for less than 6. Good luck
Good suggestions. Best thing you can do is listen to the headphones recommended already + the Grado SR60's and decide for yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: