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  Me either but I have to let it go to fund for my new toy modding.
Some more pics uploaded, check post #1 please.
We know that, just kidding around.   
    Thanks. You mean I should raise the price to $2500 or at least something close, right?       Thanks, darren.
Up for sale is a very well built 4 channel true balanced headphone amplifier with Twisted Pear "Joshua relay-based stepped atenuator", Beta 22 amp with Sigma 22 dual power supply in perfect working order. It's a combo of headphone, pre-amp and speaker power amplifier. This combo housed in 2 separate very beautiful anodized aluminium cases. You may see this built in AMB official website under Beta 22's gallery and this amp is the same one as you can see in the site that...
Does anyone try the ref5.32 with latest firmware in JRiver?    Any input would be highly appreciated.   Thanks
  Nice to hear you again, Glenn.
  This is crazy, 1K can buy 2 return tickets from HK to Shanghai.  Let me know your itinerary when confirmed. 
    That's great, let's amke it buddy.
        Yes, jc9394's registered term.
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