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 This used to be my position and I am moving back to it at least when it comes to the Yggy.  At one point I had 2 Audio Quest Jitterbugs, 1 Schiit Wyrd and a Uptone regen all inline before my dac lol.  Now I am back down to just the Regen or Wyrd depending my level of curiosity that day.  I probably just fool myself into using them because I own them.  At one point I thought I heard a difference between the Wyrd and the Regen but I am unable to replicate this.  At one...
I would love to hear the Schiit guys take on this one lol.  AFAIK only one company goes on and on about taps.  I'd like to hear their take on "super" clocks too. 
I didn't realize the Master 11 only used four chips.  Maybe the Master 11 is a souped up update of the Reference 10.32. http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/Reference10/RE10EN.htm   In that case I would choose the Master 7 over the Master 11.  There are a few comparisons of the Master 7 and Master 10.32 on this site.
Because you set it to upsample everything to 24/96. Since you are upsampling everything to 24/96 then there should be two lights on.  One under 48khz and another under "2X".  2 times 48khz = 96zkhz. If you played a 44.1khz file with no upsampling you get a light under 44.1 and another under "1X".  192khz = 1 light under 48khz and another under "4X".  and so on.
It definately is a great value. Im not sure how Kingwa is making money on the thing and i dont know who in their right mind would buy a Master 9 or a Master 7 when the Master 11 costs less than the M7.
I owned the Master 7 for nearly two years before buying the Yggy. Its a very good dac but new out the box the Yggy bettered it in bass and bass detail. The M7 has slightly rounder less detailed bass and that was my main beef with it. After about a few days it was clear that the Yggy also had a much better top end. The treble is crystal clear and highly detailed without being etched. By comparison the M7 seemed harsher.The midrange was where the real battle occured. At...
The Master 11 is basically the Master 7 and a amp in the same box. I had both the Master 7 and the Yggy in house for about 2 weeks. Unless you are in love with the Master 7's sound signature the Yggy beats it in some categories by a little and in others by a mile.
You got to love the Amazon reviews for Audioquest Diamond Cables.  
 I have a Yggy.  I never heard the La Scala though.
Not to derail the thread again but I switched back to the Schiit Wyrd (this time using Schiit's wall wart ) after using the Uptone Regen for a while. I have changed my mind on it. The Wyrd has a clearer midrange in my setup. Im not sure what I was hearing on the first comparison but the top and bottom end on both the Regen and the Wyrd sound the same. Im not selling the Regen though. I tried the following: wyrd->regen->Yggy. This combo slightly edges out the Wyrd...
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