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^I have never thought about it that way but you make some really good points. I have a DVR cable box taht runs pretty hot and it has stayed on for 5 years straight w/o issue. We expect this type of performance from cheap electronics but not from those we pay thousands for. Manufacturers probably love the confusion since the less the gear is on and in use the less likely it can fail.
I had a test run with a friend's Havana a few years back.  I didn't like it.  I thought both the Wyred 4 Sound Dac2 and the Monarchy NM24 were better and the M7 smokes both of those.  YMMV.
I do too and it depends on the gear really.  The Audio GD stuff gets pretty hot so I would imagine that leaving it on 24-7 would be worse than cutting on and off every day.  I would love to find some gear that sounds as great as the Audio GD stuff that I can leave on all the time.
As long as the thing doesn't get hot I would leave it on all the time anyway.
^It shouldn't be hard to do at all.  It sucks they didn't send you the HDMI version which really should be the default version, not the RJ45.
I figured it out.  Like I said, stupid question.
Hello all, I just bought about 10 foot of bulk wireworld cable off Ebay.  Its a four wire cable that I will use for a four pin xlr cable to replace my Audio GD ACSS cables.  My problem is that the cable has a red wire, a white wire, and two black wires.  I don't want to cross things up so how do I match the ends of the black wires up?  What tool would I need? A multimeter?  Would I simply use the continuity test on the multimeter?  Thanks all.
It has been pretty well established that HDMI is superior to RJ45.  Check out the Master 7 thread particularly posts from DACLadder and Purrin.  That thread is probably a big reason Kingwa started offering HDMI I2S.
No, only when comparing gear really. But on the other hand SPL matching would eliminate a variable when making a comparisons between different recordings which could be helpful in determining differences between them b/c you would at least know that any differences you are hearing are not attributable to differing volume levels.
Just a funny way of saying that comparisons between gear should be made at the same volume level. Often, when visiting buddies of mine to compare gear, stuff would get switched out but volume levels were not kept the same. Almost always this would result in the "louder" one "sounding" better or having better bass or detail. The only sure fire way to ensure you have the same volum level after changing out gear is to use a SPL meter.
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