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So will the new Schiit preamp have HT bypass?  
  This can't be said enough.  Most "speaker only" guys ignore room acoustics completely.  Super chunks and absorbers completely changed my listening room.
Not in my experience. Now if you are pumping sounds through all channels at once then yeah there could be limitations on sample rate size and higher latency.I really think those latency controls only matter when you are daisy chaining 4,5 or 6 or more rednet devices where each adds a bit of latency. But if you are only using one it really should be a non issue.
The CAPS Pipeline is a complete over-overkill though.  Its a music server lol so I'm not sure why he stuffed a Intel Xeon in there.  An intel pentium  G4400 would do the job without ever going above 3% cpu utilization and save you over $200 voer the Xeon. Man the more I read about the pipeline the more of a waste of money it looks like.  Plus youve got all those huge noisy harddrives right next to your system.  Build one of these (~$1500) running Freenas...
 This is OLD news (as in more than a year old) but its worth repeating and folks should send their Yggys back for repair if they are freaked out.  BUT there is ALOT of misinformation in your post.   1. The spdif (as a whole) is not "out of spec" or whatever.  Its just the BNC connector itself. 2. The wrong BNC connector was sent to the assembler on the early (low serial number) units, higher serial number units have the correct BNC plug. 3. F-1 users will NOT see a sq...
I have had this for about almost 2 months now.  There is a long thread on this site where the virtues of it are extolled so no need for me to do it here.    As you can see I made a case for it and it does the job but you can obviously throw the case away if you want.  The board is mounted on standoffs that are screwed into the plastic top. I will ship the case in pieces though to prevent accidental damage during shipping. The actual F-1 board and the plastic screw top...
I have a 1 year old Schiit Wyrd.  Works like new.  Comes with adapter.  PayPal only.  Thanks
 Its greyed out in the Dante controller.  So maybe adding the pci card would make the option selectable.  Ill leave that experiment for someone else though.  $1000 for the card 
 This was my thought as well but I would have to speak to someone in Rednet support to know for sure.  The Rednet PCI card manual says nothing about setting the PC as the master.  
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