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Great news. Ill eventually try the new DI out, the price is great.
Has anyone seen this?
Official Audio GD HDMI I2S mod! 
 If you are in the US I would say no longer than 10 days total (2-3 days handling and then around 7 days of actual shipping time) They get stuff out of the door fairly quick now.  My Master 7 arrived 7 days after I sent my email order in if I recall correctly so shipping had to be 5 days or less on that one.  
 Not even the old NFB-1ES had issues with treble brightness.  
They are not that much different at all.  My friend still owns his and I and another friend both own the Master 1.  I'm the only one in the group that uses ACSS through out though.  My buddy with the Master 1 uses RCA output into the Audio GD SA 300 and it still sounds great.  So I wouldn't lose sleep over it if I were you.  When I get my amp back up and running I'll compare ACSS to the XLR, which is something I really have never done, and I'll send you a message about it. 
 I see you have the C-3 preamp.  That is a badass preamp.  A friend loaned me his right before I bought the Master 1.  Easily bettered the Wyred 4 Sound SE pre I had at the time (as did the Master 1).    
Sorry about that and I feel your pain.  The power button on my Master 3 amp jammed last week and I am unable to power it off now.  Its out of warranty so I would have to cover shipping to China which would have been $800+ and $200 back to the US. LOL.  Needless to say I just ordered 2 new power switches from Kingwa and will have a local guy fix it.  Repairs are the only bad thing about dealing with Audio GD which IMO is greatly outweighed by the quality of product you get....
 How much of a difference is there between the Master 7 internal USB32 and the DI 2014?  Did you compare the two using the newest internal USB32 firmware and driver? 
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