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Forgot all about Empirical Audio's Synchro-Mesh- probably the cheapest (best for the money) solution.  PC->Rednet->Sychro Mesh -> DAC.  This would be the route I would go if it is determined that the Rednet 3's clock isnt worth a damn.  I kind of doubt the Rednet's clock is awful though.
Unless there is a way for the word (master) clock to automatically select the correct frequency I'm not all that interested in a separate clock.  I skipped over those old M2Tech multibox solutions for that reason.   The SU-1 doesnt look like it has a user selectable clock frequency.  The actual data would have to go through the SU-1 before it would know what frequency to select.  I think the SU-1 is suitable for dacs with a wordclock input so the data goes through it and...
Anybody have any experience with PCIexp AES cards like those from Digigram, Lynx or the Marian Seraph D4?  
I didn't have any problems with wsz0304.  I ordered a F-1 and it was delivered really fast.  I didn't have to message him once.  
Has anyone gotten their hands on the SU-1 yet?
I edited my post. I forgot the regen's included supply was 7.5. Nevertheless, 9v is better than 7.5 withthe regen imo.
It is interesting that the Wyred recovery takes a 9v input instead of the 7.5v standard with the Regen. I have only powered my Regen with the supplied lps for comparison purposes and I have always used my HD Plex LPS and the funny thing is that to my ears the Regen sounds a hell of alot better using the 9v output vs the 5v from the HDPlex or the 7.5v from the supplied lps. I think these things need more than 5v when they are also tasked with supplying power to the...
Yep, works great
 I just meant to point out McGowan's penchant for puffery thats all.  I know they make great stuff as I have either heard or owned alot of their power conditioning products.  That being said though PS Audio is an outlier in the audio world when it comes to hype marketing imo.
 Yes, it needs 5v input.  
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