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 I am impressed with the new firmware.  Every now and then Kingwa makes a firmware tweak that has a significant effect (other than the usual small improvements).  I'd say anyone using a usb to spdif converter now has a interesting decision to make.  I actually thought that the firmware update from earlier this year put the usb 32 on par with the Audiophilleo with Pure Power (technically made the SQ difference between the two too small to justify the added $1000+ cost of a...
Can't wait
I am in love with my current setup. I've only been this happy one other time in my during my time as audiophile and that was a headphone setup that included a Monarchy NM24 DAC and a maxxed Woo Audio 6 into either AKG K501s or Senn HD 650. Dacladders HDMI mod is truly amazing. I will be adding a cheap DSD DAC (maybe the ifi micro dsd) to my system though but its not a priority since I don't own any DSD files yet..
I really wonder why I2s when implemented using the rj45 standard/connections has problems with stability. Might be a good question to ask Steve at Empirical audio. I wish Kingwa would just use the ps audio/HDMI standard.
I haven't read much on how well this thing handles DSD.  Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?
 I don't know how difficult your mods would be to do.  I also haven't read a comparison of your mod vs the OR5.  So the answer to your question is: Maybe 
There is a simpler way.  I asked a question on the J River forum that is very relevant to your post.  Here is my post and the subsequent responses
Sounds like he has a issue with how it's powered.
Hell of an amp.  I have heard a bunch of Audio GD speaker amps and they all sound pretty much the same.  Neutral, powerful, articulate and detailed as all get out.  Plus despite the high power rating they really sound awesome with high efficiency speakers.  That price is insane.
That thing runs on a battery right?  You have to love that.  I may have to try that out as well.  This is fun, expensive, but fun.
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