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 These settings won't have any effect on your setup unless you are outputting to your dac in direct mode as opposed to wasapi or asio.  Shared mode allows all windows sounds to be played through you sound device, card , dac etc but you don't want this because all of your music would go through the windows mixer before reaching your dac.  If you are using wasapi or asio or kernel streaming you are running in exclusive mode which gives just one program (J River) exclusive...
Purrin, I recall you saying that the Wyrd did not make a difference when you used it with the Yggy.  Is this because that tech is already built into it?  I still rather like the idea of having the wyrd inbetween the two as a extra layer against noise.     Also for folks skeptical about the Wyrd's wall wart.  I bought one of these to power my media server and external harddrive  I...
So the pins on the Gustard u12 match those for the M7?  I thought some of the polarities(?) like sdata were reversed.
Its probably a bit much to ask a DAC manufacturer (or any computer hardware provider) to code a special driver for one piece of software that probably has comparitively few users at least when compared to the total number of DACs they are forecasted to sell. In any event compatibility is the responsibility of the software programmer not the hardware provider. Hardware providers really only need to ensure that the hardware is compatible with the operating system. As long as...
Lmbo, I have never owned a DAC with a remote. The only DACs I have seen that have remotes are those that you can use as a preamp or those that have built in headphone amps which the Yggy clearly is not. If that's a deal breaker then I just don't know.
The Rag is an amplifier.  I don't remember anyone asking for a remote for the Yggy.  Even I am not that lazy.
 I will certainly post my thoughts after comparing the two.  My plan is to keep both unless one of them completely negates the need to keep the other.
Good stuff.  I'm building a pair to replace the four pin XLR cables between my preamp and amp.  I might as well make a pair to replace the pair between the dac and pre.  
Alot of us here, including myself, have been through the ringer with Sabre chipped dacs and for that matter sigma delta dacs in general.  It might be hard to find someone who wants to try it. $6500 for a sabre dac just doesn't sit well with me having already heard a crap load of them.
Its promising but it doesn't have proper software/driver support.
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