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 Lol, I posted my need for a headphone power amp way way back when I was in love with a new preamp. http://www.head-fi.org/t/446867/beta-22-without-volume-control#post_6034748
 There is no reason to use anything like that since the Yggy has more than one output.  At no point was I considering running a headphone amp out of fixed preamp outputs.  The thought never crossed my mind.
No, because I would have used the balanced outs to my amps. Also none of the Freya's outputs are fixed.
Well I was going to buy both the Jotunheim and the Freya and have each of them directly connected to the Yggy (Balanced to Freya - RCA to Jotun).  I'm still excited about the amps though I'm just in for a long wait like I was for the Yggy.  I was looking forward to an all Schiit stack though. 
That is a shame.  I will still keep an eye out for those amps though.  I may opt for a combo like Wyred STP + Jotunheim + two Vidars.  Or maybe a Hegel H200 and a Jotunheim.
 Likewise, I was joping that one of the folks that actually went to RMAF could tell us if the Freya will have a HT Bypass input.    
 I'm pretty sure you would have to know what one stereo Vidar could provide into a 2ohm load before you could answer this.  There is no indication that one Stereo Vidar doubles output from 4 ohms to 2.  I personally wouldn't run a bridged amp with a speaker rated at 4 ohms because that same speaker will almost always dip even lower (3, 2.5 ohms or lower) at particular frequencies.  Most manufacturers that make bridgable amps eg Bryston specifically tell you not to run...
 There is a picture on the website that can't be named on head fi without being REDACTED
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