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Sorry to say it but I'm suspicious too...   Yep, been looking at the PS Audio thread but I'm more interested in hearing  'independent' impressions of this DAC.
 You could post some pictures and put an end to speculation? :)
music_man: Thanks for your impressions and taking the time.    Cheers.
 Hi music_man. Would love to hear some more impressions if you have the time! Do you think it justifies the hype?
  Purrin, if you don't mind me asking...what would be the cost of your endgame system?Also, do you think that realistically it's within your grasp? God, I need a better job...:)
 And we're cool too Purrin? I hope so. I woke up the other morning and thought 'oh f*** what did i say.....' :)
Holy sh** dude, what conditioner and power cables are you using? Apologies if you already mentioned this. CheersMike
Sorry to go OT again but this looks interesting also: The new Berkeley Alpha Dac Reference series.   http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f6-dac-digital-analog-conversion/new-berkeley-digital-analogue-converter-article-implies-much-18384/   Will be interesting to compare this and the Directstream.   It seems that the Berkeley DAC will be $14K though ;)    Sorry......thank you for your patience......we return to normal service......
Gotta say I totally agree with Project86 here. While I'm looking forward to hearing reviews of the Directstream DAC, the whole project is being  driven by some extremely heavy marketing hype. The circuit diagrams (which have been shown in alot of press releases) are not accurate and were created to convince people that DirectStream is GOOD, SABRE is BAD. Compare this approach to that of the Schiit team. I tend to believe what I hear from them, I am hugely skeptical of...
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