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Howdy- Any comments on pairing of Raptor w/Ed 9? I've heard the raptor w/senn 600's and found the bass to be thin, which seems in sync w/the overall impressions I've heard of the Raptor that it's fairly neutral (as to be expected w/RSA). I'm hoping the Ed 9/Raptor combo can revitalize the lows and mids. I'm a bass head, no denying it, and while I loved the sound of the Raptor I heard, I'd appreciate your feedback on your experience w/it (or others). Thanks Ira
Quote: Originally Posted by ford2 Just to clear up any confusion below is what headphiled CD3000's look like. Yeah, those look a lot more like cd3k's than mine. Wanna trade? Mine (the "gamer" set) sound great, but the overally signature is definitely different from what I'm reading about "real" cd3k's. I'm a basshead, there's no denying it. My phones aren't lacking bass, but they don't hold a candle to my favorites like the JVC HP-DX1000 or...
Quote: Originally Posted by IceClass PIX! For those that are about to say "hey, those are Beyers, you *%&^#", here's the description from Larry's site: Sony CD3000 drivers, (as they are detail oriented) mounted on Bolivian Rosewood soundboards (internal). The shell is Beyer, with Bloodwood, Purple Heart and Gaboon Ebony woodies (V3 style). The included gooseneck microphone will set up to reach your mouth easily, and detaches at will...
Quote: Originally Posted by ford2 If you can find a good pair go for it,they are that good that i have a spare pair just in case my Headphile ones have an accident. Do not know if he still mods them,would be worth asking if you pick up a pair. I got Headphiled cd3k about 6 mos. ago from Larry's site (Larry's first "gamer" headphone, complete with star-trek type boom mic) Ira
After nearly getting a Maestro from another HF'er who has decided to hold on to it, I'm now on a mission to find a Maestro to call my own. Preferably w/outboard PS & checked over by a reputable tech to ensure against Mikhail-itis, but will consider any Maestro, any condition. Ira
Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic Crystal Castles- Self Titled Cage the Elephant - Self Titled bonus gift to anyone who can guess what recent alt music festival I'm trying to recreate
Crystal Castles- self titled
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