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[Quote button won't work? hmmm... gotta do it the old fashioned way]: He said: Mr. Lif I say: Flaming Lips (JUST GOT TIX FOR APRIL SHOW IN MONTCLAIR NJ!!! WOO HOO!!!) ending letter is "S", not ")", although if you can name a band that starts with a closed parenthesis, go for it. Yes, I'm too chatty for this thread right now, but how often do bands ending in "F" come up right after you bought Flaming Lips tickets? NEVER!!! Anyway, I'll shut up now, thank you...
Quote: Originally Posted by kevin gilmore The switch is the single ended vs balanced switch. You can run it on a pair of 12 volt SLA batteries. Thanks everyone Here's the innards: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=260512977094 If that link still works, it should have pics of the insides from two angles. There's no single ended output, why would a switch be needed for balanced/SE? And any idea why I hear zero difference regardless...
Quote: Originally Posted by bdr529 3 clicks to arm the device, 3 more to disarm. And then it "goes off like a hand grenade" as some have stated is likely with SP amps. But there's a whole other thread devoted to that.
Quote: Originally Posted by musicman59 I have those 3 headphones. The biggest change was in the HD650. I have them with a RAL balanced cable. The vail went away, the soundstage got bigger and moreholographic. The Edition 9 were recabled by APS. The bigger differences were in sound stage expansion and bass control. If you want the Edition 9 balanced you have to recable. Retermination does not work because the stock cable just have 3 leads at the 1/4" plug...
Does anyone have a manual for this amp? I just picked one up, and am baffled by several things (as I usually am), including (if anyone knows): The top (horizontally-aligned) RCA jacks on back - preamp outputs? Something else? Toggle switch on back- would expect it to be power, but it doesn't seem to have any effect The seller mentioned that he ran it with batteries - I'm waiting for him to explain, but any ideas how this is done? It seems to be a great amp...
Flaming Lips- Soft Bulletin
This is my 2d try to get some ideas about this- 1st time got no response. Has anyone ever recabled JVC HP-DX1000 to balanced? If so, was the difference significant? If so, how? I know some cans take better to recabling than others, wondering where the JVC's fit in. Same questions for Ultrasone Edition 9's if anyone knows about that. Thanks
Can't say enough about how great Andy was to deal with- bought a singlepower sds-t from him w/27 tubes, I asked him to rush pack it and ship it 2-day, he packed it so incredibly well, it could have survived world war iii without anything shifting in the package, plus he got it out within hours, and I had it exactly on time. Awesome head-fi'er - highly highly recommended. Ira
Quote: Originally Posted by RobLikesBrunch I love this album. Traffic
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