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roland GR-20 guitar synth demo (next toy?)
Mary Poppins (I have a 5 year old) (and I'm not very cool)
Rings Around the World- Super Furry Animals
animal collective - merriweather
hi everyone I used to rely 100% on my stock 5.5 and then 6G ipod as sorce using a plain jane LOD into the rca's on the various amps I have, but once I got some decent amps the deficiencies in the sq of the ipod became more noticeable, even when playing alac files, so I started using my (low end) universal dvd-a/sacd/cd player as source. Now I miss the convenience ofthe ipod and want to put it back in the mix. My question is how to do so w/best SQ. The 2 options i'm...
Kuikjen Quartet- Transcription of Mozart's Requiem for string quartet
Pleased to be the first to praise the magnificent Bertel (Robert), from whom I bought a SP Harmony XLR amp. He answered all my idiot questions about this amp I'd never heard of before, packed it perfectly, shipped it as quickly as one could ask from Germany to Philadelphia, and continues to answer the continuing silly questions I have for him as I play with my newest toy. Highly recommended.
Have (Partial list, see profile if you really care): JVC HP-DX1000 Ultrasone Ed 9's recabled w/APS V3 AKG Sextetts + Anniversary 240's + 241's Denon D5000's w/Markl mods + Moon Black Dragon recable Headphile one-off w/CD3k drivers in custom woody cups + mic Darths (cocobolo, regular cup) Ultrasone HFI 700's (my first step into high-quality (comparatively speaking) HP's) Want: Willpower to sell off some of the above that I never listen to anymore so I can pay off...
Flaming Lips bootleg from Stockholm 5/2/06
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