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ok, i'm wordy and clueless- a deadly combo to start a thread - but I really could use some help here- i'm making myself nuts trying to figure this out with my peanut-sized brain. anyone?
wow, am I depressed. I had no idea eveyone was so glum. I'm banging my brains out in a different thread in the source forum to try to figure out how to rip/download and play high res from some kind of hdd device, and i've gotten zero response.... Does that mean the only way to manipulate the 50-60 sacd's/dvd-a's i've got is to keep swapping them in and out of the player? I've read up a little on ripping hi res formats, and it certainly doesn't seem like there's the quick...
depends on mood- if i'm feeling inspired, mozart's requiem or st. John passion pump me up. If i'm having trouble focusing, they distract me - for that, eno ambients or baach or liszt piano pieces. Or the Dead- drums/space open up your mind like nothing else (too bad mickey hart went in a weird direction- I can't get into birthing music no matter how hard I try)
empire records quadrophenia(!!!)
Wow, I thought I was there... great amps, great phones (check my profile, maybe I'm deluding myself, but I'm happy as a canned clam), and feeling on top of the world... until all that great stuff made clear how sorely I need a better source. My Denon DVD-2200 universal player croaked, and I replaced it with a cheapo Oppo universal player while I figure out what to do... and a dirty confession: I spend as much time listening to my stock 6G Ipod through all this other...
Flaming Lips - Clouds Taste Metallic
Hte Who- Quadrophenia disc 1
title says it all- pm w/details if interested would consider i170 depending on price thanks ira
peter gabriel- the passion of christ wings of desire paris texas
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