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Flaming Lips - Zaireeka (trying to feed all 4 discs into 1 amp w/a bunch of y cables, so far sounds like $h1t. Oh well.
Thanks to all who replied. Seems I still have much to learn. I'll check out the audio gd fun, thanks for the tip. Ira
Quote: Originally Posted by EddieE At a budget level, worry more about the features than the DAC as I don't think the DAC itself will make a major difference. Are the DAC's I mentioned (StageDAC/Adcom GDA-700) budget DAC's? From the reviews I've read of both, they seem to have their own sound sigs, pros and cons and whatnot. Anyone have any concerns/comments about this: Macbook->StageDAC->some Singlepower amp->decent cans (HP-DX1000, Ed 9, or...
Quote: Originally Posted by sonci Just put your discs in the shelves, then download their iso`s from torrent sites, smb has done it for you buddy, Then Foobar dvd audio plugin I think I understand about 15% of that. I've avoided torrents thus far, but they're out there for DVD-A? Is Foobar all that will play back DVD-A? I was thinking of using Mac Mini/Macbook as server. Any suggestions there? And how about the SACD's?
Peter Gabriel- Secret World Live
Quote: Originally Posted by Zoide So, has anyone compared the StageDAC with an Audio-GD DAC? Trying to revive this thread- is anyone able to comment on Meier StageDAC v Audio-Gd 19MK3?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ham Sandwich Warehousedeals by Amazon You can browse the warehouse deals site directly. Or if you check under "used" on the Amazon site you sometimes find products by "warehousedeals" there. That's Amazon selling returns as used. For example, right now Amazon has two Denon D5000 headphones available through warehouse deals. Go to the Amazon page for the D5000 and click on "used" to see them. AWESOME! Thanks! I...
bob dylan- bootleg #6 (rolling thunder live) animal collective- merriweather post
I bought some Senn HD650's from Amazon a few years ago, didn't like them, and returned them. With it's pretty generous return policies, I bet this happens alot, but I don't see anywhere on Amazon to buy open box stuff. Where's it all go?
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