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Mozart Symphony #41 "Jupiter" (ain't I classy?)
free bump & a ausggestion- put your new price in 1st post, many don't scroll down to see what's below
my dog bark
Can't seem to get pics to work, I'll keep trying (they're on Flickr under my name-chzplz), but here's a hint- it looks just like a Corda Opera
Meier Corda Opera amp/preamp in excellent condition. Works flawlessly, looks near perfect- only minor scratches here and there, nothing noticeable except upon close examination. Asking $600 obo + shipping (flat rate $10 in CONUS), I'll eat PP fees. Will also consider any/all reasonable trades, esp, for a decent DAC. Note that color is off in the pics- it's silver, not gold, as cool as that would be. The shot from the top down best represents the actual...
Cream- Disraeli Gears
sonic youth-dirty
Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis No, I really do not think so. They have both been around for years but still not gained much popularity. That alone should tell the story I bang my head against a wall every day except Tuesdays for letting the vinyl collection I accumulated over 20+ years of collecting rot in a storage unit that got to 120 degrees+ in the summer, every summer, for 10 years. On Tuesdays I smash myself in the face with a frying...
Quote: Originally Posted by St3ve Strangely, these were the two DACs I was looking at recently as an upgrade. They both seem to offer really good vfm. It seemed to me that the Stagedac has more going for it in terms of features - the crossfeed options seem really great, but the DAC19 uses really top-notch converters. It was a very tough one to call. Looks like the DAC19 won out, huh? Had a chance to listen to a StageDAC to compare? I've yet to...
Double post.
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