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I ordered my StageDAC a few days ago... W O O O H O O O O ! ! ! ! If YOU were a basshead with little ability to tolerate sibilance, and if YOU were looking for the warmest, richest sound but not at the expense of high-end detail (I know, it's a push-me-pull-you kind of scenario), what filter/oversampling combos would YOU try first? Did I mention... WOO HOO!!! Thank you for your attention.
Great Head Fi'er- sold a Corda Opera amp to Steve, great communication, quick payment. Highly recommended.
UPDATE: Opera: Pending D5000's: some interest here, might end up going to trade for work done by my tech, would rather sell them and pay for work (these cans are too unique not to go to someone who'll be blown away by them. The tech will probably listen to them for a week, and then turn around and try to sell them to one of his other customers. Nothing wrong with that, but then he gets the Karma points for turning someone on to these amazing phones) LD Mk IV SE:...
Quote: Originally Posted by yossi126 Can't believe it is not sold yet. A steal at the price and better than most amps out there. Thanks, I can't disagree with you. Ira
Taking offers or interesting trades (especially for a decent DAC). Don't be shy. Get some o' dat sweet sweet Jan Meier magic with crossfeed, active ground, d-e-e-p bass, smooth mids, and sparkling highs- in my opinion, one of the best SS amps out there for <$1500. I've heard the Corda Symphony, and can say that it was hard to hear major differences between that and the Opera. This speaks well of the Opera, not poorly of the Symphony. Search for Skylab's thorough review of...
pink floyd- the final cut
Flaming Lips- Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell EP
I got Herb's other TDS- excellent transaction all around. He gave me his cell to answer questions, and when I paid, he shipped right away and the packing was perfect. I wouldn't hesitate dealing with Herb again.
Tim- Thanks! Do I owe you a commission when it sells? Not to jack my own thread, but the best I could do is what's above in the OP. How did you get the pics there? Sorry to be such a noob (a new favorite phrase adopted from my 16 year old stepson, describes me perfectly when it comes to this stuff) . If preferred, I'd be happy to get directions in a PM. Before I get flamed, I did check the help section of head fi, which made thing worse, not better. By the way, anyone...
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