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I too was upset with the Cam Kit Cable requirement. JH Audio was able to build MFI compatibility in his low volune DACs. Cyrus ( not 5 miles from JHA) could have done the same. Audio. A much fuller sound than On board iPhone 6Splus dac. Greater volume and more pleasant sound... Except for the posing and scratching. I'll let it burn in and hopefully find a reason for the popping. I live 6 miles from Cyrus. I might just invite them to hear the irregular sound from a...
1) 185,241 2) 108,881 3) 199,991
Hi all,   The first thing I listened too at CanJam London was the Celeste.  This wasn't by design but merely because I took a right at the entrance and was the first available audition seat.   Oh my, what a lucky seat it was.  I was invited straight away to look at eth mechanism of tuning via three brass cogs.  My pigeon cantonese confirmed that the cogs were uncovering three ports inside the IEM.   A little bit of background.  I loved the Sleek SA6 tunable IEMS for...
See you there on Sunday. I'll be carrying very little of my kit and spending more time with friends and new kit. Regards Sceptre
Here's the telling thing. I'd sell my RS1s for the price offered but not the ESW10-JPN Simple as that. Regard Sceptre
How much are you offering for an original pair in immaculate condition. Box and certificate?
Looking forward to a great day. Thanks for all the planning and effort to create this. Look forward to sharing and enjoying our great hobby. Sceptre
Here's a couple of thoughts. There was an endurance cyclist called Mark, Who cycled with dogs who would bark To cut out their sound He spent more than a pound On headphones made from parts of the ark! There was an endurance cyclist called Mark who painted Headphones and cars in the dark He thought that cream Would be obscene On momentums and daimler dart parts. Regards Sceptre
Looking forward to the competition later today, but wondered, which car paint schemes should I gen up on?   Loving the varied subjects you are testing us on though !   Regards   Sceptre
Hi Andy   I have decided on the kit list I'll be bringing.  If anyone sees something in my profile that they would like to see then let me know. I can also bring a Cyrus DVD7+ with upgraded DAC's if it helps as an additional source for CD's and DVD Audio discs.   Ultrasone Ed 9 & 10 ATH ESW10JPN Denon D7000 Senn HD650 JHA Roxanne and JH13 Senn IE800   Chord Hugo with coax to DX90 Sonosax SX-DA2 with toslink to iRiver 240Gb iMod to Just Audio AHA-120   Three...
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