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Here's a couple of thoughts. There was an endurance cyclist called Mark, Who cycled with dogs who would bark To cut out their sound He spent more than a pound On headphones made from parts of the ark! There was an endurance cyclist called Mark who painted Headphones and cars in the dark He thought that cream Would be obscene On momentums and daimler dart parts. Regards Sceptre
Looking forward to the competition later today, but wondered, which car paint schemes should I gen up on?   Loving the varied subjects you are testing us on though !   Regards   Sceptre
Hi Andy   I have decided on the kit list I'll be bringing.  If anyone sees something in my profile that they would like to see then let me know. I can also bring a Cyrus DVD7+ with upgraded DAC's if it helps as an additional source for CD's and DVD Audio discs.   Ultrasone Ed 9 & 10 ATH ESW10JPN Denon D7000 Senn HD650 JHA Roxanne and JH13 Senn IE800   Chord Hugo with coax to DX90 Sonosax SX-DA2 with toslink to iRiver 240Gb iMod to Just Audio AHA-120   Three...
Hi Andy,   Many thanks for the PM to alert me of this.   I've been spending more time listening to music than scanning the forums recently.   Hugo and Roxannes are my fave setup at the moment but will bring a selection of headphones for all to try (Ultrasone Ed9 & 10, Denon 7k, AT ESW10JPN and others).   Looking forward to making this one as it is almost on my doorstep!   Regards   Sceptre
I have both the IE800 and P7.   They are very different and have different uses for me.  The IE800 is the better product in my opinion but if you prefer a quieter performance or don't mind teh size and weight of the P7 then they are about half the price - for a reason.   If I had to choose between them, the IE800 wins.  The P7 beats the P5 S1 & S2, Momentum and HD25/Amperior too. P7's get beaten by Ultrasone Ed9 big time.  And everything gets beaten by the Roxanne if you...
 I have the Roxannes too but feel there is still a place for the IE800's for convenience, contrast and alternative 'isolated' listening. IE800's are far easier to fit in a pocket when not in use. Regards Sceptre
I'm impressed with you going to see Little Dragon at your age. I saw them this summer but am 10 years younger than you. Many thanks for your comments and update. I have P5 S1 and P7 and will now go and try the P5 S2 from you comments. Many thanks from my wallet. Regards Sceptre
As a long time owner of JH 13s I find a 1 o'clock base setting slightly above the ⅓'so base presentation and a little lower than the IE800 base presentation. I should also mention that since receiving my Roxannes, I have been listening to them on 4 different mobile rigs and feel they sound great on all. The Hugo wins but even connected straight from an iPhone they make me smile plenty. Hope that helps. Sceptre
After just receiving my CF Custom Roxannes today (BF order!) I can start to post on this thread.   I've owned JH13's since 2009 and I can say I'm happy about the treble being more present than I feared from others reviews.   Fit feels great and listening to another Siren on my DX90 to Hugo, I can say that 'I feel Love' - Donna Summer.   Congrats JHA on a great product, with delivery just a little later than expected.   Regards   Sceptre
Hi all, I know this is an Ed12 thread but I have to defend the Ed10 a little.   When I bought them they did sound terrible.  I can fully see why Tyll responded the way he did.  They were that bad.This sound 'imbalance' improved over the first 100 hours but was still v bad. I let others hear them at a meet but was confident that they would turn into the most burnt in pair in the world - those hanging up in Harrods London with music playing every day for a couple of...
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