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P7 wins best over ear headphone over at Toms Hardware,review-1988.html   I'd say that there are better products but maybe out of production or for a much higher price.   Well done B&W.   Sceptre
I would also have trusted Sennheiser to follow through on the production of a cable for a market leading phone.  I saw teh prototype over 18 months ago and find it very strange that they cannot produce it.  How many other headphones do Senn make with iPhone control (including volume) that are a fraction of the price of this cable?   I have bought many aftermarket cables for headphones and IEMs and can state that I am happy with their own 'signature' in that they really...
Many thanks for sharing the pictures and experience with iPhone.   Regards   Sceptre
Please test with an iPhone. If they've stopped development of the RCA800 and you believe the RCS800 works on more than just Android, maybe one will re them all! Please let us know what control you get over an iPhone. Regards Sceptre
Sad to see that the RCA800 IOS cable option is now listed as 'No Longer in Development' from Custom Cables website.   That is a shame. If any custom cable manufacturer would like to contact me with their ability to offer an iPhone volume, call, microphone option for the IE800 then I'm all ears.   Regards   Sceptre
Hmm. Might try my ACS custom tips which were made for my ie8's on the ie800's. I'll try that 2morrow. Regards sceptre
My IE800 are not with me right now but from memory the connector pin between the main cable and the split to each drive is a TRS, hence you have more chance of dancing with the Queen Mother than getting a balanced cable.  The only way to achieve it would be to cut the cables above the Y split and connect a 4 wire cabler to your connector of choice.  This is of course a one way conversion!   Good luck and let us know if you take that route.   Regards   Sceptre
Noticed the 'non mirroring' of the flying girl.   Also noticed the use of blue and red for the serial number and product name info.  This allows for a recognition of left or right without having differing artwork to achieve.  I know you can work out the left / right by looking at the shape but I find colour to be quicker.  I opted for red and blue artwork on my JH13 nearly 5 years ago to speed up 'handed' recognition.   From what I've seen I'm happy to keep my logo in...
Xeroeth.   That kind of message is what I think these forums are all about.   Community Value.   Although I'm not an Android or Sony user, I thank you for sharing such info.   Good on you.   Sceptre
Rigs I'm going to pair with my CF Roxanne? 1 iPhone 5S for ultra portability. 2 iMod with 240Gb straight to a Just Audio AHA-120 for class A bliss. I find the DAP of the iPod Video to not be limiting. 3 iRiver 140 fed optically to a Sonosax SX-DA2 DAC/Amp. JHA13(non FP) prefer the iMod and AHA-120. I'll try the above and a Pico Slim in the mix when the Rox arrive.
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