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Back when kelly, grinch, Audio&Me were causing all kinds of trouble on head-fi.  I went along for the ride because we were unhappy with the changes being adopted around here at the time.  I'm guessing 2003?   I've calmed down a lot since then ;-)
Oh wow! Hey Al!    Man, I remember when you came over to upgrade my old battleaxe desktop pc, lol.  Congrats!
Put me down, for once, I can definitely make it.  Looking forward to trying out some hi-rez players (including the pono).  I'll bring my rockboxed iPod Classic 160gb (7th gen) along with my Sony 7506's and Grado SR60's.  That's all I got left nowadays :-|
Long time head-fier here.  After reading up on this thread and googling around a bit I finally bit the bullet and installed rockbox on my iPod Classic.  Best decision I ever made!  I was ready to sell my Classic 7G - 160gb off.  I hate iTunes with a passion, made my album list a complete disaster. Kept seeing duplicates (and sixtupulets!) of albums.  Ridiculous.  Garbage software.  Took the long-overdue plunge to rockbox, fixed up the custom eq and man, I'm in heaven....
Hey guys,            I visited a genius bar and got nothing but "we can replace it for $75" since it's about two weeks outside of the warranty (go figure).  I declined since they only give a 90 day warranty on replacement units.  So, now what? Can this damn thing be fixed?  I have a feeling it can, but for the life of me I can't imagine how you would open one.  I'll check youtube tonight for any vids on it.     In the meanwhile, what's a good replacement for a...
wow, I wonder what ever happened to ken/highwaystar, really nice guy.  
I'll definitely go!  
  Personally, I think both formats are dying.  SACD will never catch on thanks to Sony and it's stranglehold on the technology behind SACD.  Plus, it doesn't help that SACD media is largely composed of Jazz, Classic and Classic Rock offerings only.   Based on info in the Tom Petty link Radioking offered, it has these three audio options:   5.1 96kHz/24bit DTS-HD Master Audio5.1 96kHz/24bit PCM2.0 96kHz/24bit PCM   I imagine the DTS-HD Master Audio track sounds incredible....
Cool, thanks for the rec.  I have that in my amazon wishlist.  And a few other EJ sacd's.  I'm trying to grab anything of interest while it's still affordable.  Seems like any sacd/dvd-a's that go OOP suddenly spike in price in the Market Place.     I also received most of the discs that I ordered and the few I've casually sampled sound excellent.  Glad to get my hands on some pop, rock and classic rock discs.  Too bad there's not more of that genre in the audiophile...
Make sure to leave feedback too.  Other members should be aware of what occurred.  
New Posts  All Forums: