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With original box and manual. Note: cable is stock. Pictures: View photo - 30ma8vl These sound great but I got laid off and need he money, and don't listen to phones as much since I upgraded my speakers. Price: $1200 (what I paid for them).
The distortion in these recordings is anecessary part of the experience IMHO.
Quote: Originally Posted by scootermafia Well, start out with some actually good headphones like HD650s or K701s. Then get a good amp. The 555 are cheaper headphones, I'm sure amplification would help them plenty but if you have no plans to upgrade them then an expensive amp would not be a good idea. I agree with this advice- upgrade the phones first.
Nice review. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyRay I ordered my WA6-SE on Dec 12th! I am anxiously awaiting its arrival! Nice pics! Congrats on the purchase. BTW aren't all Rays crazy?
Quote: Originally Posted by Audio23 AKG K1000 NEEDED badly, anyone can help!! Can't find it anywhere else. Thank you I am getting ready to post a pair for sale in the classified forum. PM me if you're interested. Moderators. If this post is inappropriate, Please remove.
A very well written and thoughtful review and an interesting thread. Thanks everyone for the great info.
Quote: Originally Posted by Golden Monkey Jamato, you're the resident Woo modding expert around here...any tubes you recommend for this amp? Bugle Boy6DJ8? Also, if I wanted to get all crazy at some point, what about replacing stock caps? Another one bites the dust. Welcome to the wonderful world of Woo amp ownership, tube rolling, and amp modding!
Quote: Originally Posted by Meliboeus Even if it's a slightly different question, i'll ask here just not to create another topic...i have just received a tube amplifier ( it's a single ended design, uses 1xecc81 and 2xecc82 ) , well the two ecc82s provided by the manufacturer are from two different brands, the amp was tested so i assume it is not an error, in fact even at a careful listen, there is not the slightest channel unbalance, is there anything...
Quote: Originally Posted by piotr z give it one month constant burn in at first - then decide - but tubes that I've got ( see sig. ) should be ok I also love the Mullards.
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