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Got these in a trade. Perfect condition. Nothing wrong with them, just too amp dependent for me. Sonically very good though.  Open to trade offers. Asking $585 PayPal. CONUS Only.
For sale is my 160Gb ipod classic silver. Had for aprox 2 years. Perfectly functional. Very light cosmetic blemishes on the front, but the back is scratched up as you can see in the photos. asking $180 shipped. Paypal and CONUS only.
For sale are my Westone W40. I've only had them for about a month. They were a Brand new replacement that i received directly from Westone to replace my older W4. All accessories included. asking $290 shipped. Conus and Paypal only.
For Sale is 2 year old NAD C326BEE. In good condition. Currently selling it  for $299. I also have a C275BEE power amp listed separately for $695. I would be willing to bundle both for a discount. Paypal and CONUS only.
2 year old NAD C275bee. Incredibly powerful yet musical amp, very lightly used, no smoke/pets, etc. Will drive any speaker on the market. Comes with a free upgraded powercord, the Emotiva X IEC ($50 value). Great sounding amp at a great price. No longer have the original box, but will pack safely ans securely. Asking $645. Paypal and CONUS only.
For sale is my used 3 year old 160gb IPOD classic. Heavy scratches on the back and the front, but otherwise perfectly functional. Asking $160 paypal. CONUS only.   Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: