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From their delivery info page:United Kingdom: All prices include delivery chargesDelivery normally takes no more than 3 to 5 working days.International: P&P - £1.95 for the first 3 items, £1.00 for each additional itemDelivery normally takes 7 -10 working days. Please note that weight restrictions may apply to International orders.http://www.mymemory.co.uk/delivery-info
 Same card, less monies: http://www.mymemory.co.uk/Micro-SDXC/Toshiba/Toshiba-128GB-Exceria-Pro-Micro-SD-%28SDXC%29-Card-UHS-I-U1---48MB_s A quid cheaper and free shipping in the UK. I buy most of my memory cards from them, only once had a dud, but it was the manufacturers fault, not theirs. Yet they were very quick to resolve the issue...
Well, maybe now that the first gen X3 is discontinued, Fiio might be a bit more willing providing the info required to get Rockbox running on it?
Sandisk 64GB MicroSDXC duopack on ibood today... Netherlands/Germany/Belgium:http://www.ibood.com/nl/nl/product-specs/6700/13888/2x-sandisk-ultra-64gb-microsdxc-uhs-i.htmlhttp://www.ibood.com/de/de/product-specs/6700/13888/2-sandisk-ultra-microsdxc-64-gb.htmlhttp://www.ibood.com/be/nl/product-specs/6700/13888/2x-sandisk-ultra-64gb-microsdxc-uhs-i.html€39.95 UK:http://www.ibood.com/uk/en/product-specs/6700/13888/2x-sandisk-ultra-64gb-microsdxc-uhs-i.html£29.95 May be...
Sweet giveaway! Mighty generous! Username: Coop__666 I'm planning on buying a new player somewhere next year. So I guess I'd like to see some great deals on players like the Fiio X7 and iBasso DX80
Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO Headset - 80 OHM   http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0016MNAAI?ref_=gb1h_img_m-3_0047_332efdec&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE   £79.99
Right now!!! AKG K845BT for €99.95 + €5.95 shipping    http://www.ibood.com/nl/nl/     Deal will last VERY short...   Update: ... And it's gone already... They say some of the deals may come back later, so keep an eye on the site...
Sorrow & Stumbleine - Snowflake, has nice bass   https://sorrowgarage.bandcamp.com/track/sorrow-stumbleine-snowflake   Sorrow - My Love, isn't exactly bass light either :)   https://sorrowgarage.bandcamp.com/track/my-love
 If the 10cm cable posted by aznpos531 doesn't work for you and you really need 15cm, I can make you a custom cable pretty much at cost... It won't be anything fancy and connectors are quite expensive when bought at low volume, I think they were like 4.5 euro each. But as it's a short cable you want, I can just use leftover cable from another project, so I won't charge anything for that. How does 10 euro + shipping sound for a 15cm OTG,90 degree angled Micro to 90 degree...
 I adapt my choice of frames for my glasses to my headphone addiction:  only +/- .5mm thickness of titanium, so far I haven't encountered any headphones that these frames caused problems with... (I even brought my M100 into the shop to test for compatibility when I went to shop for glasses)
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