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Rob, Sounds as though you and I are pretty much on the same page in regards to interpreting specs. As for the sound card choice, I've struggled with this decision for over a month. My choice is between the Essence ST and the Claro Halo (I only have PCI). I don't have the luxury of trying both first. As far as features, I'm not looking for much. I just want the most detailed accurate smooth stereo sound possible. I plan to use the built headphone amp to start,...
Rob, You seem to be a fan of the Essence ST/STX, and one of the few who has listened this and the Claro + and Halo. I'm about to purchase either the Essence ST or Claro Halo for stereo music listening. I would really appreciate any thoughts you have about differences in sound quality, usability, or preference. Also, on the topic of SNR, I don't believe that there is an SNR threshold beyond which you don't care. Noise is cumulative, and can never be completely...
So the front panel connector bypasses the Opamps altogether? That can't sound great. Also, it wasn't clear, are you saying that this is a requirement of the front panel connector/spec? Does anyone know about the Claro Halo?
Here's another question, and a potential deal-breaker for me: Is the front panel headphone out (header) amplified by the same TI headphone amp and opamp gain stages as the rear jack? I ask this about the Halo and Essence ST? While I plan to use the read jack, I have some space limitations and want to be able to get the same signal out of the front panel too. Does anyone know?
So, does anyone know whether the Essence ST sound different than the STX? If so, can you describe the differences. It sounds like the ST doesn't measure as well as the STX.
If I might ask... what didn't you like about the dual opamp, dual polarity opamp design?
Jenneth, Thanks for the info. I has in fact read the post you reference. I have to admit that I'm a little fuzzy on what you're referring to when you talk about quality. I made the assumtion that you're referring to overall sound quality on the RCAs. Since the concensus seem to be that these cards are too close to call a clear winner, I was wondering if there was anything you could add about differences between the cards. After all, a general subjective measure...
Mark, I decided to go with the C710s for two main reasons: 1. I've read some complaints regarding comfort of the 751s, but none of the 710s. 2. Price... the 710s are cheaper. I do however appreciate your advice, and if I end up liking the 710's I plan to keep an eye out for a well priced 751.
Sonci, What I'm trying to do is put together a high quality digital source. I want it to be more than a transport. It's going into a low power passively cooled Atom ITX system. I've made sure to get a decent power supply. Initially, I want a 1 box solution. So I plan to use the headphone amp to drive my phones: Sony SA-5000, Grado SR-225, AudioTechnica AD700 and a few others. In the near term, I plan to add a small amp and speakers to add a nearfield listening...
Thought I'd try one more time. I'm appealing to anyone out there who has listened to both the Claro Halo and Essence ST, or better yet, been able to A/B them. Does one offer better overall sound quality? Is any one more detailed, more analytical, has a smoother top end? If it's a matter of subtle differences, I'd really appreciate knowing what they are. Also, this will be running in a low performance PC. Do the ASUS drivers tax the CPU a lot?
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