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You might want to try stopping by Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers Thread for detailed information.   I am not exactly sure what you are looking for, but these Amperex tubes are in your price range. They have a slightly warmer presentation and there should be a little more bloom in the bass region compared to the stock tubes. I would say IMHO they are far better than the stock tubes, but your mileage may vary. ...
The Pan Am DAC is not bad by any means, but to my ears the Pan Am amp has great detail and sounds even better being fed from a more upscale DAC. That being said, it would probably be fine for most types of music including metal.   You can always get an upgraded DAC later on if for some reason you are not happy with the on-board DAC.
  I have the PS-500 and the SR-125 and they both work just fine with the Pan Am, though to my ears they tend to sound better with a warmer tube like the Raytheon or Tung-Sol. 
If you have both cleaned the pins and gave the tubes 50-hours to settle in, then its probably a bad tube.  I would let them run for 50-hours before giving up.  Have you contacted the seller to let them know the tube is noisy?  There are a lot of e-bay sellers that will work something out with you.   The Amperex OGs are nice, as are the Bugle Boys.  The National Matsus tubes are nice for the...
And on this week's episode of Tube Hoarders...    Just kidding, nice cache.   At 5,000 - 10,000 hours a pair, you should be able to weather a few Siberian winters with that many Voskhods.
  I have a set of 6DJ8 Telefunkens in my Lyr right now.  I love them, but they may not be for everyone. They are very neutral and detailed. They are not warm, so they almost sound a bit like a really good transistor but with the tube harmonics. They pair really well with my Grado PS-500s which run a bit warm compared to most Grados.  They may not be the best choice for cans that are already cool or bright but are fantastic with the PS-500s. 
    This is also helpful when looking for impressions on various tubes .  It also illustrates why these are just opinions to be taken as a baseline and not as an absolute.  The Tube Lore page does not like the Telefunkens, but they are a favorite of Brent Jessee's.  I decided to give the Telefunkens a try and they are among my very most favorite too. Brent's description is accurate, very neutral and detailed. 
  I think it's high time we ask Jason Stoddard for a "Special Head-Fi Edition" Lyr.  It would feature two sets of tube sockets that can always supply heater current to both banks and a soft A/B switch to select the tubes in bank A or B.     Well, we  can always dream.
    After burning them in for 75-hours I'm really loving my slightly less expensive ECC88 Telefunkens too!  Very detailed and neutral with an excellent sound stage.  I really have not had the urge to roll anything else in their place at the moment. 
I just picked up a matched NOS set of Telefunkens from Brent Jessee.  Not the expensive 6922, but the slightly more affordable 6DJ8 / ECC88 Telefunken West Germany with diamond mark.  GM: 10,500/10,000 10,500/10,000.  They are still breaking-in I have about 20-hours on them.    So far they have been very quite.  These tubes are fast and very detailed with a lot of air around the instruments. Piano is really sweet sounding standout on these Telefunkens.  Their...
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