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Thankyou for all your help in this thread, x RELIC x - it does not go unnoticed
The poster was being serious, but, as a long-time head-fier, I found this hilarious: 
  Lol, if I had a Yen or dollar for every time I've heard that assertion, I'd be able to afford 10 pairs of MH1s!
  Pros & cons...  CCK is an unreliable nuisance. Lack of memory expansion limits ALAC library size
 Thankyou for the clarification. In that case, I suggest you contact your dealer.
 It is quite absurd, that so few DAPs allow direct editing of playlists, isn't it? Sony, in particular, have no excuse, considering the ancient iPod Classic could do it...  I believe D&A's Calyx-M can do it, and possibly the Questyle QP1R, but they definitely seem to be in a minority. It's a feature I used to use very frequently on my old iPod Classic, so I'm glad there are still a few DAPs around that can do it.
Hi, welcome to Head-Fi;   just a note to remind you that there are also some secondhand classifieds, here on Head-fi, which might bring the cost down for you:   http://www.head-fi.org/f/6550/headphones-for-sale-trade   All the best.
 Please read the section on 'Batteries & Charging', in post #3
Since this is a Mojo-related thread, I feel I should point out, to readers, that Rob Watts (designer of Mojo) does not recommend upsampling prior to feeding Mojo (it won't have the WTA filter and will not have the tap length of Mojo)   But, each to their own.
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