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Is it a cultural thing, in Korea, for companies and staff to be arrogant towards customers?   (I mean that as a genuine question, and I am not referring only to D&A/Calyx).
  She's from London, as am I, and it doesn't excuse the way she phrases her vocals, trust me! LOL
I 'like' Adelle, up to a point.   I think she has talent, but I dislike her contrived vocal style where she continually strangulates words so they sound nothing like the word(s) should actually sound.   I feel exactly the same way about Amy Winehouse;   talented, but willfully-murdered the phonetics of words, in the pursuit of 'vocal style'.   Such a waste, in both cases (and I'm an Engishman, by the way, so it's not a matter of cultural differences, given that both...
  Doesn't bother me in the slightest - I still hope the X7 will use mSATA. It will take 2-4 years for M.2 to be widely adopted by the industry, and production to ramp-up, anyway.
 LOL - no, I didn't mean it like that. I just meant we're all crazy. Not just about things, but crazy, period!
We're all crazy. No exceptions.         
  Somewhere you'd struggle to hear!
  Judging by the prices they charge their customers, I have a theory, that they may always have this symbol in the middle of their conference room whiteboard:   So, after staring at that symbol every day of their working lives, the 2 lines in that symbol may have become burned onto their retinas. Hence a brainstorming session for a new AK100 model number could quite easily have ended up as AK100 II
  Am I the only one who thinks it's pure 'genius' [/end sarcasm] to produce AK100 mk2, and then call a completely different newer DAP AK100 II  ?
  Yep, and I can take a joke - I was simply responding by making my position clear   
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