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  Esther would be nearer to Lotoo 5000 than to X5.
Nudging slightly higher on price, the Questyle QP1 (2 variants soon to be available, at different price-points) is also interesting...
  ...speaking of which, one should also consider the Soundaware Esther, which is in a similar price category and uses some FPGA implementation. It remains to be seen how it performs in comparison to the Lotoo 5000, but I'm just saying both of them should be considered, at around this price point.
Although I'm not currently in the market for a CIEM, if I was looking for a (relatively) fast turnaround for a CIEM, I'd probably be considering either UE or EarWerkz.   I'm not saying anything about the sound signatures of any of the CIEMs by either of those companies. I am purely discussing turnaround time, here.
  And here we have the crux of the matter. iRiver seemingly do not want to engineer the best DAP they can within the price sector. It seems they merely want to engineer a reasonable DAP that generically competes with others in the same price sector, just to get a piece of their action (and a piece of the action iRiver has traditionally occupied, prior to the A&K marketing bandwagon launching prices into the stratosphere). God forbid they produce anything that threatens...
  Well, I like Alison Krauss singing Heart. Does that count?   (apologies for the screener version - there used to be an excellent quality rip of this performance posted on Youtube, but it seems it has now either been removed or deliberately damaged, presumably by copyright minions...)   And yes, I like Bonnie Raitt, too  
  LOL - errr.... yeah...   I guess you could call it a 'standard', but not in a good way.
  That's very bad news, if the user-experiences of the hyper-over-priced AK240SS are anything to go by   I am well aware that a 2.5mm TRRS prevents accidental insertion of 3.5mm TRS plugs, but 2.5mm TRRS sockets are absurdly fragile and unreliable.    On the plus side, it's interesting that they have implemented an adjustable output impedance. It remains to be seen if the implementation of this feature is successful, but at least it shows that Lotoo are making an effort to...
It's not me reviewing the AR-M2, by the way, but I'm interested in others' impressions/reviews of it, even though I am more of a balanced armature fan.
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