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 A 512gb SD card will currently cost more than the echobox DAP, though!                                                     
  You might have some fun with this: (I'm not pro or anti - I'm just saying it might suit your purposes - make of it what you will)
  What a load of hot air...
  Please, no swearing on the forum!
 LOL!  Well....yes... as long as you don't mind being help-up at virtual gunpoint, by Sandisk, for an absurd $599 (Jan 2015)
Poor soundtube connection to the BA nozzle?
and thus, the 128kbps mp3 was born...
"Ladies & Gentlemen, there will now be a short interlude"     (just for everyone to calm down)   ..sorry youtube isn't lossless (but at least it isn't .mp3 )
Actually, I think it's rather shoddy that Sony are gold-plating the chassis, but not gold-plating the solder joints.   I think that's a deal-breaker
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