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 Well, I'm good with manual skills of home manufacture of wood, plastic, metal objects, etc. but I lack electronics expertise, so, as observed by Peter, a few posts ago, the trickiest part for many of us, not least me, is the electrical configuration of the components in order to attain appropriate sound quality.
Either way, I hope you find a successful solution.   I really admire all of you taking the DIY route to CIEM nirvana.  I like the idea of trying it myself, and maybe one day I will, but it's a big undertaking...   Then again, so are fullsize DIY loudspeakers, and I thoroughly enjoyed the many pairs I made, of various types, some years ago.
I'd love to see how silicone CIEMs are made, but all the silicone CIEM vendors (including Peter! ) are keeping very schtum about the method! lol
  Perhaps it's a combination of both, but you have more experience than me, with acrylic, so I bow to your greater experience. However, I do know that conventional drillbits have a tendency to shatter brittle materials much more easily than tungsten carbide burrs, as their aggressive and deep spiral tries to draw the bit into the material too quickly, leading to it trying to cut too aggressively.
     (As posted ):    Go to time point 4:15  (direct link: )  And here:  Go to time point 1:42  (direct link: )  And here:  Go to time point 2:16  (direct link: )   .
Incidentally, for anyone whose computer struggles to cope with the high number of embedded videos in this thread, there are some great add-ons for browsers like Chrome and Firefox, such as Flashblock, which block flash (inc. embedded youtube) videos by default, with click-to-enable-playback for videos on an individual per-video basis. It really streamlines the loading and reading of this thread.
Shelby Lynne has been mentioned a couple of times, in this thread, but I just noticed Analogue Productions have released an audiophile recording of her, which may be well worth checking out:
  Laminate (Formica) sands very well - the only problem is that it wears out the grit very quickly.
GreatDane mentioned Tierney Sutton a few yrs ago, but no vids. I've just been listening to this, and it's very laidback:             (Reminds me rather a lot of Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny's instrumental album 'Beyond the Missouri Sky')
 Yeah, I guess that's the price of 'lowering the tone' of the conversation.
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