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  I don't wish to overstep the mark, here, but... wow. Different DAC chip (Cirrus vs TI) but so similar to the X5 in many ways.  Nice that they're using dual crystal oscillators, to handle different sample-rate multiples accurately, which they are claiming is unique to their DAP, but I had presumed that other hi-res DAP makers were doing the same thing on their DAPs, too.   .
 Your monkey-wrench fails because I never said "baahhhhhhhhh" !
  Cool. So you're gonna mod your K10 cable like Sorensiim did?
  I have a suspicion that M might be in the middle ground. I hope so, and I also hope the same for the DX90
Anyone here, other than Sorensiim, thinking of running a DX90 in balanced mod(e), to their K10s? I suspect it may be a match made in heaven!  
Does it sound 'hi-fi' or natural?  (I know that sounds weird, but I hope you know what I mean)   I love the space and air of the DX100s presentation, but it can sometimes sound a bit more hi-fi than truly natural. Like it's etching lots of detail in uber-high relief, rather than just playing the recording in its most natural state.   Of course, the HM-801 might go a little too far the other way  
    ...and equilibrium is restored to the universe...    Serves me right for getting on my high horse                                                           
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