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  Can you spare a minute to educate me, please? What is an RLC snubber (in the context of the CIEM world)? Thanks
  Out of diplomacy, I've edited my response to your question, but I feel it is putting the cart before the horse. Decide the fundamental spec of the DAP, and what level of performance you are aiming to compete with, first, and then the issue of price will make more sense. .
   Hopefully not much. I suspect the underlying agenda may be primarily about extracting royalties from competitors (not just 1964). We'll see, but I hope everyone involved realises that a constructive approach is better for all parties than a destructive one. I hope it's all resolved quickly so everyone can move forwards. Although I'm too skint, right now, I'm really keen to order an A12 as soon as I can afford one. I'm not new to CIEMs, and I've seen all the 'latest and...
   I think I know what this may really be about.      Royalties.      Whatever, I just hope this is over and done with sooner rather than later, and with a minimum of carnage.  .
Not to put too fine a point on it, it seems to me that, even in the total absence of competitors, by far the most damaging potential influence upon JHA sales has been much, much, much closer to home, and a patent wouldn't have made any difference to what I'm referring to.
  Ahh, interesting. My biggest criticism of the Miracle (although I like this CIEM) has always been that the treble lacks refinement. I'm not sure it needs more bass, unless you like a mid-bass hump to make it feel like there is more bass, more of the time. Still, I bet it sounds great
 Yes, very probably. Joker did note that sealing the ADEL vent increases the bass but makes it a bit boomy. Of course, the Roxanne is a 12-driver design, using 3800 drivers, too, and user-adjustable bass level.
 Joker described his initial thoughts as:    BTW, I have no particular allegiance to 1964 - it's only that I find the A12 an interesting design, in various ways.  .
  If you experienced severe pain, then it is not impossible that some silicone might have squeezed past the sponge dam and contacted the even deeper part of the ear (maybe even as far as the ear drum). This can cause some injury, and is why I always encourage people to avoid the temptation of trying to do DIY ear impressions.However, it is relatively rare for much silicone to pass the sponge ear dam if an experienced audiologist has used an otoscope to check successful...
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