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  Mmmmm... maybe; maybe not... Some storage mediums (or their buses) may be electrically noisier in operation than others, or require more mediation by the CPU (which can sometimes also increase circuit noise). I mentioned some aspects of this, in a post a few weeks back: http://www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread-please-read-the-3rd-post/16500#post_12525696  If only life was simple!
  Aye, it's always a risk - I find the same thing with many artists - I will hear a song or two that I really like, and then I buy their album(s) and find they differ quite substantially from what I thought I was getting. Alison Krauss is a good example - I like her melodic stuff, with restrained instrumentation and smooth vocal delivery, but her albums are invariably 40% full-on raucous, frenetic, instrument-heavy, bluegrass. So every time I buy an album of hers, I find I...
  Thanks for the info. Please let me know (you or anyone) if you see he gets back up&running  
  AFAIK, the state of play with that is that it's a case of no-harm-to-use, and may have a mild positive effect, but no major gains anticipated or reported.
Well, if he is being inaccurate to get public exposure on youtube, let's not give him public exposure for the very same thing, here in the Mojo thread, on Head-fi, eh?  
  OK, cheers for that - seems like it really is time for me to pull that down from post #3, then...
  Congratulations, I hope you enjoy it. Regarding iPhone connection options, please see the relevant section, on connecting iDevices, in post #3  
 LOL - I'm going to bite my tongue
  I would respectfully guide people away from buying Mojos secondhand. With any portable DAC, there is the potential for dropping having occurred, or excessive leverage having been (accidentally) applied to connection sockets, etc. Just my personal opinion; not trying to rain on anyone's parade
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