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  Thanks for the guarantee, but I hope you'll forgive my finding it very hard to believe that's things are that simple in reality.
Touch crowd, huh? 
 Add a 'super capacitor', some copper and gold-plating, and a bigger battery, and several hundred dollars to the pricetag, but leave the underlying silicon hardware pretty-much the same as in the ZX1, and what do you get?  I can't help feeling Sony are just 'smearing lipstick on a pig', as the expression goes.   I'm not impressed at Sony charging $1200 for 15mw pc, and potentially-artificial sound from their proprietary DAC-Amp implementation. I guess we'll find out soon...
 Sadly, I doubt it. I've seen AR-M2 battery life mentioned as 8hrs, which, let's face it, is... average, much like Cowon's Plenue P1   I appreciate Sony making a proper effort with battery life on the ZX2. I really do. It's just that I think they've gone too far, by crippling the power output to an absurdly-low 15mw pc and by making the ZX2 unnecessarily bulky, by comparison with the ZX1. IMO, a lithium cell in between the size of that in the ZX1 and that in the ZX2 would...
Things continue to get more interesting in the DAP market, what with the ZX2, X7, Calyx-M, Plenue P1, and now:   AR's first DAP effort was a bit strange, but this one looks more interesting.
  LOL! The guy won't shut-up and let her listen!   Did he even pause to take a breath?
I'm surpised how low you've scored the (now discontinued) DX100
  LOL - there's the skinniest chance in hell of a ZX2 making it through UK customs at £728 all-in. I mean, good luck to anyone trying it, but the UK is a rip-off. USD- $1094 is more likely to end up as £900-£950 GBP when all is said and done.
FWIW, although I've been critical in places, and feel certain aspects of this product announcement thread could have been handled better, I don't believe there has been any intentional misleading.
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