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  OOhh!! Touché, my friend; touché! LOL
On the plus-side, I'd happily take chopper-building lessons from someone in Orange County
 Hardly a rant (apologies if it seemed that way). It was merely a terse response. I just think it's a bit rich for an American to lecture an Englishman on how to spell English correctly  And FTR, I have several American friends who(m) I visit periodically   
Tuesday, April the 8th will be fine  
   Really? All this time, I was under the impression that the language I've grown up speaking is English. Not French. Not German. Not Swahili. Not 'American'  Since you asked; I learned to speak English in England. Where did you learn to teach English?   Back to CIEMs, I'm waiting for the day when JM makes a pair of CIEMs carved out of a solid block of wood (note to JM: solid Amboyna will do nicely )
  Depends who you talk to!
  That's funny-looking carbon-fibre, John!
  Stop ducking the question  Nothing in this world stands on it's own - everything is relative! So I still wanna know how the DX90 sounds relative to how the DX100 sounds!
 Oh, believe me, I understand that frustration  As for the Panasonic FZ-M1, well, for me, it is much too expensive for what it does, so that would not be an option I'd be willing to consider. Good luck on your search and when you finally finish the search, let me know (not here, but via PM) what you end up buying!    Back to the Calyx-M, I'm wondering how much the pricing is going to alter, when a US distributor is announced.
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