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I'm glad you like the sound of Mojo.     I must say, I am surprised that the installer for UAPP does not include a routine for checking and enabling (if necessary)  USB Host functionality in Android ROMs, especially since (iirc) UAPP installs its own USB driver.
Fair enough.   I admit, I didn't know iBasso stopped producing pure amplifiers.   I would have also suggested Portaphile, but they are a bit more expensive.
  So it was ROM-related! Thanks for confirming a solution - I'll add this to post #3
Vorzüge and iBasso are 2 other portable amplifier manufacturers you can consider.
I think you are wise to go with an amp for the ZX2, and not a DAC-Amp, because the Sony ZX DAPs have very poor battery life when used with DACs / DAC-Amps.
  I wonder if there might be something unusual going on with your Android ROM, but it's outside my personal experience, so I hope someone else may chime-in with some suggestions
  Something to consider:  
Do you have any other, similar, USB audio apps installed?
Have you rebooted your phone since you installed UAPP?
You could also try disconnecting Mojo, then opening UAPP, and then reconnecting Mojo, whilst UAPP is running.
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