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  This is headed in the direction of moderator intervention, if it continues, so I respectfully suggest letting the joke drop, now, even though I am not personally offended by it in any way
 Are you on the development team? I would not assume USB-DAC functionality is necessarily possible with a firmware update. It might be, but I wouldn't assume it. Perhaps there may be additional circuitry requirements within the DAP. But if you are on the development team, then I bow to your greater knowledge on the matter.
 Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience... Did you read the head-fi thread dedicated to ear-impressions?
  Thanks for the heads-up on that.   
  Increasing horsepower
  And yet... something made you go ahead and post anyway... So, who do you have to blame?  
Fair enough; we're all entitled to our opinions. No offence taken. I'm not keen on DAPs becoming more expensive, either, but, at the same time, I do also see that the DAP marketplace, 2-3 years ago was relatively barren for serious audiophiles. As I told you, I am not wealthy. I cannot currently afford to buy a new DAP, and, since I sold my DX100, I have been using my old Cowon J3. So, truly, it is not in my best interests to see DAPs getting more and more expensive. But,...
  Different companies have different pricing strategies. A&K seem to treat their customers as cash-cows. The Sony NW-ZX2 is evidently a 2nd attempt to take their product line in a similar direction to A&K (i.e. it's overpriced, IMO).  But in answer to your question, there are many DAPs listed at above $500: Calyx-MLotoo PAW GoldFiio X7Questyle QP1/QP1RHM-801HM-802HM-901HM-901SDX100 (recently discontinued) plenty of others...  One needs to bear in mind that some of these...
LOL - this thread has been silent for ages!   Don't hold your breath waiting, or you may suffocate
 Good question. I'm wondering if the sound difference between the different models is achieved via different component choices in the amplification stage, or via different implementation in software domain of the FPGA.
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