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  See the section 'Informative posts by Rob Watts', in post #3
  Nice, but that will require a 2nd cable (the one included in Mojos box). I think sabloke is probably seeking a single-cable solution
 Sorry,  I meant on the S7 edge, as per  iKE1985's remark, to which I was responding   Cheers, anyway
  Do you mean Samsung are preventing people from installing UAPP etc. to circumvent Androids native upsampling?
 Hey, speak for yourself! I'm no expert!  (well, not at audiophile stuff )
@ amigomatt, you can find a lot more information about Mojos output if you look at the section 'Regarding Mojos Output Stage' in post #3
 Not personally, but you can find a few posts, here
I only noticed this mentioned next to his avatar, but, curiously, it doesn't seem to have been posted in our thread, here, so I'll take a chance on adding it: 
  I apologise that I don't know enough about this, but I wonder if some method of 'virtualisation' might solve the issue. However, owing to my lack of expertise, I don't know if virtualising Ableton might cause problems for latency and driver access, etc., etc. I'm just mentioning it as a possible avenue to explore, but with the caveat that it might be a rabbit-hole.
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