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   Sorry - I answered your question, and then my remark about upsampling was aimed at Sound Eq's question - I should have formatted my reply to make it more apparent that I was speaking to each of you, in turn.  But since you asked, when I said 'upsample', I meant, as an example, buying a 16 bit 44.1khz (44,100 samples per second) file and allowing it to be upsampled to, something like 24 bit 192khz, on-the-fly, before it is sent across the digital output of your transport...
 One possibility is that you may have an optical cable with relatively poor transmission efficiency, and thus unable to attain 24/192 transmission. Another possibility is that you may not have full pushed-in the connectors at each end of the cable. They should make a 'click' noise.   Incidentally, Rob Watts does not recommend using upsampling before feeding the signal to Mojo. Post #3 explains why this is, in the section with Rob's interesting posts (near the top of post #3)
Aye, you can't fault their creativity in devising those solutions. I have been quietly admiring both those designs, in the Mojo thread.   What it is they say necessity is the mother of?
 Have you checked that Android is not upsampling? Are you using UAPP on Android?
Karma sees all, and cannot be escaped, investigation or no investigation
 It depends on the ambient temperature in your room, but generally, no, and Mojo has very good thermal protection, just to be sure. Also, a quick tip for you:  when you are using it at home, and you don't need it in the case, you can turn Mojo onto its edge, and it will dissipate heat much more efficiently.
  Oh, I've no desire to see any public arguing. JF has made his official standpoint clear on both occasions Massdrop have listed Mojo.  The only thing of any casual curiosity to me is why Massdrop seem to be so staggeringly unprofessional as to twice list a product without the common personal or professional courtesy of first liasing with the manufacturer of the product, before doing so. It beggars belief. 
and Todd the Vinyl Junkie   - www.ttvjaudio.com/Chord_Mojo_Portable_Headphone_Amp_and_DAC_p/cho0000098.htm
Personally, I doubt any British or USA-based supplier would be so foolish as to put their supply at risk - Mojo is too easy to sell in good numbers for them to risk losing that line of business.   My guess is the Mojo Massdrop may end up folding, but only time will tell.     In the meantime, those of us who own legitimate Mojos have the initial Chord module just around the corner, to look forward to  
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