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iBasso claim there is not enough room for 2x SD slots. 4x microSD slots would take even more room than 2x SD slots.   Something else to bear in mind is that the firmware would be more difficult to code, to reliably index, keep track of, and seamlessly navigate 4 seperate cards.  It's not just a case of soldering-on 2 extra slots!    The SoC would also need to have sufficient available channels to address 4 slots, and although the DX200 will apparently be using a newer SoC,...
Rob has certainly mentioned that some cheap USB cables have a resistance that can be too high to function well, for charging purposes.
I didn't realise there were USB chargers exceeding the 5V standard - in that instance, I suppose the charger could (depending on how well Mojos charging circuit is protected) potentially 'force' charging at an undesired rate.   However, knowing how fastidious Rob, John and Matt are in their circuit designs, I suspect they would take the precaution of including over-voltage protection on Mojos charging input.
  No, I wasn't referring to a charger 'forcing' current (Mojo will only draw as much current from a charger as it wants to draw) but perhaps the charger restricting the amount of current it is willing to supply, to a level lower than what Mojo wants/needs.  Again; I am not stating this to be a definite fact. It is a hypothesis previously suggested by someone else (who was also careful to point-out that they were not claiming it to be a definite fact), but the suggestion...
  Wasn't trying to make you look bad - just need to be careful when guiding people's purchase decisions with outright statements. personal opinions acknowledged, I'm still curious: why do you specifically feel that Hugo is better than Mojo for driving cans?  (aside from the obvious 1/8" vs 1/4" jacks)
   Hmmm... you appear to be stating that as an outright fact On what basis do you draw that conclusion?  Hugo and Mojo both have the same power output, both have the same fundamental DAC code, except for the WTA section, and both are used, by various users, for IEMs/CIEMs/Cans  Clearly, Audeze haven't drawn the same conclusion as you, and whilst I respect your personal opinion, I'm inclined to think they do not agree with an outright statement that Mojo is better for IEMs...
     It's difficult to know what will actually come to pass, in the final design...   but I hope James manages to keep this claim accurate.  .
  Not intending to be awkward to Fiio, but I have to agree - considering that the T3 will not include a discreet amp stage, and considering that the T3 is explicitly for the purposes of stacking with a seperate DAC-Amp, it really must not be any bigger than an X3ii, and really should be a bit smaller. Sure, the extra card slot takes a bit of space, but then the lack of a discreet amp stage means that space is saved, and the battery shouldn't need to provide as much power,...
 Not 100% confirmed, but some chargers apparently may be lowering their output, when they think they sense that the battery is approaching full-charge, so please try a charger that definitely maintains a constant current output.  
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