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  An easy way to find a post with a picture is to click on any picture in this thread (but must be a picture that is not part of a quote), and then, when it has enlarged, click on the 'Gallery View' icon which will be visible above the enlarged picture. You can then browse all the pictures that have ever been posted in the thread, and when you click on one, to enlarge it, you will see, above the enlarged image, not just the 'Gallery View' icon, but also some text with a...
  Thanks for allowing us to benefit from your hard-won experience, Mim. I'm sorry to hear your warranty was voided, but there are always plenty more fish in the sea 
 "Who ate all the pies?"  
 Thankyou. 1) Multiple playlists, or just one? 2) Can playlists be created on the DAP, or must they be created using a computer (e.g. .m3u), and then transferred to the DAP? 3) Is the number of tracks per playlist limited or infinite?  (within reason, of course)
I can't believe you missed this one:  
I suspect we may, potentially, witness a test-case with ramifications for the wider CIEM industry, with 1964 perhaps being merely a preliminary target.   Imagine if someone (I'm not saying who) can succeed in exacting a royalty from multiple competitors, ad-infinitum. That'd be Christmas 365 days per year for the recipient, and, perhaps, a thorn in the side of competitors and CIEM customers the world over.
 I think you're getting mixed-up with something else, Jude   
  Are you mostly referring to the heavily-chamfered plastic rear panel?
   I still can't take NT6 or NT6 Pro reviews seriously. I mean absolutely no disrespect to any owners/reviewers. All I mean is that, AFAIK, Hidition have produced at least 2 different tunings of the NT6 (and the same thing with the NT6 Pro), so the goalposts keep moving. I don't see why Hidition can't at least differentiate the different tunings - even if it's only a, b, c, or Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, etc.  .
OK, I think we'd better get back on-topic...     I know this sounds crazy, but has anyone tried prototyping CIEMs from DAS Pronto modelling clay?   I don't know how much it shrinks, during curing, though.
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