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Eva Carlson:         Also see:   Concha Buika Celia Cruz Mariza Ana Moura Cristina Branco Irene Grandi Roberta Gambarini Malia  
Carol Welsman:     Carol's material seems to vary quite a bit, encompassing jazz, 'adult contemporary', musicals, etc., so one needs to dig around to find what one likes.     Also see:   Steph Johnson Anita Baker Agnieszka Iwanska Malia Dianne Reeves Diana Krall Chante Moore Randy Crawford Clair Teal Eliane Elias Laura Fygi Carmen Cuesta  
  Hmmm....           I appreciate your continuing to engage with this thread, Joe. Your hands-on familiarity with such a vast array of CIEMs is a very valuable asset to the head-fi community    .
  Yeah, probably more 'versions' than anyone 'officially' realises...
Juliet Turner:       Also see:   Lucy Kitt  
Well, I'm glad the past 2 pages have managed to 'successfully' clarify precisely what 'Organic' and 'Analytical' mean, in the world of CIEMs         There's no way newcomers can possibly get confused, now...                 I don't know that I'd call the SE-5 organic, personally - to me, it's defining characteristic was sounding frustratingly dark.     .
Kate Walsh:       Also see:   Cara Dillon Rachel Sermanni Aoife O'Donovan Billie Tweddle Shawn Colvin Sinead Lohan Judie Collins Grace Griffith Ruth Moody Noa (Achinoam Nini)  
Alice Francis:         Also see:   Cissie Redgwick Kathrin de Boer     Shingai Shoniwa (of 'The Noisettes') is different, stylistically, but might appeal.  
I think one of us (perhaps even me) posted this a year or 2 ago, but it's not in the thread search, so, just to be sure, here's Grace Banks:  
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