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Sony have just announced a new flagship DAP, based on another S-Master chip. Some people (I am one of them) find the S-Master approach sounds absurdly artificial - absolutely 'in-yer-face' obviously artificial, yet they still think they have done as much as it takes, in order to justify charging almost a thousand bucks for the first iteration (a re-hashed smartphone, in considerable degree), then over a thousand bucks for the second effort, and now... over three thousand...
 A 2A charger will be perfectly fine. Mojo will only draw as much current as it requires Please read the section on 'Battery & Charging', in post #3
  On Facebook, Hidizs claim AP60 offers same functionality as M1, but that answer didn't explicitly say "yes, it has USB-out". My money would still be on M1, even if it costs 20 bucks more
  Seems like it will be no problem for stacking with a DAC-amp, then, which is good news  (please make sure the wheel does not rub against a DAC-amp).
Scrollwheel notwithstanding, I actually prefer the styling of the Shanling rather than the Hidizs
  As I've mentioned previously in this thread, James Taylor has always had high recording standards - even some of his early recordings are remarkably well-recorded:  Something in the Way She Moves (1968) Carolina in My Mind (1968) Fire and Rain (1970) (nice percussion) Only a Dream in Rio (1985)  and his later album, Hourglass is nicely recorded (in 16/48): Gaia (1997) (nice bass percussion, late in the song)  Also see: Livingston Taylor - Isn't She Lovely J.D. Souther -...
   Yes, I'm sure this will be popular as a convenient little DAP, but I agree that the scrollwheel is a concern, for the hundreds (maybe thousands) of potential customers who specifically desire a small DAP to stack with Mojo. That one aspect of the design may lose Shanling many sales. It depends on how the scrollwheel works - does it need to be pressed to 'select' a menu or choose a track, after it has been scrolled? If the scrollwheel does need to be pressed in order to...
(emphasis added by me)   I'm guessing you already read the above quote, and the rest of it that I haven't included. In point 2, Rob refers to re-clocking of USB data, but reading the above portion, in its own right, does (to my eyes) indicate that co-ax or optical are also re-clocked. Interested to hear Rob clarify this, though.
I hope this sounds decent, but I must say I find it depressing that so many in the industry seem to consider a products high price-tag to be a positive 'feature'
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