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 Perhaps your charger is changing its behaviour slightly, as the battery approaches full charge?
 I think you underestimate how well Hugo has sold, to those who grasp it's performance (although, of course, it doesn't appeal to everyone). Mojo is very nearly Hugo in a smaller box.
I can understand the surprise & dismay at Poly being stickered at more than Mojo, but, at the same time, I can't help noting that the irony of people slamming Chord for Poly costing more than Mojo is that Chord could have charged $1200 or more, for Mojo (remember, its performance is very close to Hugo 1).   Had they decided to charge customers that much (and we all know that some competitors, if they owned Mojo, would've charged that much or even substantially more),...
 I just noticed it on the head-fi frontpage. Nothing more, nothing less.
 No, but I know someone who has.
1900 pages...
 No, Hugo 2 will be more capable than Mojo. Of that, you may be quite certain.
 Oi, get to the back of the queue!
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