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Anyone else find it probably more than 'just a coincidence' that A&K have released a stainless steel version of the AK240, very soon after the announcement of the HM-901s?
  Oh, I think we all know that is a skewed interpretation of why people have criticised the various component changes. It's not so much that the changes are not worth doing (they are worth doing) It's that the changes are not worth charging another $450 to customers who should rightly have received TOTL performance in the $750 ZX1. That's something quite different from what you're implying above
  Can you post a link, please? AFAIK, genuine 256gb microSD cards do not yet exist on the open market. I'd be very happy to be proven wrong about this, as I'd like one myself!
  Not yet.
 You do realise that's a Tuesday, don'tcha? My guess is May 4th, 09:01am (GMT+08:00) 
 Not everyone needs a basic pair of earphones included, so it's bad for the environment to produce thousands of pairs of cheap earphones that only a small percentage of people will actually use (especially for a high-end product aimed at serious audiophiles) Same reason why there's no need for them to include a USB charger ( ) Not everyone needs a digital output cable, either, so...
Be patient - give it another 7-14 days, and this thread will be flooded with first-impressions, after new owners have reached the obligatory 100hr burn-in, and then had time to sit down and spend some hours listening.       Then you just need to wait another 4-6months until FOTMF has died down and you can start taking the user-feedback seriously
  I still remember Sony's horrible 'MagicGate' Memory Sticks. They were quite disgusting in their disregard for the consumer and lost Sony a lot of respect from Walkman fans. At least they've finally bowed to public pressure, to incorporate a generic memory expansion slot on the ZX2, so there is at least some progress, even if few people will be willing to spend $200 for a fancy Sony 64gb microSD card when a standard high quality 64gb microSD card can currently be had for...
  I only had one on loan for just over a week. I didn't actually measure the battery duration, when connected to the Hugo, but I don't recall it being very long - maybe 5 - 6 hours. Someone who owns one would be able to give you a more accurate estimate. I went up to 24/192 without any issues, on the ZX1, but was mostly playing Redbook (which the Hugo sounds incredible with). But yeah, 24-192 the ZX1 sends just fine, through the WMPort, so the ZX2 should at least match...
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