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  She's from London, as am I, and it doesn't excuse the way she phrases her vocals, trust me! LOL
I 'like' Adelle, up to a point.   I think she has talent, but I dislike her contrived vocal style where she continually strangulates words so they sound nothing like the word(s) should actually sound.   I feel exactly the same way about Amy Winehouse;   talented, but willfully-murdered the phonetics of words, in the pursuit of 'vocal style'.   Such a waste, in both cases (and I'm an Engishman, by the way, so it's not a matter of cultural differences, given that both...
  Doesn't bother me in the slightest - I still hope the X7 will use mSATA. It will take 2-4 years for M.2 to be widely adopted by the industry, and production to ramp-up, anyway.
 LOL - no, I didn't mean it like that. I just meant we're all crazy. Not just about things, but crazy, period!
We're all crazy. No exceptions.         
  Somewhere you'd struggle to hear!
  Judging by the prices they charge their customers, I have a theory, that they may always have this symbol in the middle of their conference room whiteboard:   So, after staring at that symbol every day of their working lives, the 2 lines in that symbol may have become burned onto their retinas. Hence a brainstorming session for a new AK100 model number could quite easily have ended up as AK100 II
  Am I the only one who thinks it's pure 'genius' [/end sarcasm] to produce AK100 mk2, and then call a completely different newer DAP AK100 II  ?
  Yep, and I can take a joke - I was simply responding by making my position clear   
  That was both below the belt and inaccurate. I'm open to any DAP maker that treats their customers with respect and produces effective products. Unfortunately, these are rather thin on the ground, at present, but Fiio and iBasso are trying harder than most.
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