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  Have you looked in the section entitled 'Bands / Cases / Stacking methods, etc.', in post #3?
Just to briefly follow-up on my original post, it so-happened that a couple of weeks after I posted, the tech-geeks behind the Huddler platform apparently updated the real-time parsing engine, so that it now parses lengthy submissions about 10x faster than it did when I posted.   It can still be a bit sluggish to edit very large posts, but it's manageable and submissions are parsed within no more than 5 seconds or so (in my case, I'm regularly updating post #3 in the...
    One and a half million views in 8 months - congratulations, Rob, John, Matt, and the team at The Pumphouse, this has to be one of the fastest-growing threads in Head-fi history!
 Also see: http://www.head-fi.org/t/522812/the-best-female-vocals-your-favorite-female-singers/2955#post_12044507
I'm glad you like the sound of Mojo.     I must say, I am surprised that the installer for UAPP does not include a routine for checking and enabling (if necessary)  USB Host functionality in Android ROMs, especially since (iirc) UAPP installs its own USB driver.
Fair enough.   I admit, I didn't know iBasso stopped producing pure amplifiers.   I would have also suggested Portaphile, but they are a bit more expensive.
  So it was ROM-related! Thanks for confirming a solution - I'll add this to post #3
Vorzüge and iBasso are 2 other portable amplifier manufacturers you can consider.
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