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I mean this as an amiable, but nonetheless serious, question:     Those wishing for an SD reader for Mojo that omits wireless - how would you propose to navigate the files on the microSD card?   A few buttons isn't going to be sufficient to navigate a few hundred or few thousand files, without a screen (please don't point to the old Shuffle or the Tera player - I don't take them seriously, in this day & age, from a file navigation standpoint)
PS: I'd like to say I'm miffed @ canali, for trying to tarnish my reputation by implying I'm a Tidal MQA lover.   That's defamation of character, dammit!
Thanks for the props, but we're all human, and I'm every bit as fallible as the next person - I get miffed at some companies, myself, too. I'm no angel.   The question is - do we learn to try to flow a little, around the things we don't prefer, or do we stubbornly choose to fight with most of them?   I'm still not there, yet, but I keep trying           As far as Poly goes, it really won't be for everyone - we all know that. However, I think there are going to...
Hands up who reckons at least 50% of Blu sales, during the first 3 months, will be from rival DAC companies desperate to know what difference the M scaler makes to the performance of their own DACs, and to the performance of DAVE vs their own DACs?
  Not everybody wants a screwdriver, just because you want a screwdriver. Swiss army knives have been a global success for about a century, and still going strong.  Moral of the story? Just because a product doesn't suit you, personally, doesn't necessarily mean it's illegitimate or doesn't suit other people. It's nothing personal - it's just the way of the world, and it needn't be traumatic if one is pragmatic. If it doesn't suit you, then just walk to the next block,...
 LOL - erm... that's not quite accurate: Chord Electronics - ☆ Poly ☆ (add-on microSD and advanced wireless module for Mojo)
   Interesting. You are now the 2nd person to find that that (seemingly-generic) cable doesn't work. I say 'seemingly-generic', because both the 'HiFi Spot' and 'XY' offerings look absolutely identical, as far as I can tell.  I have just made a note of this in post #3, and sincere apologies to anyone, including yourself, who may have bought this cable after reading about it in post #3 - it has...
 Hmmm... OK. well can you try a different USB supply? Either a different computer or an actual charger? I'm thinking that the USB port may not be regulating itself very well, as the charging cycle nears completion.    
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