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Isn't it amazing, in 2016, with global internet commerce, that a supposedly high-tech company, with customers around the world, doesn't make the effort to respect their non-US customers, whenever there is a competition?   I'm grateful to at least be aware that Logitech/UE views me as a second-class citizen - it will help me to choose between UE and their competitors, when buying CIEMs, in the future
 Here are two reasons why (and there are more reasons, too): iPod nano does not allow memory expansion - the T3 is for audiophiles with massive music file libraries iPod nano does not offer 3 different types of digital-out to supply a signal to any type of DAC / DAC-Amp
MSB certainly seem to know how to charge more than their competitors.   But are their products really better than their competitors?
First of all, what charger are you using to charge Mojo?   An Anker?
This was my understanding, too:     As long as it wasn't obtained from Tidal, yes. UAPP will play any non-streamed standard, vanilla, music files
I posted this in Peter's 'Mojos Greatest Hits' thread, a few days ago - the strings are recorded with nice dynamic range: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK-M_EmbaAA  (obviously, youtube compression restricts the SQ, but it's still nice)
Paul reads this thread - he and the engineering team will draw their own conclusions.
Fun, fun, fun... 
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