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 I, too, held this opinion, until recently, but I'm now more confident about the 3rd-party cables (Chord still doesn't proactively encourage them, though, as you rightly point out). Broadly-speaking, there seem to be lots of people using them successfully. If the 3rd-party cables were using an MFI emulation chip, then it'd probably be easier for Apple to scupper them, but, since they are (AFAIK) using genuine Apple MFI chips, culled from genuine Apple CCKs, they're...
 Yes it can be done. HM-901, and iBasso already did it with the now-discontinued DX100  There are also some lesser-known Chinese DAPs with decent power output
  If you look in post #3, you'll find some cables which are made by removing the MFI chip from a genuine Apple CCK, and then resoldering the MFI chip into a bespoke cable which has a Lightning connector on one end, and a MicroUSB connector on the other - this means you can avoid using the Apple CCK, so you can get away with using only 1 neat cable, rather than the CCK and a microUSB cable.
  Correct. www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread-please-read-the-3rd-post/13575#post_12428765
  OK, so the next obvious step for you to (cheaply) try, is 1 or 2 ferrite RF-chokes on your USB OTG cable. See if you can tell any difference!    Also, I don't know how experienced you are, so forgive me for mentioning it, but do please be sure you're not accidentally upsampling the data signal on the phone, before it gets sent to Mojo.
LOL - I don't claim to grasp all the technicalities, but it seems, to my limited understanding, that the original ADC isn't accurate, anyway, so unless one improves both the recording/mastering ADC and the playback DAC, even an 'infinite'-tap or 'infinite'-interpolation DAC will only address half of the problem of reconstructing an analogue waveform, from a digital recording, in a truly accurate manner.   Am I missing something?   Incidentally, this is veering into...
  Let's hope they actually update the silicon, this time, instead of smearing lipstick on an old product, as they did with the ZX1, to make the ZX2.  I hope you enjoy your new CIEMs, when they are completed - please let us know how they sound, when you receive them
 Are you sure? LOL
  You may need to experiment a little, but please read the related posts about 'Setting-up Foobar', in post #3 for some pointers That section isn't as detailed as I'd like, but I'm not a Foobar expert, so I add bits to it, as and when I see anything useful cropping-up in this thread.
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