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   Hmmm... you appear to be stating that as an outright fact On what basis do you draw that conclusion?  Hugo and Mojo both have the same power output, both have the same fundamental DAC code, except for the WTA section, and both are used, by various users, for IEMs/CIEMs/Cans  Clearly, Audeze haven't drawn the same conclusion as you, and whilst I respect your personal opinion, I'm inclined to think they do not agree with an outright statement that Mojo is better for IEMs...
     It's difficult to know what will actually come to pass, in the final design...   but I hope James manages to keep this claim accurate.  .
  Not intending to be awkward to Fiio, but I have to agree - considering that the T3 will not include a discreet amp stage, and considering that the T3 is explicitly for the purposes of stacking with a seperate DAC-Amp, it really must not be any bigger than an X3ii, and really should be a bit smaller. Sure, the extra card slot takes a bit of space, but then the lack of a discreet amp stage means that space is saved, and the battery shouldn't need to provide as much power,...
 Not 100% confirmed, but some chargers apparently may be lowering their output, when they think they sense that the battery is approaching full-charge, so please try a charger that definitely maintains a constant current output.  
 Nah, it's cool -    but if you happen to find such a list, please let me know & I'll add a link
It still boggles my mind that such a high-quality piece of hardware as the Lotoo PAW Gold doesn't offer a digital-out     ...but that's the decision their design team made
Oh, I dunno - we all have 'brain-farts', from time-to-time, don't we?
 You are correct. The Plenue D does not have a digital-out.  (no optical, no co-axial, no USB-out)
BTW, before I go, I've been meaning to ask readers of this thread - are any of you using a Lotoo PAW 5000 with Mojo?   I don't see the PAW 5000 mentioned much, nor the Soundaware Esther.   From what I can gather, the Esther has some serious firmware quirks, but allegedly has a particularly well-implemened digital-output.   Interested to hear from any of you with any experience of either DAP, from a digital-output (i.e. used as a transport-only) standpoint.
 Sorry, I'm tired, not stroppy - if I seemed abrupt or defensive, I apologise. Was just trying to be descriptive about various facets of the conversation, and evidently failed!  It's almost 4 am, here, so I'm about to log-off and get some sleep! 
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