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  Yeah, but would the wearer of your pair be waaayyy prettier than Beyonce?  
Just as a DIY workaround, couldn't this be done with Letraset transfers, on the inside of the faceplate?   I know that's not perfect, but still... it could work...
@  jelt2359:   LOL! -   hey, sometimes, probability is actually influenced by how positively or negatively one views/interprets it, so why not choose to interpret it as positively and constructively as possible?      @ maguire:   Follow (and believe in) your dreams, buddy! You'll get there.
  No, no, no, my friend. You're looking at this entirely the wrong way: You don't have a 1 in a million chance. You have a 1 in 2 (or 50%) chance!               Either you will or you won't.   Those are excellent odds! 
  This isn't aimed only at EarWerkz, since quite a number of CIEM makers have a similar policy, but, personally, I consider it extremely disingenuous to standard customers to shove them back a space in the queue, in order to let someone else, with a fatter wallet, queue-jump. And I don't care who tries to counter-argue that 'no one gets pushed back in the queue because we just allocate more manpower/man-hours, paid for by the rush fee'. That might happen some of the time,...   Very few people bother with ear gel. Unless a person has unusually dry ear canals, or finds CIEM insertion painful,  they are (generally-speaking) unlikely to need gel.
We all know it's pretty-much a 'done deal', but, considering that this topic just won't drop, then maybe it really is worthy of James and his team seriously reconsidering the possibility of 2 x microSD card slots. I am acutely aware that it is now very late in the development cycle, but the situation is what it is...   Considering how many people feel so strongly about it, I wonder why James doesn't put it to a vote (not just here, but on Chinese forums, too), and see...
From 1964 Ears ADEL IEMs thread:   
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