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 I think that may have been mentioned by one or two people in this thread, some time ago, but I can't remember who...   Heck, it might even have spawned a thread of its own, but again, I can' recall who by and perhaps my memory may be wrong     I enjoyed listening to the Hugo at the Bristol UK show, earlier this year (with Noble K10s), and I'm really looking forward to hearing it again in the next few days. Lovely piece of kit. Just wish there was an integrated/single-box...
  Read the A&K threads. Plenty of customers thoroughly frustrated with the level of customer service.
   Good point, and I didn't know about the difference in current drain with the 1TB, so thanks for letting me know. But even so, it's only a matter of time before the 1TB capacity is made more efficient and cheaper, and, let's face it, 500gb is pretty sweet for the timebeing
Anyway, I hope the show is a successful outing for the Noble / Chord venture.   I'll buy a Hugo some day, but I want to wait until JM has started making a custom artwork chassis for it, instead of the standard silver  
   It would be interesting to know (purely for scientific purposes, you understand ) how much pulling-power a Chord Hugo combined with a Wizard-artworked K10 has, at this point in time. I mean, admittedly, it doesn't make one 'Be The Ultimate', like an A&K DAP allegedly does, but I know what I'd rather be seen with  
  2 x 256gb SD card gets you to 512gb (bit less in reality, but you know what I mean)   AFAIK, 1TB is the current mSATA limit. That's why mSATA could potentially be a game-changer (and, at any given capacity 500gb or less, mSATA would be a bit cheaper than 2 x SD cards of equivalent capacity, of course):  mSATA is a no-brainer at this point in time - personally, I suspect...
 Not surrounded by smokin' hot babes, then? Ahh well... better luck next time, Brannan!
  I'm not sure Brannan wants anyone showing him some love, in public, but I guess, if you're a smokin' hot babe, then no harm in tryin'
 Thanks     Thanks   I try, but dammit... they just keep askin' for more flak, even from their own customers     I agree, but let me be clear that I am not assuming - that's precisely why I asked a sincere question about whether or not it may, or may not, be the case, since we now have some Korean members kindly contributing to this discussion. Quote:         That's a fair point,...
Is it a cultural thing, in Korea, for companies and staff to be arrogant towards customers?   (I mean that as a genuine question, and I am not referring only to D&A/Calyx).
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