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  You're welcome. I can see you're a new member. Just to help you for the future, there is a thread-search function, here: 
This was discussed in the main Mojo thread:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread-please-read-the-3rd-post/22365#post_12846536
  Some DAPs to consider include: Fiio X3ii Shanling M1  www.head-fi.org/t/816385/shanling-m1-an-ipod-nano-competitor-dap-usb-dac-usb-transport-bluetooth-4-0-aptx-dsd Hidizs AP-60  www.facebook.com/hidizs
You don't get something for nothing.   If you carry a phone to make calls, then that's great, but if you want to strap a DAC to it, then some compromises may be necessary (although many people are fortunate to not experience RF issues).   One can't 100% circumvent the laws of physics, just for personal convenience, no matter who the manufacturer may be.     I don't personally have any angst about the issue, from either side of the debate, but I do wish some folks...
  1 inch is rather tiny - if you can get to 2 inches, or thereabouts, there are far more options.  Nevertheless, have you considered perhaps cannibalising a driver from something like the X-mini Max ii capsule speakers? I have 2 pairs, and although I am well aware of their shortcomings, I have to say, for their diminutive size, they're not bad little drivers. The cones are approximately 27mm, plus the rolled-rubber surround, which is about 4mm thick. The drivers are not...
 If only someone was willing to actually use airplane mode
It's not something relevant to me, personally, but I know some people also like Neutron.
Please tell me it doesn't tamper with the bitstream...               No EQ, spatialiser, DSP, upsampling, etc.
 Check out the microUSB connecting Mojo section, but also be sure to read Rob's detailed posts section, which includes some discussion about upsampling and why it is best to avoid it, with Mojo.
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