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Hannah Khemoh and Aleysha Lei, AKA 'HanLei':         Also see:   Marsha Ambrosius & Natalie Stewar (AKA 'Floetry') Joy Denalane Sasha Keable Philippa June Leela James Angie Stone Jill Scott Jazmine Sullivan  
Dayle Clarke:  
Melissa Davison:           Also see:   Billie Tweddle / Marten Emily and The Woods Rachel Sermanni Holly Kirby Leddra Chapman Quadron  
  No doubt freq-dependent impedance fluctuations may be contributing to this. I feel there is a tendency amongst some head-fiers (present company excepted) to presume that CIEMs are 'easy-to-drive' in comparison to fullsize headphones, but I know that I am not alone in experiencing that even CIEMs benefit from substantial current-delivery reserves (and of course, low-impedance HO, amongst other factors). Unfortunately, it makes choosing a DAP with respectable battery life...
Underneath the unnecessary make-up and false eyelashes, there's some potential in CeeJ:               Also see  Lucie Jones:           and:     Lucy Kilner Raphaella Emily & Danielle Atkinson - AKA 'Disctracted'  
  Chord's Hugo impressed me very much with it's dynamics, throughout the frequency spectrum. It's neutral, of course, but it can kick like a mule when appropriate. It really irks me that I can't afford one at the moment, actually. Please understand that I'm not mentioning the Hugo out of trying to be 'trendy' (those of you who know me know that I don't play the 'bandwagon / FOTM' game)- it left a genuine impression upon me - the dynamic range and impact really does need to...
Sarah Bettens:  
Carla Ulbrich seems like quite a character - many of her self-penned songs are more quirky than anything, but hey... variety in life is a good thing :         Also see:   Zooey Deschanel Nataly Dawn (Pomplamoose) Danielle Anderson ('Daniel ate the Sandwich') The Puppini Sisters  
Honor Finnegan:  
Jenny Lewis:    
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