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I've removed the dead eBay link, and placed 3 very clear warnings in post #3.   Because his homepage is still live, I'm trying to be fair to him, by not deleting the info altogether, until we know what the reason for his silence actually is.
Hmmm.... before deleting it, I just tried the homepage https://www.dysonaudio.com/ and it's still live...
  OK, thankyou - that does cast a different light on the situation. In that case, the product link is now null & void, so I will go ahead and remove the Dyson info from post #3  Zachik, I hope you still get your cable or your money back.  
I'm sorry to hear things aren't going smoothly with your Dyson cable transaction.   I have zero affiliation with the individual or the company, but I can honestly say you are the first person I have heard of, having any (potentially) negative experience with them.   I will place a temporary warning in post #3, but not actually remove it, at this stage, since there may be a legitimate reason for your situation.     All the best with your transaction, and please let...
 There is an important caveat with that - apparently, it is necessary to take Mojo on a rollercoaster, in order to meet new friends. www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread-please-read-the-3rd-post/21195#post_12786951
They only need to be there when Mojo's there.   You don't leave Mojo all alone on your office desk, when you go home, from work, do you?         In all seriousness, why can't you just put Mojo inside the box of a deck of cards (I would say a cigarette packet, but that might draw disapproving attention).
  Easy - just sprinkle a few mini gobstoppers on your desk, to camouflage Mojo: 
  That would depend on the current delivery of your laptops USB ports - if they can't supply 1 amp or more, then Mojo would not draw any charge from the laptop.
 No, according to Rob Watts, Mojo uses physically-smaller transistors than Hugo, but nonetheless offers the same power output as Hugo:          LOL, so it's Mojo's fault, but it's also Ether's fault?! LOL  .
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