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  Yes, Phil is an authorised UK seller of Chord Electronics products.
  Running out of steam? Sounds more like Murphy's Law, to me!  Oh well, I'll guess everyone will just have to make do with a mere 1million taps, for the timebeing. It's a hard life
 If only the same was true of 'life'!  
 Mimouille, please point, on the doll, to show the court where the nasty man touched you
  It's not a case of anyone being a sycophant, just because they don't see things the same way as you do. You know as well as I do that what one person sees value in, another won't, and so it goes, ad infinitum. Personally, I view high-end audiophile cables with strong skepticism, but others sing their praises to the rooftops.  My point, earlier was that clearly, you have found a combo that does suit your needs, so clearly Chord have done something right, in your life,...
  And yet, inexplicably, you are unhappy.
 Why do you feel it's more awkward to connect an iPhone than any other transport device?
OK, well you're entitled to your point of view, lads, but if Chord had created a module which literally just had a card slot and REW, PLAY/PAUSE, FFW, and SHUFFLE buttons, with no way to see the contents of the memory card, I don't think it would've been taken very seriously by many people, given how large music libraries are becoming, on a 256gb+ card, these days.     No hard feelings, though  
  No, that's not what I asked  I didn't ask you to convince me of how nice it is to have buttons. I like buttons, whenever possible, as much as anyone.  I asked how you (not just you) propose to navigate thousands of music files without a screen. Terra and Shuffle just about get away with buttons and no screen because they have extremely limited memory capacity, and thus limited numbers of music files stored on them, through which to navigate. But a microSD slot now allows...
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