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  With respect, I find it laughable that Questyle are even differentiating between 16gb and 32gb. Both those capacities are pathetically small for serious Hi-Res usage. 64GB onboard capacity should be considered an absolute minimum for a serious audiophile DAP, regardless of number of card slots implemented on the device. Yes, 2 microSD slots can handle a very respectable amount of Hi-Res material (and I warmly applaud the inclusion of those two slots). All I'm saying is...
 There are many seasoned head-fiers who will disagree with you, about that
Incidentally, I can't recall whether Peter requires open-mouthed or closed-mouthed impressions (and now he has just begun offering acrylic CIEMs in his line-up, in addition to the existing silicone CIEMs, some clarification would be useful).     @ Peter:   1) Do you require open-mouthed or closed-mouthed impressions for your silicone CIEMs ?   2) Do you require open-mouthed or closed-mouthed impressions for your acrylic CIEMs ?       Whatever the case, though,...
  You might benefit from a re-fit, but you should also be aware that some people have ear canals which vary to a greater extent than other people. If you have ear canals that vary in size and shape (depending on what position your jaw is in), more than most people, then you may need to balance your priorities - if you go for a slightly larger CIEM shell (in the ear canal section of the CIEM, I mean), then you may get better isolation in various jaw positions, but you might...
  This is an English-speaking forum.    Therefore, if there is an English UI option, then could you please consider posting English screengrabs of the UI? Thanks
  Ahh, interesting! Thanks for the info. 
  Yes, some companies would like to charge that price just to re-shell their own product (although things have improved a bit, recently).  I hope Peter has a runaway success with the Ei3, because it offers many people access to the world of CIEMs, who could otherwise not afford anything better than an IEM.
I was browsing the Lotoo homepage, and noticed their recorder product - the PAW-V.   It looks like another classy product. Not exactly a DAP, but then people have been using Sony's PCM-D100 recorder as a high-end DAP, so....   But the PAW-V mainly interested me for its true purpose of high quality audio recording. I wonder how it compares to the recording performance of the PCM-D100, and if any head-fiers have any experience of using the PAW-V (as a recorder).
 LOL - if I use DHL from USA, it goes via Germany, to get to UK! Horrendous waste of air miles. Anyway, here's wishing you all a smooth & successful delivery of your kickstarter orders, you lucky people!  
 Yep, but re-shells are not the same as formal commercial production of CIEMs , so I think it's nice that Peter is now finally encompassing both methodologies, albeit for different models and not all in-house (re-shells so far done by Lime Ears; Ei.3 looking like it may be done by Peter, in-house, but we'll have to wait for clarification on that, not that I expect the quality to alter, either way)  .
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