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 OK, I see how you might like it, on a convenience level, but if there is no 'tangible' file, then that kills it stone-dead for me. "That's all she wrote, folks" Each to their own.  
  I, and others, have asked several times in this thread for the power output in relation to ohm-load, but the question has been repeatedly ignored. It's not that some of us are being 'horrible', it's just irritating when a vendor announces something, tells everyone how much it rocks, but then seemingly ducks & dives legitimate questions. Nothing personal; just saying it as I see it.  .
  Sony are using a proprietary in-house DAC chip
   Excuse me but it's not our job to hunt for the specs of another player in order for you to provide the specs for yours.
I'm no bluetooth expert, but that is fundamental to a smartphone and to the Android operating system upon which it is based. It definitely should not be necessary to manually install a bluetooth codec, for general use.   Is he able to connect anything at all via bluetooth, or is it a total no-go for bluetooth altogether, at the moment? (e.g. can he bluetooth connect the phone to something like bluetooth speakers or a bluetooth headset?)   Need to distinguish between a...
Hugo uses the A2DP and (better) APTX, codec, does it not?   Is he trying to use a Sony codec? That might be proprietary and not work with non-Sony gear.
  As an ex-DX100 owner, I do appreciate that ES9018 can sound excellent, but look how terrible the battery life is on the DX100 and the HM-901. Some of that is due to the powerful amplifier sections these DAPs have; I know that, but 2 desktop DAC chips also consume more power than strictly necessary for a pocket DAP, which I'm sure doesn't help the HM-901, even when it's using an IEM amp card.  
 If it's downloadable then why not just download the content from Spotify on your computer, and then transfer it to the DAP?
   If you fancy some 'fun', send them another email, asking them 'if they plan to release the NWH10 cable and what time period to wait if so'   
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