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De'Borah, above, has reminded me that Joan Armatrading deserves some proper videos within this thread...  [[SPOILER]]
De'Borah:         Also see:   Shan Smile  
Hannah Garner - AKA 'Miss 600':    
Emel Michael:  
Jasmine Kennedy:  [[SPOILER]]    reminds me very much of Tracy Chapman:  [[SPOILER]]    
Kal Lavelle:  
Georgia Buchanan:  
Emily & Danielle Atkinson - AKA 'Disctracted':       Also see:   Sophie Howes Lianne Kaye Miraa May Laura Miller   and  
Acantha Lang:           Also see:   Ruby Amanfu Leela James Andreya Triana Beverley Knight Rita Ora Carleen Anderson Billie Tweddle Arielle Verinis  
Kat Eaton:    
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