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  Why are you so excited by the C10? The C4 was hardly at the top of its game.
  Lots of info here:  It's really a very simple process, so don't be concerned about having it done (but make sure you don't have a head cold / flu)
  Unfortunately, yes, they will. Applying a protective UV lacquer may slow the fading process a bit, if you can find an appropriate one, but fading will inevitably occur with inks. However, I suppose it would not be too difficult to slice the faceplate off, replace the printed images, and re-glue the faceplate, without damaging the rest of the CIEM, so it's not the end of the world if the images fade over the course of a couple of years - in fact, after a couple of years,...
4 favourite tracks of mine, by her, are 'Never Let Me Go', 'tis Autumn', 'Bewitched Bothered & Bewildered' , and 'Heritage', all from the album 'Heritage'
Since this is (as per the thread title) CustomArt's first foray into acrylic CIEMs, I'll venture to post some (Gabriele) Fauré as a suggestion of something civilised for Ei.3 customers to listen to :       (John Rutter's version is also nice, by the way)  Oh, come on... those figures seem more than a little misleading, in real-world terms.     I believe that may be explained by this:   I would hope that it may be possible for the team to implement a piece of code which keeps track of the volume level of each of the 2 paths, to keep them somewhat aligned with one another and avoid hearing risks, when...
  But why not rob a bank, though? I bet the Ei.3 will sound awesome, even from a prison cell!
  Yes, you can have a second set done immediately after the first set. No recuperation needed in between sets, if the first set goes smoothly.
 Yeah, the BA casings directly touch and vibrate the ear drum
 Yes, and we all know what a roaring success the Calyx-M has(n't) been...
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