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Considering how well-received the X5 was, for circa $350, I'm actually interested to see what the X5ii will bring to the table, in terms of SQ.     It looks like the Fiio team are learning more about amplification stages, which is a good thing for us DAP fans, on a budget.     .
  Yes I did read what you wrote in full. And I still say it's a stupid design decision. But I'm only knocking that design decision; I'm not knocking Fiio as a company, or the X5/X5ii DAPs. I like Fiio's willingness to offer good performance/value ratio DAPs to enthusiasts. I only intended my criticism to be one post, but I'm responding to others' responses to my post, so... Anyway, it's an individual opinion, and we're all entitled to our different opinions
 I beg to differ. To me, it's not really rather elegant - it's really rather stupid. There is absolutely NO reason why any DAP designer should put a power button directly next to the volume buttons - it's even exactly the same size and shape, for goodness sake.  But I'm still confident the X5ii will be a good value, good-performing DAP.
 Seems to be the way DAPs are going, recently. I suppose it gives designers more flexibility.  By the way, there was an interesting post about FPGA use here:
Ya know.... I really like the new casework - looks beautifully sleek and understated, but with a good-quality appearance.     ....except for one thing...   I am utterly astonished at the shocking stupidity (sorry to use such a strong word, James, but frankly, it really is stupid) of placing the power button directly next to the volume buttons. What were the Fiio development team thinking?!?   Now, when you reach into your pocket to press the volume button, quickly,...
 And they know there are a couple of thousand people who will throw their money at any new flagship AK DAP, regardless of price, regardless of specs. It's like a never-ending cash-cow for them.    Many will think I'm joking about this, but I'm not: I predict the AK380 won't sound substantially better than the PAW 5000. A&K are so busy price-gouging, that they're forgetting that the sub-$1000 audiophile DAP market is rapidly improving. Gone are the days (not so long ago)...
 It would've made your thumb-tip sore and removed your thumb-print in no time... It was, therefore, a sensible decision to change it. 
  This is headed in the direction of moderator intervention, if it continues, so I respectfully suggest letting the joke drop, now, even though I am not personally offended by it in any way
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