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 Even though Blu & DAVE are currently way out of my price bracket, I am nonetheless inclined to agree with you, Romaz; everything is, indeed, relative.
  TTVJ (Todd The Vinyl Junkie) also retails Mojo, in the USA:
  Yes. Different format to the Fiio modules, but essentially the same fundamental principle.
  If only it were that simple! That 'one ball' would require substantial firmware development of its own, independent of that relating to the existing smartphone control & comms.
  Anyone who's been here a while knows that Head-fi is full of patients, not patience
  x RELIC x posted relevant stuff about Rob's approach to filters (thanks), and here is some info about Rob's approach to output stages (much of this applies to both Mojo and Hugo 1, and probably quite a bit to Hugo 2, too, even though there have been some changes to Hugo 2s output stage vs Hugo 1):   [[SPOILER]]
   Mmmm... I did note that it was mentioned a week or so ago, but I've held-off adding it to post #3, partly because it's not very short, and (mostly) until seeing a few success reports. If you noticed this:  [[SPOILER]]  then you'll understand my caution - I am wary that perhaps Apple may finally have found a way to invalidate the function of some CCK-circumvention cables. I suspect we may witness more CCK-circumvention cables experiencing problems, during 2017. I...
hahaha - you updated moments before I posted, JaZZ!
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