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I want to own/use a DAP, not have the DAP own/use me!
Oh, sure, but if you're carrying your DAP in a bag, then you could carry a DAP-Amp stack, DX100, HM-901, housebrick, doorstop, or whatever       Some of us desire a high-performance DAP that doesn't require a bag or forklift truck to carry it around with!
 Or Blood Liberty One's first-born One's soul
James, I don't understand why this thread is seperate from the weight thread. I presume it is for a seperate poll, but it makes things confusing
 I agree that size is something DAP makers need to be careful about, for customers who truly wish to walk around with their DAP in their pocket (and iBasso appear to have got it relatively 'right' with the DX50/90.   The DX100 was just way too bulky for me to use in my trouser/jeans pocket). Perhaps you could contribute your opinion to James, re' the X7, here and here.  .
  Just be patient - sometimes there is a delay in it appearing on their tracking system, if iBasso are using an agent.
  Shhh! His membership is supposed to be a secret!   
I was only brutal about it because it can spiral rapidly out of control, and become a mud-slinging match. Seen it so many times, and it ruins decent threads.   Nothing personal.
If that's what K10s do to yer eyebrows, you can count me out!
Can we please drop the 'is burn-in real or B$'  debate? (and the same goes for 16/44.1 vs 24/192 etc. etc. etc.)   I'm all for free speech and spirited debate, but here is not the appropriate place, as it derails the discussion focused upon the DAP itself.   It is nigh-on impossible to conclusively prove either possibility as an absolute irrefutable fact, so just draw your own conclusions, let others draw theirs, and respect each other's differing perspectives. That's...
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