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Back on-topic, I am intrigued to see such overwhelmingly-positive feedback to the Ether C Flow cans.   Cans aren't really my thing, but I'm going to have to have a listen to the ECFs.   Can anyone confirm if they sing with Mojo?
  Wow - where did that come from? I made absolutely no reference to 'that incident'. The joke was about traffic stops - it may have been sailing a little close to poor taste, but I was neither referring to the incident you mentioned, nor was I getting at you. My post was quite amicable, actually. If you care to check Currawong's funny posts thread, you'll see I already mentioned that I did not interpret it as being an offensive post. Others may interpret it as offensive,...
  It may not have been politically-correct, but I didn't interpret it as racist. It struck me more as a wry dig at unfortunate societal shortcomings. But I can see how it's open to differing interpretations.
  Please see the section on connecting Mojo to your device, via co-axial, in post #3 (in the main Mojo thread)  The X3ii, x5ii, and X7 do not use the same contacts on the digital-output, as the first generation X3 and X5 Therefore, you need a TRRS plug, at the DAP end, wired as clearly illustrated in post #3. The Mojo end does not need TRRS, but it's all illustrated in post #3  
 Nope - not with Chord: 
  If he asks you to cough for him, RUN! 
 "Why won't JF tell us? Is it a secret?"  https://youtu.be/Fs0uXGImb2w?t=1h5m43s   LOL - a new box does not, a new Mojo, make...
  Nope; I just don't reckon that'll happen
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