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   Mmmm.. there are some reports of CCK issues, and that certainly could be a possible cause, but it is also possible for some people to damage Mojos micro-USB port, if they don't take sufficient care to avoid the cable plug from exerting too much leverage, whilst the stack is used, for weeks and months on end, in a bag or pocket. That's a heck of a lot of force to apply to a small socket soldered to a printed circuit board.
For anyone who happens to have missed it, Rob Watts is also working on a greatly-improved ADC (project name 'Davina'), which may help some record labels remaster their analogue tapes to a higher digital quality than their current digital masters of those tapes.     http://www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread-please-read-the-3rd-post/12630#post_12403042   .
 All of Rob's current DACs sound genuinely excellent, even with 16/44.1 (I'm not saying that to be sycophantic or fanboy-ish - Rob's WTA filtering, and other methods, genuinely do make 16/44.1 sound noticeably impressive).  The biggest influence upon how good Mojo sounds, when being fed a bit-perfect digital source signal (by which I mean no Android software upsampling or EQ interfering with the purity of the digital signal encoded in the digital music file) is how...
You can demux (demultiplex) the audio from the VOBs in your VIDEO_TS rip folder, OR, you can simply extract the audio during ripping, with DVD Decrypter. As I'm sure you realise, there are quite a number of ways this particular task can be accomplished.   But since you are already using DVD Decrypter, I will describe how that particular piece of software can be used to get what you want.       Load-up DVD Decrypter again, and insert the DVD.   You will then see a...
Back on-topic, I'm curious to know:  Who, here, uses Mojo actually in their jacket or jeans/pants/trouser pocket?
   Unfortunately, I have a suspicion that some head-fi sellers (not necessarily yours) may be unscrupulously damaging their Mojo microUSB ports, and then sneakily selling-on those Mojo units to unsuspecting fellow head-fiers. Note: I am not saying this is necessarily what has happened, with yours, but I am noticing a possible emerging pattern, generally. When a long microUSB plug is inserted into any pocket device, it can act as a potential lever that can exert high stress...
  Have you tried it with the Shopping Channel?
 Perhaps you could 'bridge' the gap between her current appreciation of music, and yours, by aligning your use of your audio gear with an existing hobby of hers? Peter's wife loves Mojo, having seen how much he was enjoying it.
  The outside world (of which your cables are one aspect) does not control one's state of mind; that is just an illusion. Maybe someone should explain to your beloved that seeking to control the outside world in order to attain inner peace is a foolhardy way to seek peace-of-mind.... (no offence intended, but I'm being completely serious)
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