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  OK, well, look at it another way - unlike your LG V10, the DX200 won't sneakily send your location (and, on demand, anything else on your phone memory) to Google (and God knows who else) every minute of your life
 Circa 8+ hours, give-or-take
   I reckon the sheer speed of m scalers number-crunching has created a torsion field and sent Rob unwittingly through a stargate, into another dimension of perception. There is no other rational explanation.  
 Have you read the previous page?
 I don't suppose it would please Chord to hear of it, but it really wouldn't surprise me if a group of die-hard turntable nuts all chipped-in to buy a 'time-share' percentage of a Davina, to 'affordably'  archive their LPs into Hi-Res digital. I'm not kidding.
  I'm only being playful with you, here, but I'm just pointing out that, in that sense, one could reasonably suggest that perhaps the devices you work on are 'overpriced', if they can be made cheaper in China.
  Let me pose you this question: Has it occurred to you that there may be talented engineers in China, capable of designing precisely the same devices that you do, for less money?
 I'm sure all the products you work on are absolute bargains
 Juicy caps, you say?  Here's what the DX200 is trying to beat:  HDP-R10:  DX100: 
 iBasso will take you off their Christmas card list, if you do!
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