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    @ trachery: there are probably hundreds of discussions on Head-fi, talking about the differences between various file-formats. I agree with Barndoor and Delayeed, that there is no need to use .wav files on your X7, with or without Mojo. .Flac will serve you just as well, with almost zero difference in SQ (and possibly fractionally better SQ, under some circumstances), whilst consuming less memory...
  I'm pleased to hear it's now working for you.  Are you feeling in a helpful mood? There is someone in the Hugo thread who might appreciate some help from you, if you could spare the time:  [[SPOILER]]    
   I don't know what connection Plenue D uses.  I only know Cowon J3. X9 is supposed to be the same connector as J3, and if you look at the title of the link I just posted, above, you will see that it says the same cable is for S9, J3, i10, X7, X9.    The Samsung cable you posted will not work with X9.  Cowon used an unusual cable for the S9, J3, i10, X7, X9 players, so you are unlikely to find Samsung making them.   I suggest you ask for the correct connector for Plenue D...
For example, this one is genuine:   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cowon-S9-J3-i10-X7-X9-USB-Cable-/322330592404
   If you click the second eBay link that I posted, you will see some genuine white Cowon cables.
  It is very, very, unlikely that Mojo will ever be updated to fully function with MQA. MQA doesn't seem to have been embraced by many high-end companies, so far. Some, but not many. Make of that what you will.
  Santa loves me but doesn't have that kind of cash! LOL
This was also posted in the main Mojo thread, but similarly deserves a mention, here:   Sara K: 'Turned My Upside Down'
  It depends what you mean by 'play'. MQA files can be 'played' on many players, but you won't get the (claimed) 'benefits' of MQA encoding unless your equipment is MQA-licensed. Mojo will play MQA files (in a manner of speaking), if your transport will play MQA files, since the transport will send what is effectively a PCM data stream to Mojo, and Mojo will play PCM data without prejudice. But Mojo will not playback MQA files in such a way that the claimed benefits of MQA...
I posted this in the main Mojo thread, earlier, but it deserves to be posted here in Peter's thread.     Nils Lofgren - 'Keith Don't Go'     This is a well-known audiophile recording, and sounds superb via Mojo - in particular, listen for the metallic string plucking at the 03:22 point, which Mojo renders beautifully.
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