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Lowri Evans:           Also see:   Emily & Danielle Atkinson - AKA 'Disctracted' and others linked therein.  
And I totally agree that 'real' (without EQ) sound is preferable.   However, I find it interesting that the NT6Pro is a different crossover design from the NT6, so I continue to be curious about how they compare to each other if the NT6Pro bass hump is EQ-reduced.
  Oops! No, I typed that wrong - I meant reduce the NT6Pro, not increase the NT6!     I've gone back and corrected it, sorry about that.
Disclaimer:  I am relatively 'purist' in the sense that I try to avoid, whenever possible, invoking EQ of any kind.     With that said, however....   I am curious as to how the NT6Pro compares to the NT6 if EQ is used to level-out the NT6Pro's bass response.     Has anyone tried comparing the 2 stablemates in this manner?
Crissie Rhodes:  
Fiona Bevan:           Also see:  
Jade America Harris (singing here with 'Extra Curricular'):           Also see:   Beth Gibbons (of 'Portishead') Paloma Faith / Lana Del Rey Duffy    
Annie Drury:  [[SPOILER]]    Also see: Tori AmosVienna TengMissy Higgins 
I've seen Yasmin before, but, at the time, I couldn't find much material of hers on youtube...  [[SPOILER]]    Also see: Larisa BorzaMaddy CartyRhianna KennyCharlotte Ashdown 
Etta Bond:  [[SPOILER]]
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