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Dunno, but one thing I do know is that the ZX2 would never be able to squeeze into a skimpy little red dress
  Sorry you haven't had a good AK experience, Mim'. I hope you find a more satisfactory alternative, before too long.  (sincerely)
Let's try to keep things civil in this thread, can we, please?   Plenty of insults flying around in the AK380 thread, if that's your kind of thing   LOL         Late June for order fulfillment? Sounds promising.
It's early days, but, from the above link:  FYI, Munich show runs May 14th - 17th, 2015   I was rather hoping someone would've had a listen at the show, and posted some (very) preliminary impressions here, but no such luck   I don't know whether the DAP is actually 'in production', now, or if it's a publicity release at the show, with the production units still some way off.  In any case, I remain very interested in this DAP. .
  2hrs longer playtime for QP1R? Interesting. I guess that this may be due to a higher-spec battery rather than a more power-efficient circuit. So, that begs the question: does that mean the QP1 offers 8 hrs and the QP1 offers 10 hrs, or does it mean 10 hrs and 12 hrs, respectively? Probably the lesser, but I'm interested to know the actual answer.
I think it's a bit too soon to dismiss this DAP     To be fair to Questyle, they did listen to my earlier request, to update some aspects of their QP1 webpage, so they do seem to be making an effort to do the right thing with this product.     ...but I admit I would like to see more activity in terms of user-impressions of what should basically be a released product
  Oh, hold on - I should make it clear that my cynical remark was not aimed specifically at the Fiio DAPs. It was aimed at the head-fi hype-train, in general   I totally appreciate the fair pricing of Fiio DAPs, I assure you. 
  As long as you promise to also hype it as the most 'amazeballs' DAP you've ever heard, you'll fit right in, here on head-fi
LOL - kind of ironic... Naim are overpriced and arrogant, too.       As for the expandability of the AK380, well... Apple have been doing that with $300 ipods for around a decade 
I'm still surprised that AK haven't pushed the storage capacity issue, in one way or another (mSATA, or 512mb onboard, or some other permutation)
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