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Have you tried switching Mojo completely OFF, and then leaving it to charge?
  Have you tried a different charging cable? Although it may sound strange, some USB cables have a level of resistance that can cause problems for high charging current.
  Oh, such a dilemma... should I add this to post #3 or not? LOL
I reckon Lavricable owners may need to consider upgrading their cable with an Android smartphone - problem solved - no more software upgrades selfishly undermining customers' legitimate intentions to minimise the intrusiveness of an anti-competitive proprietary protocol.
  One can't 'train' accumulated wisdom.
  Well, Rob, himself, carries it around in his suitcase, during his globetrotting to various hi-fi shows.
 Anything I/we can help you with, or was it an ETA?
  I'll take that analogy one step further, and propose that Mojos internal upsampling is like clear lacquer (what self-respecting music-lover doesn't like transparency?), so it can't possibly make the final result as good as possible, if inferior upsampling has added Bondo to the source!   Windows upsampling:   Mojos internal upsampling:  Apologies to Rob, for referring to his complex code as 'lacquer' - only for the sake of light-heartedly running with x RELIC x's ...
You could take a look at CustomArt Music Two: http://www.thecustomart.com/music_art-custom.php
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