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  No, it is not false. I didn't say use an ordinary cable. I said a CCK-circumvention cable. You are correct that Mojo does not contain an MFI/CCK chip, but there are many third party cables available which either cull an MFI chip from a genuine Apple CCK, or use some other undisclosed method for fooling iOS. These cables can definitely allow Mojo to function successfully without needing a conventional Apple Camera Connection Kit in between the iDevice and Mojo. The reason...
 A correction should be made to your correction. Mojo does not have an 'amp', in the conventional sense. If you would like to gain a more thorough understanding of how Mojos output stage is unconventional, in this regard, then there is some in-depth explanation from Rob Watts (Mojos designer) in post #3 of the main Mojo thread, specifically in the sub-section entitled 'About Mojos output stage'    Firstly, Mojo is not alone in experiencing occasional EMI issues. This is...
Look for the sub-section with the red star ★:
 Yes it is.   Let's move on.
  You haven't heard Poly, so kindly quit trash-talking its sound quality. You are expressing a guess as a fact.
   Anyone with an ounce of initiative can find a single cable to circumvent the need for Apple's CCK.
Can someone please help this new Head-fier?     Cheers
  Some of us seem determined to make up negative narratives. Others are more positive.
  When using a microSD card inserted within Poly, the phone merely reads the metadata tags of the music files on the microSD card and indicates to Poly which files to feed directly to Mojo. In that scenario, no actual music is sent wirelessly. It is CHOSEN wirelessly, but fed to Mojo directly through the physical hardware connection from Poly to Mojo.
 There speaks a man who keeps himself hand-cuffed to his missus (ferrite-shielded solid-silver handcuffs, of course!)
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