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  Not a complete answer for you, but the following may be of some interest to you: Hopefully we'll see some thorough direct comparisons in the coming weeks/months. However, it is only fair to remember that the PAW Gold is much more expensive, but then again it's much more compact than the N6. Neither of those factors should be underestimated, either for...
Fran Minney:
Dave, it's not that it's not valid (in fact I agree with some of what you've said), but this exact topic has been discussed multiple times within this thread. It's been beaten to death.   The X7 will not change now. Believe me, I'd be very happy to see James' engineering team quietly sneak-in another microSD slot (only 1 slot is a deal-breaker for me), but if they did decide to do that (extremely unlikely), then they'd have already set that particular train in motion, a...
I don't know about the foibles of the N6, specifically, but, generally-speaking, a reliable utility for formatting cards (on Windows OS), is the free partition manager software from EASUS:   You can also try this:
Lotoo PAW Gold may look a lot smaller, but (AFAIK) it's the heaviest of the lot! (280g).   I have a feeling the AR-M2 is going to appeal more to cans users than IEM/CIEM users. In that respect, it may be a step forwards, by being a bit slimmer than other high-output gear like the HM-901/DX100
Calyx-M added.
 If you look back just one page, you'll find this:
 True (The Old Grey Whistle Test was pretty decent, too, though, back in the 70s)  True.   Here's how to stop your girlfriend nagging you about 'turbulence': STOP FARTING!!  
GeekWave is all hot air until it actually gets into backers' hands.    On a different topic, regarding digital-out cable for ZX1/ZX2, it seems Sony still have no plans to make the damn thing properly available, globally, if the following is anything to go by (in addition to them not doing so, thus far, throughout the ZX1s lifetime): 
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