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I mentioned Suzy Bogguss a couple of years ago:     Although the following demo tracks are a bit too 'old-style-country' for my taste, I'm nonetheless posting them because I inadvertently stumbled across them when doing a google search for binaural recordings, and they're worth a listen from a technical, binaural,...
    I've been away from this thread for several months, and just stopped-by to see some discussion on the final product, and all I find here is a still-unfinalised product, with no cohesive Head-fi review on it, as a consequence. I mean absolutely no disrespect to those of you who have already purchased a Calyx-M, but, from an observer's POV, it is absurd that the FW isn't even out of beta yet. I hope A&D turn things around soon and finally give you all the finished...
 No schiit!
For the record, I actually very much like BA-based CIEMs.   It's just that for very prolonged periods of use, a DD might, perhaps, be a bit less vulnerable.     My DD-based MG6Pro sound like crap but I'd trust them in a sweaty environment more than I'd trust, say, my old UM Miracles, even though the Miracles sounded 10x better.   This is one of the primary reasons why Marty builds his MG5/6Pros with dynamic drivers. His CIEMs are aimed primarily at stage performers...
  That's a fair point, although I would slightly counter with the fact that few hearing aids fill the ear to the same extent as a CIEM does.
I think for using all day at work, 5 days a week, it might be better to use a DD CIEM rather than one with BAs, but I suppose it depends on how physically-demanding one's job is, since sweat vapour is a major factor.   I periodically remove my CIEMs, to wipe them, and my ear canal, even when I'm just calmly walking around, during the summer.     .
 Oh, icey!
 I know you are experienced, so this is absolutely not trying to teach you to suck eggs. I'm simply asking the question as it may be relevant. Have you tried putting the CIEM in a hearing-aid dryer?
 That was a 'crap' joke... :)
Gladys Knight has been mentioned but deserves some vids:  [[SPOILER]]    Also see: Mary J. BligeRandy CrawfordSusan TedeschiMavis StaplesViola WillsCandi Staton 
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