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  FWIW, there are some soft pouches mentioned in post #3. It all depends on whether you want a snug fit for just Mojo on its own, or if you want a pouch to accommodate Mojo stacked with a DAP or smartphone.
  Dunno, but I bet it'll be another 'limited production run, oh, except we've now changed our minds and we're gonna do another limited production run, so it wasn't all that limited, after all' load of B$. I wish companies like Cavalli wouldn't play contrived 'limited edition' games with their products, to entice punters into buying out of fear of scarcity, or insecure egotism over perceived exclusivity. In other words: either produce the damn product, or don't. I realise...
  In the meantime, though, it does seem extremely ironic if (if) 'Mr PONO' has not released his own album in the very format he is claiming to champion...
  Mr Watts is a man of many talents - is it possible he could also be a cartographer, on-the-quiet?    I can see it now: WTA mapping - AKA  Watts Topography-Aligned
  My guess is maybe they realised the world doesn't revolve around America   (only joking - no offence intended - just a friendly leg-pull)  FWIW, at the bottom of Post #3, I've linked the country-specific information page from Chord's main website (Where can I Buy Mojo in my Country?), which, if you click on the USA flag, will take you to the US distributor - Bluebird Music, who can be contacted to find out which legitimate Chord retailers are in your state.
  LOL - yes, the Mojos being sold in the US, by MoonAudio, Todd The Vinyl Junkie, etc. are definitely 100% legitimate. Not the Massdrop ones, though.
  I'd be interested to know if that is possible. My understanding, up until this point, is that all the CCK-circumvention cables accomplish it by swiping an MFI/CCK chip from a genuine apple CCK.
 We don't live in the future. We live now. And now, there are extremely few portable USB-C to micro-USB cables.  The M1 is not a ground-breaking futuristic DAP. It doesn't need any futuristic connectivity. It's just a small ordinary DAP. It's nothing futuristic and it needs to be easy to connect to other present-day devices. Why make it harder for people to use a product?
  Thanks, but that does not solve the problem for portable usage - it will massively increase leverage stress on the Type-C socket.
Disappointed to see this is USB Type-C.   There are so few short USB Type-C -to- microUSB cables  (to connect the M1 to a DAC/DAC-amp).   I've only seen one such cable, and it was apparently custom-built and not available outside China.     Silly to use USB Type-C - it really isn't necessary for a basic little DAP. All it does is make it harder to connect it to other devices.
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