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 Oops...         Seriously, though, EAC is the mutt's nuts if you are patient with its (initially) awkward interface.
 Sad (and slightly funny), but, in the microcosm of Head-Fi, 'true'!
As long as you realise that all knowledge is only relative to perspective   But, yeah, some teenagers can be very bright and engaging, and, as a society, we should nurture them more, to think for themselves, and question what they are taught, rather than allowing the current so-called 'education' system to continue to make a mockery of humankind, by discouraging critical thinking, and instead instilling limited and elite-agenda-serving beliefs, and rewarding them with a...
Yes, I think it is a good reminder that all Mojo-users should remember, at all times, to wear their tin-foil hats                                                                                                                      P.S.:  
  Lucky man!
@ Mr Watts:   Can you tell me what position DAVE would be, on the following chart, please?   A bloke down the pub told me DAVE will help me enjoy my MP3s even better than my midi system, but all the other experts down the pub told me that a proper DAC should cost around a hundred thousand dollars, so I am guessing that because DAVE is too cheap, it is probably in the middle of this chart:         (I know what you're thinking - that chart is an...
  Try asking here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/720512/obscure-chinese-daps
 hahah - well, can you last that long?   What cans/CIEMs/IEMs are you using?
Been away from this thread for a couple of weeks.   Returning to it, today, I see it is still as uber-geeky in its degree of 'audiophile-ness'
  Well one possibility is that your graphics card may be emitting increased RF when it's cores are under load, or inducing more RF in other components (such as your PSU) of your PC, when the GPU is under load. Mojo might be receiving some of that RF. If your digital cable will permit it, try moving Mojo as far as possible from the PC. Also try a ferrite choke over the same cable. Let me know what you find out.
New Posts  All Forums: