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Meghan Trainor:  
   I don't know. 
  That's a moving target, for the X7, since swappable amp boards are specified, much like the HM-901.
  This is off-topic, but it's so funny you both mentioned J3 battery life - I replaced my J3 battery just 48 hours ago!  8 hours is definitely not up-to-standard for the J3. FWIW, if anyone randomly reading this has a J3 in need of a new battery, just buy a genuine Sony BA700 battery and solder the original J3 wires onto the contacts (N.B.: remember to remove the microSD card before you attempt to remove the J3 back cover!)  Here's a pic of mine:   Works like a charm, and...
  You just haven't explored the thread enough!
  +1, regardless of standpoint, either way  
  Mmmmm....  I hear you.  I have no horse in the JHA race, personally, but I, too, observed the Roxanne production fiasco with utter disbelief at how poorly it was handled. I even did JHA a favour, in explaining the difficulties of carbon shell manufacture, purely because, in the early stages, as the first few Roxannes were being dispatched, I felt sympathy for the...
  (this isn't in regards to the X7, which I now accept will not be the DAP for me, because of it's tiny storage). It's just a quick tangent question:  Do you use that wi-fi HDD with your DAP, in your pocket?
  Sigh..!   Some of us audiophile DAP buyers (whatever our personal standpoints) have to try so hard to remain philosophical about so many DAPs being sequentially released, by multiple different vendors, yet repeatedly failing to overcome the shortcomings of the numerous DAPs that already came before. In spite of the spirited debate that I've participated in, this past few pages, I assure you, I remain philosophical about it, and I do have a sense of humour about it all,...
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