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  I haven't seen any, because it's such a niche product, but I am confident that you could find a Chinese maker willing to accommodate your needs. Perhaps if you ask in the main Mojo thread, someone might be able to offer you a specific vendor recommendation, for special orders. Then again, if it's not for pocket usage, then does it matter so much if you just use a normal CCK daisychained with a standard USB-microUSB cable?
  Relax; there's no 'triggering' going on. We're just talking.  I've lost count of the number of people who've reported happily using Mojo to feed active loudspeakers or fullsize amps, with none of the issues you describe. I myself have used Mojo to feed a signal to my fullsize amp; again, with no issues.  So the disparity between their experience and mine, vs yours, is peculiar.
 It depends how harshly you bend the cable.
  No, Mojos Line-out preset is 3V, not 2V. That may very well explain your experience of clipping on your car amplifiers. Mojo can very easily be set to 1.9v output.  Please see the section entitled "Setting Mojo to Line-Level", in post #3 of the main Mojo thread.    Incidentally, please also see my earlier response about Mojos output stage.
  Yes, it will.
  If only he could sing in tune!    (great lyricist, though)
  It can depend on what network you have your smartphone (what frequency that network uses), how far you are from the nearest cell transmitter(s), etc. Some people find an RF choke will work very effectively, but there are almost always exceptions to every rule - for example, some people live in poor reception areas, where their smartphone may have to ramp-up its RF output, and this obviously can make RF interference more probable. Again, this is not limited to Mojo -...
 MANY DACs are vulnerable to RF - Mojo is not an exception. One has to be pragmatic about this - smartphones transmit a great deal of RF. However, many people happily use Mojo, with a ferrite choke fitted to their microUSB cable.
  None of us, except for the Chord team and their consultants, have actually heard Poly, so only they know what RF issues may have been encountered and dealt with, but one thing I do know is that when you hook-up a smartphone to Mojo, the USB cable is capable of acting as an antenna, and carrying stray RF into the analogue sections of Mojos circuitry (and many other DACs suffer similar vulnerability). Additionally, the smartphone, in such a scenario, is transmitting RF...
  It's cool, and I apologise if I seemed abrupt. I was just being matter-of-fact, rather than agitated, so I hope I didn't come across that way
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