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  Actually, no, it's OK. I realised my schoolboy error. It turns out, it's OK to post the picture you posted, previously, and to post the picture above, just as long as you don't post 2 identical pictures together, side by side, and operate them in-tandem, within a certain frequency range. Sorry for any confusion
Careful - I think there may be a patent on that bottle label, so you probably can't post a picture of it, in case someone assumes you're infringing it, and starts demanding damages and/or royalties
     That's a peculiar coincidence, considering our very recent exchange, just a few days ago.
From the EarWerkz Penta thread: (emphasis added by me)  Any thoughts?
  Can you spare a minute to educate me, please? What is an RLC snubber (in the context of the CIEM world)? Thanks
  Out of diplomacy, I've edited my response to your question, but I feel it is putting the cart before the horse. Decide the fundamental spec of the DAP, and what level of performance you are aiming to compete with, first, and then the issue of price will make more sense. .
   Hopefully not much. I suspect the underlying agenda may be primarily about extracting royalties from competitors (not just 1964). We'll see, but I hope everyone involved realises that a constructive approach is better for all parties than a destructive one. I hope it's all resolved quickly so everyone can move forwards. Although I'm too skint, right now, I'm really keen to order an A12 as soon as I can afford one. I'm not new to CIEMs, and I've seen all the 'latest and...
   I think I know what this may really be about.      Royalties.      Whatever, I just hope this is over and done with sooner rather than later, and with a minimum of carnage.  .
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