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Samantha Schultz:  
Maggie Szabo:  [[SPOILER]]
Madi Proz seems a bit inconsistent, stylistically:  [[SPOILER]]
Dayna Bloom:  [[SPOILER]]
Joanna Teters:  [[SPOILER]]   Also see: Jill ScottMacy GrayGabriella CilmiNatalie DuncanTerez MontcalmLisa HanniganPatti Labelle 
Sara Kendall:  
I reckon Sabiyha is something quite special, but with her full potential still ahead of her:           Also see:   Kate Rusby Eleanor McEvoy  
Kimberly Anne:         Also see:   Karima Francis Lianne La Havas  
Louise and the Pins:  
David, let's not forget that we don't yet conclusively know if your Minervas have a humidity-related fault or if it may turn out to be electrical or mechanical     So don't get that creditcard out just yet!            But please let us know what transpires when they've had a chance to examine them for you.     .
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