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"Many a true word spoken in jest"   Oh, wait: it wasn't in jest...         Really hope they work out OK for Mimouille, after so long.
I must say, I'm a bit disappointed that you're not printing these out of titanium
 LOL!  Nicely put
Any company that purports to be a vendor of high-end gear, yet expects customers to buy a seperate PSU product, in order for their primary devices to perform properly, instantly demonstrates to me that they have not designed the primary device(s) properly in the first place.  IMO, that kind of approach to the hi-fi business is a dog-&-pony show which serves the interests of the vendor and their dealers, but definitely not those of the customer. How the likes of Naim have...
  Just to clarify your situation - is the light flashing whilst nothing is connected to the Hugo, whatsoever?  .
  I'm skeptical, but trying to be open-minded about this... Are you referring to DSD or all formats?
  I'm not one for expensive gimmicks, and I'm neither disagreeing or agreeing with the above, but, merely for the sake of discussion, it is interesting to contemplate whether the much-increased density and mass (and strength) of titanium enclosures/shells, in comparison to acrylic/resin/plastic/silicone, etc. might, on a micro-level, reduce undesirable resonances to a BA or dynamic driver chassis, and thus potentially improve the accuracy and fidelity of the reproduced...
I was listening to 'Yo Yo Ma plays Ennio Morricone', during my 7 days with the Hugo, and although I realise some may roll their eyes at this, I can tell you all, in absolute truth, that it almost moved me to tears. Really.   The Hugo made Yo Yo Ma's cello sound so sonorous that it sent shivers down my spine. I have genuinely never heard that album sound so moving.   If you doubt me, I suggest you try it for yourself.   Oh, and it was only Redbook
 Maybe sub-contracting the task to a specialist 3D-printing company?
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