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  Looks like you may be a 'glutton for punishment'! (or, more likely, a massochist...)   Either way, I hope the new build goes well this time.   I must say, I'm surprised you are experiencing so large a db variation between identical-spec drivers.  .
  Would it be impossible to slice the shell neatly in half?
Arielle Verinis:         Also see:   Louise Marshall Maddy Carty Bonnie Raitt  
Thanks for that, Fuzziekiwi, it led to me finding Kiah Victoria:         Also see:   Alysha Brillinger Alice Russell Trixie Whitley   .
  Annoying, isn't it?  Somebody should 'stage' a protest...
  Teflon might sound nice. (nice compromise). I wonder if anyone's produced CIEMs commercially using teflon tubing..
 Heheh! Nice to see I'm not the only one who can appreciate some 'retro' female harmonies! some nice harmonies here, too: Joan Baez + Indigo Girls Sarah McLachlan + Jewel +...
 You do realise this was 3 months ago? 
  UM Miracle and M-Fidelity SA-43 might be worth a listen.
"Many a true word spoken in jest"   Oh, wait: it wasn't in jest...         Really hope they work out OK for Mimouille, after so long.
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