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  It's nothing more than a casual suspicion of mine, but I've long suspected that some DAPs with slightly higher output impedance may drive dynamic transducers best, whilst those with lower output impedance may drive BA transducers best. Obviously, it's nothing new to hear head-fiers speak of lower output impedance best serving BA transducers, but my point is that I have come to suspect that low output impedance may lead to a negative trade-off for driving dynamic...
 That surprises me - I really like the airy, spacious, detailed presentation of the DX100, but I feel it errs (subjectively) more on the side of a 'digital' sound than an 'analogue' sound, but you find the AR-M2 to sound even less analogue than the DX100? Interesting.
 Just so long as you and I are not old and obsolete, everything is alright in my world!  
  Fair enough, but many, many, many head-fiers have purchased directly from iBasso in China, myself included (a 2nd-batch DX100, in my case). Again, I'm not disagreeing with you, though.
   It clearly is a design flaw.   I just hope all those who have spent so much on this device achieve a reliable workable solution, as they have a right to expect reliable performance for TOTL money. Good luck to all of you
  LOL...  well iBasso, amongst a few others, do pretty well with little formal global distribution   I'm not actually disagreeing with your sentiment, which is quite understandable, but the very nature of the current high-end niche DAP market is that many of these devices are from niche manufacturers, in the far-east, selling largely over the internet.  I wish the AR-M2 some success, because I appreciate that it is a risky venture to create and produce a niche device in an...
  This is the problem with people refusing to let an old, obsolete, thread die. This thread relates to this:   But some head-fiers insist on including discussion about this:  even though there is a proper dedicated thread, which has existed for 3 months:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/653904/acoustic-research-mysterious-new-audiophile-dap/165#post_11299713
  Yes, that about sums it up...
I'm no photography geek, but damn... what camera did you take those pics with, AnakChan? They're beautifully clear! 
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