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 (if) it's broken then it's broken. ...and even if no guinea pigs mention it, and such a break continues into final release, then I hardly think that will absolve Apple of responsibility to fix it, LOL   May just take a couple of weeks longer, and red faces all around, in Cupertino
  As per the warning in post #3, it is true that 9.3(iirc) beta had problems with stuttering/juddering of the audio, but I am surprised if the iOS development team have been so lacking in diligence that they allow the same - known issue to happen again - if they have, then whoever's responsible should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe it's the same cause, or maybe something different. Personally, I never trust beta releases, on any platform, until a few weeks after they've...
  Hmmm... I wonder if it's trying to automatically upsample everything to 24/192, like stock Android does?  That might make it run out of CPU/RAM resources. Only a guess, and could be completely wrong.
  I haven't personally tried a Galaxy S6 with Mojo - I'm not certain if the S6 supports USB OTG. According to the UAPP homepage, the S6 Edge does, but the S6 is unconfirmed, in their compatibility table.  There is some mention of it, earlier in this thread, which looks positive, but I don't know if it will run UAPP, and if it refuses to run UAPP, then the Android ROM will forcibly upsample everything to 24/192, which is definitely not the way to get the best SQ from Mojo 
  Yes, Mojo works fine, feeding a power amp, from the 3.5mm jack. Read post #3 for more information on how to set Mojo to the correct line-out level.
I hope you asked if they stock a 'Davina' one, too, Rob.
 That is a good point, actually - I've had that issue with No-Script and Sagepay, in the past.  My remarks about erring on the side of caution, if there is uncertainty, with Gearbest, were mostly on account of chinook9 relating that Paypal had said that the e-mail received was bogus. I've nothing personally against Gearbest. I would say the same about any company, to any head-fier - if you're unsure, and something doesn't seem right, then, on-balance, it's generally...
I don't disagree with your remarks, in relation to stacking, jonnyt211, but just so you are aware of why all the buttons are on one side of the device:   www.head-fi.org/t/799227/the-upcoming-fiio-t3-dual-sd-slot-3-2-inch-full-touch-screen-optical-coaxial-usb-digital-output-slim-design-apt-x-type-c/375#post_12453391       That is not to disagree with your suggestion to nudge the buttons a bit nearer to the center of the device. It's only in order to pre-empt a...
 Yes, I regularly see them offered on Head-fi classifieds for that price, or thereabouts, and I consider it insane that people are willing to save just $50 bucks to buy a secondhand unit which may have any number of hidden issues, regardless of looking in good condition (and many don't even look in good condition). IMO, it's crazy that sellers will often use a Mojo for 2 or 3 months and then think they can resell and only lose $50 for all that usage, and it's crazy that...
  You are comparing the price of a new unit with the price of a secondhand bundle. I don't see it as a proper comparison, since one has no idea what history that Mojo may have.
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