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 Please keep in mind that much of what I posted is speculation, on my part, rather than confirmed facts
iBasso doesn't really count as 'obscure', but I think this interesting DAP still deserves a brief mention, here:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/806333/mini-audio-ma01-spec-photos-dx100-successor     EDIT - turns out it's NOT an iBasso product at all! (confirmed by Paul from iBasso)     So, at this stage, it isn't clear who makes the Mini-Audio MA10 - i guess that makes it an 'Obscure' Chinese DAP, after all!     .
 Paul just posted this:  
  I think Mini Audio are a Japanese consortium/group, with a special OEM relationship with iBasso, aren't they? i.e. I was under the impression that they 'commission' Japanese-market versions of some iBasso products.
I..n..t..e..r..e..s..t..i..n..g...     www.head-fi.org/t/791531/#post_12545585
 Not exactly high-tech, but have you tried the ferrite chokes, yet?
 Maybe A&K have a grudge against $599 competitors pulling the wheels of their $3000+ gravy train?
  Sigh... YET AGAIN, one is expected to sell one's soul to Facebook in order to be able to enter a competition...    No offence, guys. It just gets wearing that almost every competition in the industry involves Facebook, There are plenty of audio fans who refuse (with very good reason) to sign-up with that corporation, and it does lead to them feeling like second-class citizens whenever a competition comes around. I've said the same thing to Fiio (and others), in the...
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