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You could also try disconnecting Mojo, then opening UAPP, and then reconnecting Mojo, whilst UAPP is running.
BTW, I don't mean this insultingly, at all, but can you check you are definitely using the data-input socket on Mojo, and not accidentally using the charging socket? (easy mistake to make)
 Just swap the orientation, to see if it helps. If it doesn't, then that's one thing eliminated and you can consider some other potential cause
 First thing I'd check is if you have the USB OTG cable the right way around - the OTG end of the cable should be inserted into the phone.
For any of you who haven't seen this:   https://vimeo.com/166570561
 Yep; and the listener playing the hugest role of all those 'components' in the equation! Audiophiles are a notoriously fickle bunch!
  It's certainly interesting that different people hear audio equipment differently (and there will always be the confounding variable of different people using different transducers, be they fullsize loudspeakers, cans, IEMs or CIEMs, and sometimes using additional amplification). I believe you are sincere in your remarks, but I also believe others are sincere in their remarks, too:   So, it really comes down to a situation where it's best to audition both pieces of gear,...
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