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  No, there is no approximate ETA for the module, yet. Chord are working hard on developing the module, but it's a complex circuit, with a lot of functionality, and is quite unique, so it will take time to develop. Personally, I would not expect to see it before 2017.  The most recent comment about the module, from John Franks, was this: 
 I am not speaking for Chord - this is just me speaking, personally: By the time Chord got a charger through the chain of distributors and retailers, each expecting their margin, they would probably struggle to get anywhere near the cut-throat prices of chargers on Amazon. Consequently, accusations would probably be hurled in Chord's direction, regarding presumed profiteering, even if not actually the real situation!
Have you tried switching Mojo completely OFF, and then leaving it to charge?
  Have you tried a different charging cable? Although it may sound strange, some USB cables have a level of resistance that can cause problems for high charging current.
  Oh, such a dilemma... should I add this to post #3 or not? LOL
I reckon Lavricable owners may need to consider upgrading their cable with an Android smartphone - problem solved - no more software upgrades selfishly undermining customers' legitimate intentions to minimise the intrusiveness of an anti-competitive proprietary protocol.
  One can't 'train' accumulated wisdom.
  Well, Rob, himself, carries it around in his suitcase, during his globetrotting to various hi-fi shows.
 Anything I/we can help you with, or was it an ETA?
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