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  As I understand it, if you choose to listen to streamed music, then your smartphone would receive the streamed data from your streaming service, over-the-air, and then that same smartphone would stream that music data to Poly (DLNA protocol) Alternatively, if the music content is stored on a microSD card, inserted into Poly, then the smartphone will only direct Poly which data to send to Mojo directly from the microSD card, with no actual music data passing via the...
Poly is NOT intended to be 'only' for DAP-style usage.   It is a much, much, broader product, but you are evidently determined to view it from only one perspective. Again, that is absolutely your prerogative, but others can see more potential.   So be it   No hard feelings
  Well, which is it, that you want?   
 It can be said to be like a remotely-controlled DAP, of sorts, yes, but the smartphone will need to be present to be that remote control
  Aye, but only an unwise person would be complacent about such matters. Rob is undoubtedly pushing the leading edge forward, and at an impressive rate of knots, but there are lots of talented engineers in the world who will not be idly sitting on their laurels. Any activity that advances the state of the DAC art, be it on Rob's part or that of his peers, is probably good news for the industry, as a whole, so I don't view healthy competition and innovation as a bad...
  It might surprise some people to hear that Hugo 2 may cost more to produce than Hugo 1.
 I expect so.
  Having chatted to Chord, I know they are aware of people's eagerness for multiple card slots (I happen to like multiple card slots, myself, wherever possible), but Poly is so small that the space constraints are severe, on the 10-layer PCB. Throw a worthwhile battery into the diminutive chassis, too, and things get rather tight. Going with one card slot wasn't a decision taken lightly by the engineering team.
     Each to their own, my friend. Each to their own.
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