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Sidsel Endresen:     (please note that Sidsel has dabbled in many different styles, so one will need to seek further material carefully)       Also see:   Kinga Heming (and the other artists listed therein) Diana Krall Claire Martin Amy Holford (AKA Eva Stone)  
Olivia Millerschin:         Also see:  
  I wonder if the NT6 + TWAG combo is still 'necessary' with the new version of the NT6...  (chart here) .
Is she rebuilding or just lacquering?
  Prospect of a re-shell, huh?  You have my sympathy - I know you went through hell & high water just to get JHA to pull their finger out and make them for you. Good luck mate.
Dana Lauren:       Also see:   Nnenna Freelon Dianne Reeves Terez Montcalm Blossom Dearie Jane Monheit Carol Kidd Diana Krall Claire Martin Clair Teal Stacey Kent Kinga Heming Dinah Washington Sarah Vaughan Billie Holiday Julie London Ella Fitzgerald Nancy Wilson Carmen McRae Kay Starr  
Erica Senat:       Also see:   Mackenzie Johnson Leanne Robinson Lianne La Havas Andreya Triana Arielle Verinis Hannah-Rei Steph Johnson Jill Scott Roxanne Tataei (AKA 'Rox') Maddy Carty Emily Elbert Emily King Lisa Hannigan Sasha Keable Quadron Janelle     Monae     Leddra Chapman  
Jamilah Barry:       Also see:   Passiflora Becky Bowe Hindi Zahra Lianne La Havas  
Lucy Mason:  
Ella Henderson:  
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