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IF the Cayin team can figure out a way to make a more compact, lighter-weight (under 200g), version for IEM/CIEM users, they could have a winner on their hands.   It''s a difficult challenge - I realise that, but it could bring them a lot of success.
  I am not one of the people pointing any fingers at you, Sonyvores, but, on a mellow level, I find your above remark a bit amusing - I am 100% certain, sure, positive that Sony Japan are VERY well aware of this thread and watch the discussion carefully, without requiring an intermediary to relay any comments, herein, to them.  But perhaps you could directly ask Sony why they thought it was a good idea to put thinly-veiled sexual imagery in their promo video?     Well,...
In contrast to many (not all, but many) acrylic CIEM makers, it's standard practice to get closed-mouth impressions for silicone CIEMs.
  Yeah, the cable market is an outrageous scam, in terms of how extortionate the mark-ups are.       Depends what you need to drive with it, bearing in mind that it's only 15mw+15mw (let's not get into the whole super-capacitor discussion again )  Hopefully, it'll do the job for IEM owners, and most CIEM owners
  Maybe I'm missing something, but, other than the claimed 'native' DSD decoding, I'm struggling to see anything particularly innovative or special about that device. 6 hrs battery life is inadequate for portable use, too.
  As any man's girlfriend/wife will tell you -   "There's always room for improvement!"  
UK generally has it much worse than USA, for pricing.   And Denmark is often very very bad, too.   If the banksters aren't scamming us (well, they always are), then the corporations are.   Well, let's wait and see what happens with the ZX2 pricing.     By the way, I'm quite surprised at how much longer the ZX2 is than the ZX1. I already knew it was thicker and a bit bigger in the other dimensions, but actually seeing the 2 DAPs, side-by-side, startled me. The ZX2...
 I don't understand your logic. If the CAD or AUD is weaker than the USD, then it is also weaker against the JPY than the USD is against the JPY.  If the CAD or AUD is weaker than the USD, then for Sony to sell the ZX2 at the same dollar price in each territory quite obviously means they would not be playing fair with the open-market pricing. But we will have to wait and see what really happens. At this stage, it's speculation.    Yes, exactly.
Nice image     anyway, your description gives a whole new meaning to the term 'moth-eaten'.   Glad you achieved some success.
Quite a few of you are probably familiar with it, but since there is quite a bit of discussion in this encore thread about impressions (e.g. open-mouth / closed-mouth, and one failed set of impressions), then some of you might find the following thread helpful:
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