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Hmmm... although it sounds very similar, I don't think Wee Gee is the same as the youtube link you originally posted.
  Chord are very well aware of the limitations of bluetooth  Did you watch this video, yet? Munkonggadgets interview with John Franks, of Chord Electronics
  The spherical buttons (coloured balls) can be very slightly loose. That might be what you are hearing.
The 'About Us' section is hilarious - it's just randomly-selected clip-art of miscellaneous models, claiming to be actual members of staff, and with plenty of spelling mistakes, just for good measure:   usadiscountwarehouse.com/about/
  Looks extremely dodgy, to me. Look, they are also advertising 512gb microSD: https://usadiscountwarehouse.com/shop/512gb-micro-sd-free-shipping-free-usb-adapter/#comment-25630 I think that tells you all you need to know - these are probably fake-capacity chinese-made microSD cards, with just a few Gb of capacity, and the tables faked to read higher.
  Thankyou for the clarification, Paul - it is much-appreciated.  Would you please clarify if the same is true, or not, in relation to the Oriolus-branded DAP, in the above Erji.net picture? Cheers.
  Mmmm.. good catch...  ...but still...   the whole situation does seem rather obtuse and ambiguous
  Something doesn't add-up about this. iBasso told us, weeks ago, that the MA01 was nothing to do with them.  Now we see the MiniAudio MA01 looking extremely like this Oriolus DAP:  image credit: http://www.erji.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1936444&extra=page%3D1   It really makes me wonder who is actually making this DAP.
   I happen to know someone who feels similarly about a related tangent of the above topic: www.head-fi.org/t/702787/chord-hugo/4830#post_10634257
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