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  Not to labour the point (and I respect your right to make your own choice), but it's not so much about pressure as it is the risk of the impression material potentially adhering to the eardrum, with disastrous effects upon removal of the impression from the ear canal. If one had a digital otoscope linked to a laptop (so as to be able to see a live view of the inner ear, on a screen/monitor), then one could reliably locate the dam without assistance. Anyway, as I said, I...
  I agree. I support the premise of DIY CIEMs, but not DIY impressions. IMHO, it just isn't worth the risk of material creeping past an incorrectly-aligned self-inserted dam. Or (@ TheoS53), to put it another way, are your eardrums worth less to you than $50?  .
  Any concerns about Bisphenol A ? I'm not saying it's definitely in WS 105 Epoxy, but it is present in some epoxies, so it'd be worth checking. I realise you only used the epoxy for a positive mould, but still, if present within the epoxy, then there could, potentially, be transfer onto the surface of the ballistics gel negative mould, and from there onto the surface of the final CIEM shell.
  My advice: Cancel your creditcards before you read any further! This thread is an absolute goldmine of desirable artists/albums!
  That's fair enough. I agree with you that there is something quite unique about the way dynamic drivers portray the texture and subjective 'air movement' of sub-bass notes (and that was a significant reason for my initial interest in the MG6 Pro), although I think TOTL BA-based CIEMs are inching ever-closer to that kind of subjective experience, even if they haven't quite mimicked it yet. For the record, I did as FS suggested, and purchased some Atrios prior to ordering...
  This isn't aimed at you, alone, but just to explain: My reason for posing the question is simply that this thread has blithely led many people to buy MG6 Pros, and continues to do so, even though several head-fiers have experienced substantial issues, either with the MG6 Pro itself (and/) or with futuresonics. I'm not trying to be a PITA to anyone, but I was misled, by this very thread, to spend more than $800 (all-told) on what I personally consider to be a substandard...
  And what will he/she do if FS grind his/her MG6 Pro sockets down to half depth, so the cable pins can only insert half way, and stick out the rest..?
 Excuse me - please don't presume to speak for all futuresonics customers. If you had a good experience of them, then good for you; I'm happy for you, but some of us had an extremely poor experience with them:
Are you all using low-temperature solder and temperature-controlled soldering irons?   Just curious.   I haven't taken the plunge into DIY CIEM territory, so, for the timebeing, I'm an interested 'outsider looking in'.
  But maybe 2x harder to manufacture? Probably not, but you know what I mean It can't be easy mass-producing such tiny, fine-tolerance components.  In a way, I find it a bit odd that here we are, in the 21st century, and still the 'state of the art' in (mass-market) miniature transducers is a component that's a century old!
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