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Incidentally, in a computer as well-specified as yours, you must have a USB 3 port available - have you tried plugging the DAC into that, for troubleshooting purposes?
There's a number of possibilities - I'm not a world-expert on this issue, and I've only started with a couple of possibilities, to get the troubleshooting ball rolling.     If you can see that one of the graphs in Process Explorer is obviously hitting maximum peaks, then you can investigate (also within Process Explorer) what may be responsible.     Are you using other USB devices, on other motherboard ports, at the same time as your DAC?
It'd be worth running Windows Task-Manager  (hold down CTRL-ALT-Delete, simultaneously, and choose 'Start Task Manager')     ...to check the CPU usage graph, when you're experiencing drop-outs:    
And are you using a USB 2 or USB 3 port?
Is this with DSD, specifically, or all formats?
  To be fair, I've never seen a video of a real unicorn posted on youtube, but I have seen a video of a working DX200 prototype posted on youtube, so it doesn't seem entirely fair to imply that the DX200 is mythical: 
  There's no way I can answer that.  Let's just wait and see what reviews say, once the AK70 has been released 
  Yes.... I shouldn't really break my NDA, but I'll stick my neck out and tell you a secret - Mojo is really clockwork, not digital!
 Might be so that dealers can sell-through their existing stock without slashing their margins, after which time period, it may simply cease to be stocked any further. Only a guess.
Audeze apparently feel that Mojo drives their cans very well:  
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