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  I'm not saying there are no other reliable sources, but, as someone who has followed every single page of this thread, since it began, a year ago, I can honestly say that, by a country mile, the general consensus of opinion is that, for super-short toslink cables, appropriate for low-profile stacking Mojo with other devices, SysConcept is the first port of call, even if you don't live in the USA.
 True, but I was referring to requesting images of several different Mojo-relevant cables, from each vendor, rather than just the one. I anticipated that both vendors would be keen to have their products listed as potential purchases, for Mojo-owners, but evidently, I was wrong...
    and, bizarrely, I never received so much as a single photograph from either of them
 Fans of 'The League of Gentlemen' comedy series will know exactly what that next word/name was going to be!
 SysConcept is generally the go-to source for specialist ultra-short toslink cables, for most head-fiers. http://www.sysconcept.ca/
  Yes, that's about the situation, in my mind, too - i.e. some talk but nothing overwhelmingly-confirmed, during the almost 12 months this thread has been running. www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread-please-read-the-3rd-post/18885#post_12662861
If only there was someone from iBasso   who could just honestly tell us all, in plain English, what the score is, but it seems this thread has been a ghost-ship, undoubtedly watched by iBasso, but otherwise utterly ignored in all other senses.
Yeah, well, Mim's translation seems more accurate to me   - no company in their right mind would threaten their customers at the risk of their own sales! LOL
  What is it they say about 'Chinese whispers'?
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