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 Funny you should mention that - I use my MG6 Pros as earplugs (wires removed) just as much as I do actually connected. Works a treat for noisy tasks like routing timber, and I reckon the MG6 Pro sounds better unconnected than it does connected   (no, I'm not joking).
As ever, I'm pleased to see how simple it is for each individual to successfully choose their  'right' CIEM   
 Oh, it won't be long before iRiver make something 'more ultimate' than the AK240...  April jokes aside, it'll happen, for real. Only a matter of time. I look forward to it, not because I want an AK480 (or whatever they decide to call it, in reality), but because if the AK240 then comes down to a more sensible price, I may consider buying one.
 What about runtime? What with running the amp stage in pure class A, I would anticipate reduced runtime.
I'd forgotten this thread existed       If anyone reading this owns a D-777 or E-905 that intermittently skips whilst playing (I mean whilst not being shaken), PM me as I know the most common cause, and associated solution, from personal experience of these wonderful players.     .
Is there any general consensus, yet, on whether the RWA mod is a worthwhile venture for AK240 owners?
  There's one born every minute, and A&K know it 
  Is there somethin' you're not telling us?!:  
I was idly surfing Nat King Cole SACD remaster rips on youtube, earlier, and happened to stumble upon this, in the side-links, from 'The Voice', Russia - it's a bit OTT, but nonetheless, this lass can really sing...           The most obvious similarity is to Aretha Franklin.   Not quite the same, stylistically, but decent pipes on these ladies, too:   Patti LaBelle Bettye LaVette Alice Russell Laura White Hope Murphy Kiah Victoria   .
  Also depends, to a certain extent, on whether you're an aftermarket-cables fan or not (I'm not ) You'd have more options for aftermarket cables if you went with the old 2-pin connector.
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