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  Just to clarify your situation - is the light flashing whilst nothing is connected to the Hugo, whatsoever?  .
  I'm skeptical, but trying to be open-minded about this... Are you referring to DSD or all formats?
  I'm not one for expensive gimmicks, and I'm neither disagreeing or agreeing with the above, but, merely for the sake of discussion, it is interesting to contemplate whether the much-increased density and mass (and strength) of titanium enclosures/shells, in comparison to acrylic/resin/plastic/silicone, etc. might, on a micro-level, reduce undesirable resonances to a BA or dynamic driver chassis, and thus potentially improve the accuracy and fidelity of the reproduced...
I was listening to 'Yo Yo Ma plays Ennio Morricone', during my 7 days with the Hugo, and although I realise some may roll their eyes at this, I can tell you all, in absolute truth, that it almost moved me to tears. Really.   The Hugo made Yo Yo Ma's cello sound so sonorous that it sent shivers down my spine. I have genuinely never heard that album sound so moving.   If you doubt me, I suggest you try it for yourself.   Oh, and it was only Redbook
 Maybe sub-contracting the task to a specialist 3D-printing company?
This would fit the Hugo socket, but I once fitted one of these Neutrik 3.5mm connectors to my Denon AH-C701 IEMs and did not find it to be reliable, longterm (the strain-relief/cable grasp of the connector didn't perform very well), but if you're a light user, then it may work well for you       .
  I'm trying to see if the toslink in the 2nd image looks different only because of a dummy plug being inserted, or if the different shape is actually the chassis cutout for the socket, but it's not clear enough. My gut instinct is that it may be a round socket with a square dummy plug inserted, in which case, V2 and V3 would actually be the same version, after all.
 Yes, maybe.   We don't yet know if there really is more than one revision. There may actually be only one revision. It would be nice for Rob to chime-in and clarify about this.  It's also worth noting that Hugos are selling like hotcakes, so the chances of any old stock still being in regular retail channels is relatively slim (Custom Cable, in the UK, have some old chassis stock, but they're specifically retailing it seperately (& at a discount) from the new chassis...
OK...             I had been under the impression that there was only ever one chassis revision, but it looks like Rudi's might be an intermediate chassis revision, since yours (ALRAINBOW) appears to have fractionally more space around the circumference of the yellow coax socket. However, this might, perhaps, be an illusion, owing to the relatively low-res of Rudi's pics, so maybe there really is only one revision (incidental white/black socket colour differences,...
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