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  Thanks for the info. Please let me know (you or anyone) if you see he gets back up&running  
  AFAIK, the state of play with that is that it's a case of no-harm-to-use, and may have a mild positive effect, but no major gains anticipated or reported.
Well, if he is being inaccurate to get public exposure on youtube, let's not give him public exposure for the very same thing, here in the Mojo thread, on Head-fi, eh?  
  OK, cheers for that - seems like it really is time for me to pull that down from post #3, then...
  Congratulations, I hope you enjoy it. Regarding iPhone connection options, please see the relevant section, on connecting iDevices, in post #3  
 LOL - I'm going to bite my tongue
  I would respectfully guide people away from buying Mojos secondhand. With any portable DAC, there is the potential for dropping having occurred, or excessive leverage having been (accidentally) applied to connection sockets, etc. Just my personal opinion; not trying to rain on anyone's parade
I also recommend reading Rob's discussions, listed in post #3 -  not in order to be geeky, but because they paint a very broad picture of the nuances of Mojos operation, and the way these may interact with the subjective perception of how Mojo sounds (including why some people find Mojo becomes more impressive, to their ears/brain, over time, as opposed to necessarily being instantly impressive at first listen).
Thankyou for replying.   I just feel the whole promotion could have been handled more tactfully whilst achieving the same aims.
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