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 As I understand it, yes.   And yes, the Viento looks very interesting, too, I agree.  It's a matter of personal taste. For me, I prefer CIEMs which (as much as reasonably possible) sound spacious rather than 'in-your-head'. I find that less fatiguing to listen to. Over-ear headphones are much more capable in that regard, of course, but CIEMs suit my usage because I walk a lot. So, I like to find CIEMs which sound noticeably spacious in their presentation.  .
  Geeez.... I guess I've been busted!!  OK, OK, I admit it - I just read the part of the review that talks about sound quality!!
  Same here, but if you take a look at Lear's website, the 'buy now' button is greyed-out anyway, so now I don't feel quite so bad!
  I like a spacious sound (Miracles are very spacious), with relatively neutral levels of bass and treble, but I don't mind a slight lift in treble as long as the treble is smooth and not fatiguing, and I don't mind a slight lift in the bass, as long as it's in the sub-bass and not the mid-bass. Since the LCM4.2 has user-tunable bass, it's easy to choose a level that suits me.
The downside of the LCM4.2, for me, would be the fact that it is a ported design (those DDs need room to breathe ;-)   MG6Pro is ported, too, which significantly reduces isolation and, worse than that, they whistle when its a windy day.
Going by Joe's review, that sound-sig sounds closer to my personal taste than any other TOTL CIEM I can recall, in the past 18 months or so.   Thanks for the review, Joe!
Re'   Doreen Ketchens is indeed one talented lady! She really knows her way around a clarinet.   I also like Erika Lewis' voice (of Tuba Skinny) - she reminds me of Billy Holiday and her peers. Although they're not exactly the same, stylistically, I'd like to hear Erika Lewis and The Puppini Sisters do a collaboration.
It's cool. I still learned something from your post which I did not know before  - I had been unaware of how many different shell materials Westone offer, and kudos to them for doing so - I guess it's largely because they are a major player in the industry and because they do the bulk of their work for the clinical sector (i.e. mostly hearing aids, which are worn more continuously than CIEMs, and ear allergies/sensitivities may thus be more of an issue).
 Thanks for the elaboration, but, as far as I can tell, many of the materials offered by Westone are available only if you opt for the entire earpiece to be made from the same material. What we were discussing was a mostly-hard-acrylic shell, but with just the ear canal/tip portion being made from a softer material.
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