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 Depends how you hold it  
   I'd settle for the X7 running on 2-stroke fuel, as a compromise  
 Actually, it's incredible how far battery technology has come (although I wish it advanced more quickly). Throughout my childhood, I made radio-controlled model aircraft, of various types, and I clearly remember the point at which battery technology finally made electric-powered model helicopters viable (circa 1990), prior to which, for mass-market purposes, it was only viable to use 2-stroke glow engines. It is quite certain, however, that, currently, cellphone and DAP...
  But, in relation to the X7, a powerbank will increase the weight of what's already in your pocket - i.e. X7 + powerbank is much heavier than X7 alone. Also, powerbank is heavier and bulkier than a spare battery, since a powerbank must, in order to be capable of charging another device, be of a higher voltage, and since a powerbank must also have it's own enclosure. Also, a powerbank requires a flexible lead to be plugged into the DAP, which isn't a reliable longterm...
Regarding X7 amp module specs, Vinnie's remarks about the modifications he used to improve the AK240 sound quality are worth bearing in mind:
  If I may take the liberty of getting philosophical for a brief moment, I would suggest to you that it does not matter that your drawers are already full of CIEMs - the thing that is relevant is that continuing to create more CIEMs allows you to express your creativity and thus 'call-forth' the creative life principle within you, and that's a very healthy thing to do.  And you have my permission to use that excuse the next time your wife complains!
 I'm also guilty of that - but hey, what are New Years Resolutions for?! (& don't say 'for failing' !)
 If you post on, I'm sure you'll find some takers.   Great idea.
I can't find the quote that's somewhere in the dark recesses of my memory, but I did just find this one, which is, itself, moderately applicable, even to DIY CIEMs :     "so-called “objectivists” ... have a fine appreciation for electronic theory and measurements. Their opposites would be the “subjectivists” who emphasize the listening experience... Accusations are occasionally made that objectivists can't hear, and conversely that subjectivists hear things that aren't...
 Hey, I was only kidding!    ...but, even so, I reckon one should always trust subjective performance as much as measured performance, when appraising how well a piece of equipment reproduces audio. I think Nelson Pass (famous hi-fi amplifier designer) said something along these lines, too. P.S. Merry Christmas, everyone  .
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