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 I did. and I stand by what I said.
For any Anni-Frid Lyngstad fans, you might like Kari Bremnes:  
Although I haven't actually purchased from Minerva, I did correspond with Lee for a while, and he seemed pretty responsive, so hopefully they'll get your CIEMs sorted pronto.
I respect everyone's right to openly express their opinion about products, but it is obvious to anyone without an axe-to-grind about the Hugo, that this thread is proactively anti-Hugo.   I won't mince my words: it makes me wary.   I'm cool with people expressing negative opinions about gear I like, and, likewise, I occasionally express negative opinions about some products, too.   No product is perfect, and the Hugo is no exception, but to compare it to DACs and amps...
Megan Davies:       There are also a couple of nicely-sung 'duets' with Jaclyn Davies, but the choice of songs is appalling - just as some of the youtube comments rightly point out, the lyrics are extremely dubious. It's amazing how people cover chart hits without pausing to actually consider the meaning of the lyrics they are singing. So I won't post those duets, but, if you wish to hear the vocals, you can find the songs easily enough if you just click on the...
Emily Hackett:  
I'm really sorry, I've just taken a look on that Powerbook (and on all my USB memory sticks) and I can't see my old CIEM artwork files, so it looks like I won't be able to send you the template file, after all.   Apologies for the let-down. As you can see, I contributed many images to this thread, and I would've been happy to see you contribute some, too.   If I do find it, by chance, I will PM you, but it is unlikely.  
 Yes, I think I still have this languishing on my old Powerbook hard drive. I'll try to dig it out for you.
Something a bit different, from Austria - Mona & Lisa Wagner - AKA 'Mona Lisa Twins' are more about the full package (i.e. vocals + instrument-playing) than outright vocal perfection, but they do sing some great, close, harmonies:  [[SPOILER]]    Also see: Christie and Louise Miller - AKA 'Millers Daughter'Wilson PhillipsMama Cass 
Brianna Conroy:  [[SPOILER]]
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