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  Have you fully-inserted the optical cable connector at each end? It should make a click when it is fully pushed into the socket(s)
  I suppose that might be possible, but EAC has ripping quality pretty well covered, for the most part. There are many reasons why I dislike streaming, but you are probably right that it will become the de facto choice.  All those of you who can afford DAVE, you are lucky lucky people that, whatever digital format you prefer to listen to, you will be experiencing the bleeding-edge of what is possible in terms of playback resolution and quality
  I never said I didn't want it. It's just that so many threads on head-fi get derailed by heated debate over topics unrelated to the thread they are being posted in, thus, like it or not, Sound Science genuinely is often the best place to take those debates, and one can view that with varying degrees of relief, amusement, or even, occasionally, disdain. The fact that Sound Science does also offer some very useful unheated conversation, in its own right, is great, and...
  I agree, in principal, although environmental concerns may kill off CD as a format, even if the convenience and instantaneous gratification of digital downloads fails to put the final nail in Compact Discs coffin. It's a pity that Davina did not appear prior to CD waning in production, as I am personally a fan of CD, but I, like yourself, have a decent library of old CDs that will still improve in performance at the DAC end of the chain, with Rob's WTA tech.
  "when someone says take it to the sound Science threads"     ...it is not for the benefit of the person being sent, but for the benefit of those they leave behind, in peace, in the world of 'normal' threads!
 Sound Science threads: "Many are called, but few are chosen make it out alive/unscathed"  
  Have you tried charging Mojo while it is NOT connected to your computer, until Mojo is fully charged, and only then trying to connect to your computer? Also, please let us know what charger you are using to charge Mojo.  Cheers!
  I shouldn't spill the beans, since it may be under NDA, but I can reveal that the telepathic-control interface is nearing completion and I think it will be a very 'thoughtful' addition to Mojo.
I am not personally familiar with the X1ii, but your issue might possibly be related to firmware, which Fiio are currently trying to improve::     www.head-fi.org/t/819817/fiio-x1-ii-2nd-gen-w-bluetooth/750#post_12940625
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