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  Basic, but snappy. I would much rather have a basic-but-snappy menu system than a fancy-but-laggy menu system. One of the best DAP menu systems I've ever used (in terms of speed and playlist management, both of which, many DAPs get badly wrong) is the old iPod Classic. Had bloody-awful EQ and utterly horrendous SQ, though   This Flang DAP still has my interest.
Yeah, apologies - it's been a while since I updated the info in the optical connections section of post #3, and after I posted my reply, I checked-back and yeah.... I remember, now, that there simply aren't many ultra-short optical cables (with suitable terminations for AK -> Mojo usage) available at the moment. I thus updated my original reply.   I have to run, now, so sorry I couldn't give you the happy answer you were hoping for
  Sorry, I'm distracted with other things, this evening, so I'm rushing to answer this, hence the earlier oversights in my response - the short answer is 'No' - there are no very-neat equivalent optical cables (AFAIK) at a substantially cheaper price - Alo do a short one: http://www.aloaudio.com/portable-optical ....but the terminations are inappropriate, so adapters would be necessary, and that's an extremely bad idea with optical.  .
Thanks - yes; one of the problems with eBay is that the listings go out of date, periodically. However, even if I update now, it'll inevitably go out of date again and again   Please let me know how you get on with your L21 + adapter
   Personally, I would prefer not to use an adapter, but, as long as the centre pin of the L21 RCA is used as the 'signal', and not the 'ground', then yes, the combination you propose could work successfully, with X3ii, X5ii, and X7.   Post #3 contains some links and pics :  Fiio x3ii, X5ii, and X7 owners, please note: www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread-please-read-the-3rd-post/14070#post_12442957MoonAudio offer suitable cablesCustom-Cable also offer...
For any newcomers who are unsure what to make of the past page or so of discussion, please be aware that there are two different discussions going on simultaneously, about different 3.5mm connector types (and associated adapter options), for 2 entirely different purposes.     One discussion relates to a cable to digitally connect a Fiio X3mk2 or X5mk2 DAP to Mojo, via co-axial     The other discussion relates to an analogue cable to connect a headphone with a...
  I'm sorry; that's not something I'm familiar with, here on head-fi. Can you please provide an in-depth technical explanation of what you mean?  
Remember be very careful about connection compatibility with the gen 2 Fiio DAPs. They really do have an illogical signal path, so I would personally avoid trying to use adapters and the like - far better to get a cable wired specifically for the purpose:   www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread-please-read-the-3rd-post/16320#post_12518193           PS: 1200 page milestone just reached...
[[SPOILER]]  http://www.head-fi.org/t/766517/chord-electronics-dave/3075#post_12598578 .
  As are millions of teenage boys, the world over
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