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 Maybe A&K have a grudge against $599 competitors pulling the wheels of their $3000+ gravy train?
  Sigh... YET AGAIN, one is expected to sell one's soul to Facebook in order to be able to enter a competition...    No offence, guys. It just gets wearing that almost every competition in the industry involves Facebook, There are plenty of audio fans who refuse (with very good reason) to sign-up with that corporation, and it does lead to them feeling like second-class citizens whenever a competition comes around. I've said the same thing to Fiio (and others), in the...
 It's your player software not decoding the content EDIT:  x RELIC x beat me to it    Incidentally, some of this post is interrelated with your question, warrior1975 .
I wouldn't normally do this, but, for the sake of Mojo-owners...   I noticed this just listed: www.head-fi.org/t/806272/astell-kern-ak100-mk2
From facebook...  
  When you were a child, and you had a scab on your knee, your teacher told you not to pick it, or you'd make it worse, but what did you do? Some 'adults' are the same with audio gear.  
   To my ears, Mojo sounds slightly smoother than Hugo (that is not a criticism of Hugo), and slightly less-airy than Hugo (that is not a criticism of Mojo). What Hugo and Mojo unmistakably share in common is a sense of authority to the music, an amazing realism to the timbre, foot-tapping rhythm and timing, and surprising ability to make Redbook sound really stunning. Mojo does not lack in power, compared to Hugo.  Anyone familiar with either of these DACs will...
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