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You're welcome, and I'm glad to help, but the truth is, I've benefited as much as anyone, from this thread, from the many excellent recommendations. It's an absolute goldmine of female vocal talent - I only wish I had a goldmine to pay for all this music!  
I like that it's Linux, and not flippin' Android - should therefore be a much leaner and cleaner DAP OS.
   Also see Stacey Kent, Dana Lauren, and there are some related recommendations here:  .
  Regarding BA drivers: (re-posted from here: )    Also see: I must admit, there seems to be a little ambiguity as to whether or not the 'rear' side of a standard BA diaphragm is exposed to outside air pressure or not - the first video seems to imply that it is, yet I know that some CIEM...
  The hypothesis seems plausible to me, to a degree, but it fails to take into account whether or not the BA drivers themselves are vented. If not vented, then it falters to a significant (though not 100% absolute) extent.
  Damn... I was out by $4 
  Yes, yes, I know high-res screens aren't important for a DAP, but the screen I was talking about looks to have an absurdly low-res screen - I mean it looks equivalent to a Nokia screen from more than a decade ago! That actually rings alarm bells to me about corners perhaps being cut elsewhere in the DAPs choice of components.
At that outrageous price, it'd be worth getting a demo rather than jumping in, 'sight-unseen'     By coincidence, there was a little discussion about this, recently, in the  DIY IEM thread:
Screen looks like a depressingly low resolution, but other than that, looks basically OK, overall, to me.
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