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 Don't know 100% for sure, but it looks like standard translucent acrylic, with some fine glitter added after the liquid acrylic has been placed on the faceplate mould, and then carefully swirled around, so as to not spread the glitter evenly throughout the entire faceplate. I suppose it's possible some lighter translucent blue acrylic may have been stirred in, too, to increase the variation between different areas... Interested to hear others' interpretations, too.  .
 With a tear in his eye
 The prototype:      became:  (rear view)(front view)  I dare say it may change a bit more prior to going into production, but probably not too much.  .
Steven, as per KT66's post. we need you to clarify exactly what type of device you need.   However, if your requirements happen to be for a self-sufficient DAP rather than a DAC-Amp + transport, then, alongside the HM901s, you could also consider some alternative forthcoming DAPs:   Lotoo PAW Gold Questyle QP1 Acoustic Research AR-M2 Fiio X7   Please note that none of this is intended to dissuade you from buying an HM-901s - I'm only mentioning them since you...
 Yep, I reckon Mim' was right - that still sounds like it's to do with women!  
Congratulations; glad you like it, Tupac.       However, I still haven't seen any reason, anywhere, to convince me that the SE5 Ult legitimately deserves to cost approx €350 more than the SE5 Ref.     I welcome being educated on the reason(s) (if any...), if anyone knows.
  I didn't try bluetooth on the Hugo, but, to be fair about this, Rob & John never intended the Bluetooth function to be a full-on hi-fi experience. It was just a convenient bonus feature that Rob considered worthy of inclusion, for its convenience. They have never misled anyone into believing that the Hugo Bluetooth function is for serious audiophile purposes. That's more a limitation of the limited bandwidth of the protocol than it is a limitation of the DAC capabilities.       I'm becoming increasingly optimistic about the QP1 Pro - really looking forward to hearing it.     Now, look very carefully at the images below - do you notice anything that wasn't obvious in the CES photos, on page 1 of this thread?           ...did you see it?     Look at the center of the scrollwheel. So now we finally know that there is a hardware...
 I'm watching but not seeing anything....
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