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  Well, at least they did something right.  Now, if only they'd also quit the obnoxious price-hiking and if only they'd quit using their awful S-Master chips, this might have been a potentially-relevant high-end DAP.      I'm sure you know it was mentioned 18 months or so, ago, but I agree it's been a relatively long time coming. It could easily have been implemented on the ZX2, but I feel Sony were just being lazy re-hashing the ZX1 into the ZX2 (in my...
   I understand your irritation, and I'm not dismissing it - but a little perspective on the situation is appropriate.  As any electronics engineer will tell you, signal processing makes power demands, and since Mojo has vastly more processing power than most DACs (portable or desktop), that inevitably has to come at some thermal cost. Why do you think notebooks dissipate so much heat? The trade-offs between processing power and heat-dissipation are a major challenge...
  Not to downplay the legitimacy of your irritation, but did you try turning Mojo on its edge? This makes a substantial difference to the efficiency of thermal radiation.
  From post #3 \ Detailed & in-depth Information on Mojo, by Rob Watts (Mojos designer) \ Informative posts by Rob Watts \ Is Mojo FPGA code the same as Hugo?:   [[SPOILER]]
  No, the current sub-$100 module does not include SD expansion or Bluetooth Aptx. That will be a much more complex module, and will inevitably cost substantially more. ETA is not yet known, as it is currently under intense development.
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  I would anticipate RF susceptibility to be a far bigger differentiating factor, between different digital connection cable designs. What concerns me is people stating that 'silver has this effect upon the sound' of an analogue cable, and then intentionally or unintentionally transferring that belief and applying it to say 'silver has this (same) effect upon the sound' of a digital cable.  That's not directly aimed at Delayeed. My intention, here, is simply to inject a...
I know most of you already know this, but just to be clear, for newcomers to head-fi, who might be reading this, the alleged differences in sound, in relation to different metals used in audio connection cables, is not necessarily the same for an analogue connection cable as it may be for a digital connection cable.
Hidizs AP60 and Shanling M1 are alternatives to a mini-Android phone, if you don't require smartphone functionality. Both should function with Mojo, via USB.
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