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 No harm in dreaming!  LOL
  Maybe we will get 1x SD slot for each month we have to wait
No, this is paw skills :                 Back to the PAW Gold -   that talk of a companion amp sounds a little too much like people projecting AK thinking onto Lotoo.   Considering that the PAW Gold is damn-near impossible to get hold of in the Western hemisphere, these days, I can't imagine why Lotoo would invest in R&D and production for a companion to a product they already appear disinclined to keep available to the market.
   Chord cannot officially recommend the use of 30-pin i-Devices, with Mojo, but it seems some people have succeeded in using them: (bold emphasis added by me)  I am struggling to find an appropriate adapter to suit your needs, on Apple.com, as it seems they have removed it, at the link eenecho provided:   However, I can see it still listed on Apple's UK site, although it is stated as...
  1) Do you mean the Mojo HARDWARE is making a clicking noise, or do you mean you can hear a clicking sound in the audio signal Mojo is producing? 2) What device are you feeding Mojo with? (laptop, smartphone, etc,)
   Yes, that does look like a Fiio L17, which is less than ideal, but, as discussed a few times before, in this thread, may, perhaps, serve a turn, for an iBasso or Mk 1 X3i, X5i (not Mk2 X3ii, X5ii, or an X7 !) Fiio DAP: 
[[SPOILER]]   No, it's still there, 4 pages back:  [[SPOILER]]     PS: if you'd like to be singled-out for unfair treatment by the mods, with random un-called-for post-deletions, I can find out if that could be arranged!   
I think the module should include a switch to set it to 'stun'   (it may stun, even without the switch, but the Trekkie nerds will know what I mean )
also try asking here:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/541494/multi-custom-in-ear-monitor-review-resource-mfg-list-discussion-check-first-post-for-review-links-information
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