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  It's not the switch that bothers me - it's the potential of unnecessary components on the circuitboard, polluting the purity of the circuitry and the signal, and/or complicating the efficiency of the firmware. Totally unnecessary (and bad for your hearing, especially if you listen with sealed IEMs/CIEMs, as increased bass leads to increased excursion of the eardrum, and increased physical stimulation of the cilia in the cochlea). 
  I sincerely hope not!    
 As someone who has recommended James Taylor and ABBA songs, on head-fi, I can say you're in good company, Peter!  Remember what I said, earlier, in this very thread?: www.head-fi.org/t/802832/mojos-greatest-hits/15#post_12472377  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ynttgx6lNL4 Nice percussion on this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8ayMmM4mmo I've a lot of respect for JT's attitude towards recording engineering - it is scarcely believable, given the sound quality,...
  Mojo very rarely requires that long to charge. Please read, and follow, the thread title. There is a huge amount of information there, including discussion of charging times, and other aspects.
Even my old Cowon J3 handles 64gb microSD cards, and they didn't even exist when the J3 hardware and firmware was being designed.   You have my sympathy, if what you say is correct, Martyn - I'm just glad the player didn't cost you over a hundred quid, so that's some (admittedly small) comfort
  You have an interesting hypothesis, there. I hope, for everyone's sake, that you're wrong, but what you're suggesting is definitely plausible... Please let us all know what you find out, about this.
Well, it's nice to see everyone is so positive pessimistic today!   Cheer-up, you miserable gits!       I agree that it'd be nice to see DAP prices gradually decrease, and we certainly have a lot to legitimately blame iRiver for, with the upwards price spiral, in recent years, but, at the same time, I can't help smiling at your remark, because I don't recall you complaining much about Sony's ZX2, when they slapped lipstick and gold/copper-plating on the ZX1 and added a few...
Ahh, AGPTEK IMP....     Not sure about that one, as it's so new to market.
  Might be a DAP set to manual (rather than automatic) indexing; in which case, you might need to invoke indexing, in one of the menus. Alternatively, you might have a player that is fussy with the way it reads file tags, and the second batch of CDs you ripped might have been tagged differently (or not at all). But it might just as easily be that neither of the above possibilities are correct - it very much depends on which particular DAP you happen to have. 1) What model...
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