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Thankyou for replying.   I just feel the whole promotion could have been handled more tactfully whilst achieving the same aims.
Still don't give a damn about your artists' feelings, I see, @Chesky Records
  I've always been upfront that EAC isn't the best for tagging. Regarding clicks, you must (must) setup the Read Sample Offset correctly.    It's not a perfect world - no perfect ripper yet exists - I personally prefer to prioritise rip quality first, tagging second, but that is more hassle than most people are prepared to tolerate. Anyhoo, this is drifting a little off-topic  
noticed something in the Headphone/CIEM classifieds, this evening, which might be of interest to someone reading this thread (unconnected to me - just saw it, randomly)
 interface might be more user-friendly, but it doesn't mean it's as good or better when it comes to actual ripping quality. EAC can be set as paranoid as the user wants it to be, which can be very handy for many discs.
 Cool. I'll add it to post #3 if you find it works as it should
[[SPOILER]]   Yeah, but ABBA sing in English, even though they are Swedes. It's anyone's guess what language Adele 'sings' in, but it definitely isn't English!   I'll go even further, and say that, frankly, anyone playing Adele through Mojo should be made to forfeit their Mojo and settle for a lesser DAC    (ducks and waits for the inevitable backlash!)
The question of ball colour has already been answered!   It's not really a 'problem'
Be careful with the Puppini Sisters albums - you should really listen to them first, as they are a mixed bag
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