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  Look in the relevant section, entitled 'Device Performance Measurements', within post #3 of the main Mojo thread
  LOL - let's give them a chance to get Mojos Poly completed, first, eh?
 Ooops. Mimouille didn't realise there's a secret webcam in his house...
  Mehh... Buddy Rich was OK, but if you wanna see real drumming check this guy out:   
  You can also find them fitted to many ordinary USB cables. Sometimes they are permanently attached to the PVC sleeve, but sometimes they are just clipped-on, so you might get lucky and be able to find one and un-clip it from the cable, to clip onto your cable. But I'm sure you can buy ferrite cores somewhere in Sweden - I'm certain of it.
 I'm totally fine with that.
 I want a DAP of this DAP!  
  Hold on a moment - I understand what you are driving at (really do 'get' it), but until such time as the product hits the shelves, and consumers are actually putting their hands into their wallets, all your posturing is just that.    It is very near to completion, but until it actually hits the shelves we won't know the full extent of the final performance.  You said it.
 Again, I'm not saying all of your questions are unjust - I am merely saying give them a chance to finalise the product before they finalise the data pertaining to the product. Yes, they have demoed a version of the product, but the product is still being refined.   A version of the product exists already, but it is still being refined.  You may very well receive performance measurements when the final product is ready for measurement to be undertaken.  However, are you...
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