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 Fair enough. There is some truth in what you said. I take no offence from what you said. My criticism of iRiver hasn't changed because iRiver's attitude towards their customers hasn't changed. I'm unsubscribing from this thread, as I agree that it is repetitive (not just because of me ), but I will share another thread with you before I leave: http://www.head-fi.org/t/769793/astell-kern-scamming-me  All the best, and no hard feelings  
  There are a couple of VE6-related threads I'm aware of, but you'll have to dig around,using the 'search' function within each thread - if you happen to be unfamiliar with where that is, it can be seen in this old screen grab (sorry, couldn't be bothered to re-do it ):   http://www.head-fi.org/t/717734/vision-ears-ve6-xc-opinions-and-feedback  http://www.head-fi.org/t/682142/vision-ears-and-rhines-custom-monitors-formerly-compact-monitors .
I knew there was something familiar about that Angel Snow melody ... then I realised the same track was covered by Alison Krauss, on her 'Paper Airplane' album     FWIW, I like both versions  
It's funny, but I reckon iRiver may have missed a trick, with the AK380.   They've designed it specifically to interact with an external amp module.   ...however, they could have made it more compact, with no internal amp module at all, and made a range of external amp modules, such that stacking an amp module would have yielded a more compact result than the AK380 currently is when stacked.   And, if they were willing to forgo proprietary connections for the module,...
   Ian, you and I have never even PM'd, yet you have stated, virtually point-for-point what I recently outlined in a private discussion with someone else engaged in this thread (with several witnesses CC'd in that PM discussion, incidentally). I'm not saying this to propagate further negativity, but merely to acknowledge that you are not alone in your above outlook. I appreciate that it can be frustrating for iRiver fans to see their favourite brand repeatedly...
...actually, speaking of the DX100....   I wonder if there is any activity in iBasso's skunkworks, to bring a replacement for the DX100?   Or perhaps iBasso have gone to sleep, after releasing the DX90 and pulling the DX100 (I hope not!)     Things have been extremely quiet in iBasso land, this past few months.
  IMO, that DAP should appropriately be compared against trans-portable stacks, since it is so rediculously heavy for a supposedly 'pocket' DAP device. I'm sure it sounds nice, but it's not really fair to compare it to much lighter (and more compact) DAPs. The Lotoo PG is already tipping the scales too far, at 280g, but tries to claw-back some credibility with exceptional build quality and fairly compact dimensions (except thickness, I suppose). HM901 and DX100 are also...
  I have seen this type of screen issue many times with old monochrome-screen mobile phones (e.g. the old Nokias, before smartphones were on the market) - with those phones, most of the time it tended to be an issue with the spongy connector that connected the screen to the pins on the circuitboard. In other words, it was often a simple fix, and not an actual screen fault. However, I have also owned a Powerbook G4, which had vertical lines running up the screen, and this,...
  LOL - yeah....   and we both know the CIEM addicts will totally, utterly, completely, absolutely 100% ignore that last sentence!  Just another gold nugget to add to their collection!
  Could this be a relay in the device, to disengage output during power-up and power-down of the amp circuit? (to protect transducers and human ears from damage due to loud 'thuds'/'pops')
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