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 The point is that, from a certain standpoint, PONO appear to be 'baiting-&-switching', knowing that less well-read members of the public will fall for it, hook, line & sinker. PONO are pointing to highly-compressed files (such as those from iTunes) and implying that PONO files will be fantastic sound quality, since they are 24/192, but that totally overlooks the fact that mastering quality is an even more important factor, time goes on, many of us are becoming...
  Because there's too much misleading B$, hot air, smoke & mirrors, that's why. PONO isn't the groundbreaking thing it is being hyped to be. If Neil and his chums would cut all the misleading hype (the innerfidelity link makes a worthwhile stab at this), then far fewer people would regard the venture with negativity. PONO is NOT "new and different"; it's just pretending to be, and that rightly irritates those of us who aren't gullible enough to swallow the PR. 
  That's a good question, but, if you look at the above link, you'll see this:  To me, that seems to quite firmly imply that Neil will be including Omnifone's existing music catalogue within the PONO offering. But, I suppose, we could find PONO being represented as a seperate 'section' (or pseudo/virtual-'Record Label') within the larger Omnifone catalogue, thus retaining some differentiation. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but there's zero excitement about PONO...
Interesting.   I thought the whole point of PONO was that every Hi-Res music release in the PONO ecosystem would be vetted by Neil Young as being truly fit-for-purpose (I'm not saying they've directly stated this, but their PR does seem to at least imply that Neil is making a very specific effort to ensure genuine Hi-Res sound quality of PONO content).   We all know there is a lot of dubious content being hawked as 'Hi-Res', when it's just upsampled or poorly-mastered...
this thread is for discussion of a TRANSPORT, not a conventional DAP, not an iPod, not a DAC, not a hard drive     .
Nah, your phase anomalies are just because you accidentally left a chunk of Blu Tack on your measuring mic!  
  Maybe you're just not using a big enough chunk of Blu Tack    (stupid timing doesn't work properly for the link, so you'll need to skip forwards to 6:40 position in the video) Fortunately, you won't have an air-head reporter sticking a microphone in your face so you can't see the components you're trying to assemble!    more vids here: .
I must say, I did find the Stage 2/3/4 demos very musical (even though they were far from reference, in terms of freq response).   I'm interested to hear the Stage 5
Stop, stop!   Don't you realise this is the thin end of the wedge?     If you carry on like this, it won't be long before people start arguing over what 'gender' their headphones are! (that'll no doubt have something to do with the connector type if they have removable cables, and there'll be lots of insecure male owners who need an adapter to achieve 1/4" plug size at the other end!)     ...whatever happened to just enjoying the music..?
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