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  But can that kind of distortion be reduced by doubling or quadrupling the number of bass drivers, so as to reduce the per-driver excursion requirement for any given equivalent SPL?
 Headphone-output-stage impedance variations might be a factor.  12 is a lot of drivers, and I'm confident they're not all being run in series. Parallel configs can substantially influence impedance. I always noticed the UM Miracle (whose impedance curve dips lower than some other CIEMs) could sound less refined in the treble and weaker in the bass, when driven by, for example, the Cowon J3, which admittedly doesn't deliver much current (29mw pc @ 16 ohm, iirc), but I...
 Blu-Tack, externally applied?
LOL - why is this thread still being dragged-on, even though it has rigor mortis?     Here's the new one dedicated to the AR-M2 (Mim', I know you already know this)
IMO (and it's only my opinion), the AR-M2 'needs' to have some form of digital-out (for external DAC/DAC-Amp purposes) or it will lose lots of potential customers.   So much so, that if it's possible to implement in firmware, via the USB connector, I would even go as far as to suggest that the product release be delayed until that functionality is successfully incorporated into the firmware, or a bullet-proof guarantee given, that the functionality absolutely definitely...
  Haha - busted!!    In spite of my challenging remarks, I still appreciate you taking the time to post a video for us all, and I'm sure others appreciate it, too.
  Don't take it personally. I'm getting at your outlook upon DAP usage, not getting at you as a person  It's just exasperating, sometimes, for pocket DAP users to see such skewed usage priorities by some people who use DAPs barely any differently than they could just use a fullsize desktop unit. One would imagine, from your review, that you use DAPs to sit at a desk or walk around the house (I'm not saying that's absolutely the case, but it's just how your video comes...
   "'ve got a few buttons on the side, but...generally...nah, I have never used these on the side, I mean these buttons are there, but I use the screen a lot more - I'm not sure, really, why they're there..."  Typical cans user. Phil, it's a DAP, for goodness' sake, not a desktop unit!  I can't take any DAP review/overview seriously that dismisses the validity of hardware buttons. It's just absurd.
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