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This is why I push the Asus Xonar DG (PCI), comes with a decent headphone amp. (up to 120-150-Ohm?) and has Dolby Headphone 5.1 and Analog speaker 5.1 And is so low cost, as low as $20 (after mail in rebate, U.S.A. only) The Xonar DX would offer better sound for analog speaker 5.1, more Op-Amps (Operational Amplifiers) over the DG    
Rumor has it that the DT-770 32-Ohm has the least amount of bass. The DT-770 32-Ohm is not the Pro series, just the DT-770 80 and 250-Ohm come in Pro. I believe the Premium DT-770 ("home version") comes in 32, 250 and 600-Ohm (not 80-Ohm). The Premium has slightly less clamping force then the Pro. The DT-770 Pro 80-Ohm have the most bass, nice quality bass.    
I'm going to guess the 80-Ohm will work with just about any source. My 80-Ohm works just fine with my Asus Xonar DX.    
Personally, I'm surprised the Xonar DX works well with the DT-880 250-Ohm. My Xonar DX barely powers my DT-770 Pro 250-Ohm, with all volumes max out, sound level is around 3/10   Xonar DX verses Xonar DG, not sure.
Superlux HD-668B (56-Ohm), semi-open headphones.
Superlux HD-668B, semi-open, leaks very little Superlux HD-669 closed Both are decent and well under your budget.    
Where on Amazon did you find an Audio Technica ATH-A900 for $113    
I once owned some refurbished Sony XB500, mushy bass, mushy pads, weird vocals. Find some refurb (on eBay) Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80-Ohms, good bass. I do not think you will find very may fans of "Beats" headphones on this forum.
Beyerdynamic U.S.A. ebay listing is "bd-usa".  
Save a few dollars, get a refurbished DT-770 Pro 80-Ohm (bassy), off eBay, sold by Beyerdynamic U.S.A. And a cheap ($50) single tube headphone amplifier, off eBay.   Total final price is around $150-$180.
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