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Personally, I would stick with the Xonar amp. For improvement in sound, I would spend $150 for a tube amp.  
The website Rockgrotto is a site were they talk about and display modifications to these headphone amps.   I've bought two of those single tube amps. First one is the Muse 6922EH which has worked fine, then bought the Indeed MK2 6922EH. (both Muse & Indeed easily power my 250-Ohm headphones) Indeed looks like they are willing to get feedback from their customers and...
I liked my DT-770 Pro 80-Ohms so much, I went and bought the DT-770 Pro 250-Ohm version. and I still use my AD700s for easy and relaxing stuff.    
Things I've found out, the Canare F12,on the plug in part, the tip is left channel, the center section (between the 2 green lines) is the right channel and the last part is the ground. So on the back, the long part that sticks out, I believe that's were you wire the grounds. For wiring the right and left channels. I believe the little pin that sticks out from the center is the right channel and the ring that goes around it is the left channel.   This might...
So? you want us to give you our opinion on your headsets?
  A good quality PS (power supply) might feed an STX more stable power, over a cheapo $19.95 no name. (I've had fairly good luck with those cheapo PS....mostly). Nothing wrong with spending extra dollars for a quality PS. But what would i know, I've only been building and repairing Windows PC for 15 years
At the price range your looking at, you can get headphones with heavy bass, but it's not a quality bass, more like a mushy thump. The HD-668Bs have decent bass, but should offer decent all around sound. I like the  HD-668Bs semi-open design. I believe Superlux "borrowed" AKG designs for the cups. There are some threads dedicated to Superlux, read them. JVC RX headphone make you look like a Cyberman, but good bang for the buck.    
The Xonar DX (or DS) is not listed as coming with a headphone amplifier, but my DX works just fine with my DT-770 Pro 80-Ohm headphones. Sound card costing around a $140 (or more) usually come with dedicated headphone amplifier. The Xonar DG ($30) is the only cheaper card that comes with a dedicated (decent?) headphone amplifier.    
I really like the sound quality of my CALs (Creative Aurvana Live), wish I had not stepped on them. The cup is on the small side, barely fits around my ear.    
I like to push the Superlux HD-668B. About as low cost as you can get for decent headphones Or the JVC HA-RX700s.
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