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If your willing to spend $53, your can get Superlux HD-668B semi-open headphones.    
You could all ways replace your Xonar DX with the Xonar Essence STX (and upgrade the STX's headphone op-amps). There are lots of low cost single tube headphone amplifiers on eBay ($45-$120).
It's about your only choice.  
Asus sound cards come with installation instructions.    
There are some threads on this forum for doing modifications on the RX700/RX900 I own the RX900s, but have not used them in a year (they are in pieces for modifications). The RX900s has more bass and better pads then the RX700. The RX900 is 64-Ohm, the RX700 is 48-Ohm To keep costs down, you get the RX700 and a low cost sound card like the Asus Xonar DG. Personally I would get the RX900s over the RX700s    
First time I've ever seen them.
It would help if you told us what the headphones are going to be plugged into. Will it be an mp3 player (Ipod?), headphone amplifier?, computer (what sound card?). Details please.    
Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250-Ohm (such nice sound) Superlux HD-668B (because it's the best bang for the buck) Audio Technica ATH-AD700 (great for laid back easy listening)
If you want good analog 5.1 speaker setup, then get the DX, if all your going to be doing is headphone, get the DG (the DG can still do analog 5.1 speaker, just not as good as the DX) Right now I'm setting a someone else's computer which has the Xonar DG installed, using Superlux HD-668Bs (56-Ohm), listening to assorted music, With the DG, you can select the Impedance to match the headphones, the DX does not have that feature. So save a few dollars for now and get the DG,...
I've been out of PC gaming for about 8 years, I get PC games for Christmas and birthdays, but they sit on a shelf. I use the 250-Ohm hooked to my Onkyo receiver for late night T.V. or DVD/Blu-ray movies or use a small single tube amp. which also allows me to use the 250-Ohm with my computer (Xonar DX). So I really do not use the 80-Ohm anymore. Got a used Asus Xonar Essence STX this week, now I can plug the 250-Ohms directly into my sound card.    
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