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People seem to like Littie Dot, search on ebay for "headphone tube amplifier", check "feedback". see what customers have to say.    
I ordered my HD-668Bs from AudioHipster, I believe Greenfly has higher shipping charges. But whatever works for ya.
Denon D2000, $230 looks like the best price anywhere. Everyone seems to like their D2000s (who own them)   Have you checked out the Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250-Ohm, I really like them. On eBay, about $60-$65 cheaper then the Denon D2000 But they need an amplifier that can handle 250-Ohms well.
I once had refurb Sony XB500s, mushy bass, mushy pads, weird vocals. I gave them to my sister for free, so I would not feel guilty. I really know nothing about the other two headphones.  
CALS (Creative Aurvana Live). Denon AH-D1001 (old model) Denon AH-D1100
I've have two of those "ebay China" tube amplifiers, not something to buy if you care about warrenties, if they stop working, it's easier to throw them away and buy new, then having  to ship it back to China. Not that easy to find replacement AC/DC adapters, It's costing me $18 and a two week wait for shipping from China. And you have to open them up and do adjustment to the voltages (two small Philips head screws) to get best sound (it's $6 for a digital multimeter for...
Audio Technica ATH-A900s, they are only 40-Ohms, so they work well with any source. Not a heavy bass headphone, but if you wearing headphones for long periods, I'm assuming you do not want to fatigue your ears with lots of heavy bass. And they are selling for half your budget. Lots of reviews for this headphone on Head-Fi.   You can get a low cost ($50) single tube headphone amplifier, off eBay, ships from China. Tube amplifiers add some "warmth" to...
Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80-Ohm, Sometimes you can find refurbished (or used) ones for a good price. Nothing wrong with buying them new.   I'm assuming your looking at closed headphones, for the better bass.
First off, the Samson SR850 are made by Superlux. The SR850 uses the same cans (shells) as the HD-668B, so they are both semi-open. The HD-668B is 56-Ohms, the SR850 is 32-Ohms. The HD-668B has a detachable cord, it comes with a 3 foot and 10 foot cord. The SR850 cord is not detachable.   I would guess it would only be worth replacing the Fiio E5 if you were willing to spend maybe $100 or more for an solid state amp. You can get low cost ($50) single tubs amplifiers off...
I'm dumb, what's a PMP? And what is you budget?  
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