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Just replaced my two 2114Ds with two LME49860NAs in my Essence STX. They work fine and sound good, can't say I can hear the difference between the 2114Ds and the LME49860NAs. The difference might be there, but it takes five minutes to change the chips. If I had two Essence STX, I could switch between the two in a few seconds, to better compare. It was worth it for the $12.00.
Really do not need to buy a separate headphone amplifier with the Xonar DG. the D2 is better the the DG, but you should do ok with the DG. There should be some really good prices on higher end sound cards about a month before Christmas and maybe newer model cards. A nice external headphone amplifier would be nice, but i would think you would have to spend 75-100 Euros's to make it have a real differents over the DG.    
PCI-E is short for PCI-Express PCI and PCI-E slots do look a lot like each other, PCI has been around for longer, 10-15 years? All PCI slot are the same length and sit 1/4 of an inch closer to the back of the case, compared to the PCI-E The PCI have a notch in the slot opposite from the back of the case PCI-E have been around for around 5-7 years? PCI Express (X16) slots are usually a little longer then a PCI slot. There are also very short PCI Express slots (X1 or...
At full volmue it was not loud enough to hurt my ears, but loud enough that it's not what any normal person would listen at. I would not think anyone would run the volume at more then 60% for any long period of time. I'm listening to 1812 Overture at 60% right now, most people would be more likely to be at around 45%-50% volume level. Modern graphic cards use PCI-Express slots. The Xonar DG uses the PCI slot, 95% of all motherboard made will have one or more PCI slots.    
Get the Asus Xonar DG sound card (PCI), they are low cost and should improve the sound of any headphones over the on-board sound. I'm going to guess the Xonar DG should be able to power headphones up to 100-Ohms. Also the DG comes with Dolby, which should improve the sound of your movies.
So I'm sitting in front a computer with the Xonar DG, using the DT-770 80-Ohm cans, listening to the 1812 overture and Britney Spear I Wanta Go. The DG has no problem powering the DT-770 Pro 80-Ohm cans. listening with volume control at 50%. So save some money, get the DG.    
If there is a card, it would be very very rare.    
I'm going to do a fresh comparison between the 80 and 250 later today.  
Denon AH-D1100 refurbished Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80-Ohm    
Tell you what, I'll retest my two Beyerdynmics, with my three different sources, Essence STX, 6922EH single tube amp. and Onkyo receiver.    
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