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Astro Mixamps are sometimes for sale in the "amplification on sale" thread. Usually also find them on eBay.    
The Xonar DG headphone amplifier is really just an extra chip built in to the card, so the card has the same kind of mini stereo jacks (3.5mm) as on the Xtreme Music. So you will plug in your headphones just like you do on the Xtreme Music. The Asus Xonar DG is the only low cost sound card with a built in headphone amplifier. The new Creative labs Titianium HD has a built in headphone amplifier (I'm assuming the amplifier is better the the DG), best price on the Titanium...
Samson SR850 are made by Superlux.    
I'm sure he was referring to the Audio Technica ATH-AD500. At the price range you have, you not going to get great all around headphones. I do not believe the Superlux HD-668Bs would clamp hard enough to hurt your glasses.    
Experiment, try a pair of the LME49990NA, I was thinking of trying them next.    
Sorry the HD-668Bs did not work out, personally I find the clamp just right. Some people add Velour pads to the HD-668B, I'm assuming it makes for a softer feel. AKG K240, K241 Velour replacement pads will work on the HD-668B.    
Yep, just connect the headphone amplifier to the "line 1" jack on the sound card and in the control panel set output to "2 Speaker". This will give you 2.0 stereo output to the headphones amplifier.   You could also just buy an Asus Xonar DG sound card which come with a decent built in headphone amplifier. But it does not come with native EAX 5.0 support, it does try to "emulate" EAX 5.0. The Xonar DG does come with Dolby Headphone 5.1    
I second the Asus Xonar DG For a headphone, Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80-Ohm, for bass heads.
You can add a low cost sound card like the Asus Xonar DG, has a built in (decent) headphone amplifier. Should work just fine with headphones up to 100-Ohms If you really like bass in your music and want to block outside noise get closed head phones. Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80-Ohms are great for bass heads.   I like to use low cost ($60) single tube headphone amplifiers, sold on eBay, shipped from China. But you need to spend $6 on a Digital multimeter and a...
I the pads you have listed are not Velour, just regular replacement pads, the Velour pads usually sell for $35 plus shipping (from Europe) The stock pads on the HD-668Bs are nothing fancy, but for the price headphones, they seem to do a decent job (I'm wearing the HD-668Bs right now) About the best price (including shipping) you can usually get for the HD-668Bs is around $53.    
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