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I'm thinking about taking a T amp I have laying around (Lepai or Topping) and wiring both channels into an old tower speaker. Should it work so that the speaker would play both channels correctly without causing damage/fire?   If so, I'd like to put this combo somewhere in the house for background sound like podcasts and NPR, etc. Please, educate an ignorant man!?
Nice. I wonder how this stacks up to the HDP. I like the price much better--I thought about getting a HDP, but I was wanting a more affordable price. Pretty cool, guys.
The Audiophiliac did a basic review. He likes them!
Hey yo, so can the coax and RCA output simultaneously, or does one override the other? I'm thinking of having coax go to my receiver when the occasion strikes.
I"d love to hear from anyone who has the Paradigm Shift A2. I enjoy my Audioengine 5, but I still wonder.
I've found myself oddly content of late with my stock Compaq speakers. I think I'm done for now with the audio game. Who else?
Yo, K-Mart be stepping their game up! Imagine my surprise, browsing their electronics to find the classic Koss Porta Pro, their KSC-75 siblings, and even the JVC FX101 and their brother the FR201. Both were competitively priced with online sellers ($19.99 and $29.99, respectively).   Is K-Mart becoming an unlikely friend to the humble audiophile? I say, fruity-tooty yee-haw!
Thank you, to the gentlemen who attempted to help me replace the rubber tip on my SHE3580. I tried putting them at an angle, I tried flicking it over while grabbing a small section, but eventually I just grabbed some larger tips that went on with a breeze. But I may eventually come back to the stock tips and try out the heating advice or lubrication. Good advice all around.   Seriously, though, should you need a Bachelor's Degree to put the stock tips on?
I took the rubber tip off one side to clean it, and it's worse than a slicked pig to get back on there! I have given up twice now. Can anyone give advice on this simple matter. I feel like a mentally incompetent person.
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