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True enough. Where do you see the price drop? I checked their website and it's still $999
Where do you see that?  Given the 3 driver design, I'm guessing it's more comparable to the 10x3.
Does that mean it's a bit bassy?
That's a rather interesting option.  I didn't realize 1964 was in Portland.  How much was the A6?  I do hesitate a bit about jumping in on a new tech (adel) when I expect it to be my only IEM for a long time (unproven long term reliability), but it would be fun to drop in and try them out.  How do the V8 compare to JH13?  I found a review saying V6 wasn't as good (http://theheadphonelist.com/brief-review-1964ears-1964-adel-a12/). Disclaimer: I do realize how "good" a...
Probably not... I realized why you ask the question though.  I think the general wisdom is use a little less on one area and upgrade others since good sound comes from a combination of all your equipment. That said, my limitation is more based on convenience/portability than anything else.  Having iTunes just sync everything for me automatically is hard to beat.  The family and wife factor is pretty strong too and limits my spending power :)
Hello,   I appreciate all the feedback.  I think goodvibes is pretty good at reading between the lines and yes I am trying to not spend jh13 money if I can help myself :)   Also, as mentioned I listed those two because from what I've read they're both somewhat neutral.  I like "fun" sound (really enjoy my Grado SR-80 when the family isn't around) but I find that I'm not a basshead, and lots of high end is fatiguing to listen for a long period of time.   I can notice...
Hello, I'm hoping to order my first custom IEM in the near future, and I'm a bit torn between these two models. If my source is primarily from a smartphone and 320kbps MP3, am I likely to find much of a difference between the two? I don't consider myself an audiophile but I do appreciate good sound. My listening preferences is very varied, rock, pop, rap, orchestral, ccm, kpop, hip hop.
Would you consider a trade for a UE sf5pro?
I see no point in arguing about whether the OP should use a DAP if he doesn't want to -_- I think generally if you want quality sound out of a PCDP you need to get one with an SPDIF out and run it through a DAC and amp because like it or not, PCDPs nowadays are not popular enough for the manufacturers to make them with high quality designs and components. Me thinks this is also part of the reason why the older players, made when PCDPs were expensive and to some degree...
As for the reasons for the differences in the sound quality, it all comes from the circuit design and the components used between 6G and 5G. The two do not have identical lineouts and they probably don't have identical headphone outs either. The 5G uses a better DAC in theory, but in stock form the lineout signal goes through various circuits (I don't know the specifics) that degrade the sound. I'm sure that wasn't the intent in the design but it's what happens. The...
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