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Anyway,my question is,since they are a Japan exclusive earphone,who do I contact for a repair or getting a new pair? JVC America told me they can't help me, because of that fact.I tried to fill a form over at their Japan site with google translate but it didn't go through, does anybody know their customer service e-mail? I bought this pair from a member here,about a year ago. The thing is,the cable is the problem,when I twist it a little,the sound comes back for a...
  It's better when I wear them over-ear.But it's certainly a change since I used to wear the Meelec M6,I didn't notice them at all.I'll try to get used to this feeling. I love them too much 
Anyone had a problem with their weight? My ears hurt when I wear them for longer periods...
They arrived. At first I was a little disappointed with the sound.I kind of expected more.I had a feeling I couldn't get a good fit. Then,I tried them over the ear,and that was that! They poped right in,the full sound was there,bass, everything. So far I am very satisfied with the sound. To me,their only bad points are a short cable,bad isolation and the cable itself doesn't look too firm or resilient...hope it lasts. 
Mine will arrive in a few days,I'm listening to the Clear M6 until then,I need more bass with all this good dance & house music! =)) So far,I've owned the Denon C551,Sennheiser IE7 and now Meelectronics M6...the IE7 got stolen =( I wonder how big of an upgrade these will be ^^ Can't wait! =D
Hy,interested in these IEMs, in new or mint condition. Shoot me a PM with the price. Shipping is to Croatia (Europe). Cheers, Niko
Hy,I want to buy the MEElectronics M6.       EDIT: FOUND
Bought MEElectronics M6 from joker,no problems,great transaction.Packaging was great,everything went smoothly.  
Interested in these IEM's,shipping is to Croatia.Preferably clear ones. Cheers, Niko
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